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  1. thats a hawt background profile


    1. Lemillion


      Yall may be on drugs, But the voice of love takes me higher. 

  2. dam where is my @ cant believe u resigned on ttt for hypixel skyblock. big nerd
  3. coronavirus be returning all these dead ttt admins back from the grave
  4. Happy birthday to the best TTT minecraft rotation server manager

  5. You were gagged by me. But it is not a permgag. It seems to have expired tho. But you are extremely toxic in game and you are on your 7th gag this year. Your next mute/gag will be a perm mute so I would hope u can fix ur attitude and toxicity in game.
  6. I flew into space via the Apollo Tnt cart here is another small clip of something i thought was pretty epic at the time
  7. You were in the OSRS lot earlier, thats how I know you
  8. His love of "cars and FIFA". I didnt know they added FIFA to the steam store and library. Clearly u are getting this information from his PSN and xbox, twitter, and reddit OUTSIDE of steam and GFL. Although it maybe easy for tech savy people to find this information from using Ali's steam profile. U were using it in a harmful manner to target this kid and u didn't stop and continued to dox him to get him angry and upset. Sounds like doxxing to me
  9. my favorite color is emerald. becuz no one can just deflect the emerald splash.
  10. There isn't even a gmod zombie survival server anymore. Although we do not ban for ddos threats anymore so @Zero or @MilkMan may be able to help u appeal the ban
  11. congrats on member

  12. Ain't no one is going to stop the Red Sox from winning the finals.
  13. If STEAM_1:0:510978143 is not your STEAM id. Then you are not banned enjoy your day. If STEAM_1:0:510978143 is you STEAM id and you would like to appeal your ban. Try the CSGO arena 1v1 ban appeal section found HERE. Although the ban was on the CSGO server. GFL bans are global across all gfl server and games.
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