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  1. scp-1730

    I removed it from the workshop because it's not really what I feel would be my best work. I haven't had time to fix up a new version (and I really don't have the desire to either tbh). Download v2.bsp using the above link and copy it into your maps folder. I also have the VMF if anybody would be interested in messing with it.
  2. Website Updates

    - Now using IPS
  3. Facepunch blacklisted the server. Nothing we can do currently. Roy is emailing them about it.
  4. The version I coded does not use the API, it uses mysql, which is why it needs replacing. However, it is in C#
  5. Greetings! We've decided to remove this ban. Sorry about that and thank you for participating in our involuntary anti-cheat beta!
  6. #git channel is the best spot at the moment. We're working on a new discord bot because the webhook is kinda fucky.
  7. It's time

  8. Breach Changelog

    - Fixed the cup exploit in a more final way - Recoded SCP-294 - Fixed blur
  9. If it was removed, Haxray / Duc2000 likely would have posted it in the changelog, so I'd advise checking there.
  10. Hey. We're working on this! (referring to William's original comments relating to the poor state of the original GM) It's not going to be "from scratch," but we're planning on ripping out a lot of Kanade's old code and replacing it. However, before we do this, we're going to address the volatility of the server by implementing a new workflow for adding, testing, and deploying changes. With this new workflow (using git), we can slowly make these changes which makes such a project much more manageable and realistic. Using git should allow us (me, duc, haxray) to work on changes together more efficiently. It also will allow us to revert changes that break something should that ever happen with much greater ease than before. With all that being said, you guys seem to want to change the gameplay of the gamemode entirely. While we're open to suggestions, do note that we're going to exercise caution in doing this as, while you guys may think your ideas are great, we must consider all players when making changes. I would consider you guys to be veterans and slightly more prone to difficult mechanics / realistic gameplay, while the casual breach player might want something that they can just sit down and chill with. Ideally, the final product should be a balance between these play styles. I am of the personal opinion that opening up a server in competition to current server would split the playerbase and would be overall detrimental to both servers. If such a gamemode were to be made, it should replace the current breach server's gamemode to avoid such fragmentation. Kind of unrelated to my purpose in posting here, but In the past I've toyed (i.e. never merged) with the idea of having status effects shown in the HUD (think Terraria style HUD icons) to indicate the current condition of the player, I would like to do this with that type of concept. Perhaps such snippets could be used as tool tips. You mentioned previously that ideally the HUD should be removed. I don't think that this is likely to happen with the current gamemode. Some of the suggestions in your previous post could work well in current breach, however, some of them would be better off in a new gamemode.
  11. Happy birthday stinky 👁️👃👁️

  12. Happy birthday and I love u ❤️ 

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