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  1. I feel like one or two primary roles (like Director, DL, SM, Team Leader, Server Admin) with one or two auxiliary roles (most team member positions) is probably a good place to be for me personally, but I guess it varies from person to person.
  2. I do not believe that anybody on the team would issue a harassment ban for a simple "fuck you," however we do have systems in place (appeals, abuse reports) to handle situations where mods apply punishments in a biased or otherwise incorrect manner. Determining what does and does not constitute harassment can admittedly be fairly subjective, so I expect that mods will be communicating with their TLs for situations that aren't so clear cut. All situations should be dealt with on a case by case basis, but it's still useful to have a guideline to gauge what is and is not appropriate. I think what you wrote as the example is good.
  3. I dont think its a bad idea to have a rule against harassment or discrimination, however I think jumping straight to a 7 day ban is potentially excessive in certain instances.
  4. This was drafted as a part of a larger document and it would appear that the notes did not make it into the post. @Ben should be able to fix this shortly.
  5. Welcome Bot

    honestly i thought we had this as I previously added something like this. Maybe got removed / broke
  6. On the 4th round of the map, there were two reports filed against you to which you gave non-responses (in that you did not explain the reasoning for the kills). Checking logs for the round revealed 3 teams kills, the threshold for mass rdm, and, as a result, you were banned in line with our guidelines for mass rdm (3 kills -> 1 week). Ultimately, I will not be reversing this ban because: Revenge RDM is still RDM. Even if they were RDMing, the correct course of action would have been to attempt to contact an admin or to file a report on the forums, rather than to kill them. RDMing the RDMers just exacerbates the situation. You should have been banned for reaching the warn threshold (7) the last time you were warned by an admin.
  7. Thanks for making me aware of these. No promises, but I'll do my best to look into them.
  8. It's apparently okay to kill an innocent but it's also reportable in your mind. Amusing

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      please take any further argument to a private message.

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      Arson With The Numbers

      Aurora is a she, and I don't simp for women ❤️ 

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      Glad we're done with that. Don't know why homie was trying to talk to me anyways

  9. Thanks for locking the thread and doubling down on your abuse. Can't wait until you're demoted.

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      I liked it too. thanks


  10. These logs show RDM kills happening as quick as 5 seconds in to the round. It is literally impossible for you to have given Rosa ANY valid warnings. Once again, your ban will not be altered. Lying for your friend will result in restrictions being placed on you as well.
  11. You killed her 4 out of 5 rounds within the first 5 rounds of the map. 3 of these kills happened within the first 10 seconds of the round and were RDM kills. This is a clear instance of targeting. Furthermore, editing your appeal to misgender her doesn't bode well for you having been in the right here considering your previous interactions with her. This appeal is denied and you will need to wait until the ban expires before you will be able to play on TTT4 again.
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