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  1. I will do this shortly
  2. Website Updates

    Most images should now be converted to WEBP and served as such. This should reduce image sizes and page load times a little bit.
  3. MC2IstL.png

    Le cringe?


    (Dark mode WIP)

  4. Surprise Maintenance!

    All done
  5. Surprise Maintenance!

    Tonight at 11:30 PM I will be taking GS12 offline to do some work on it. A configuration error was made while setting it up (it was setup in a hurry, unfortunately) that resulted in it only being able to utilize one of its two hard disks. As a result, we're now critically low on disk space. This will take a couple of hours to correct. During the maintenance, the following servers will be inaccessible: Rust Modded x10 CS:S Dust 2 Rust Modded x5 TF2 MGE CS:GO KZ CS:GO Surf 3 CS:GO Surf 5 CSS ZE GMOD nZombies GFL CWRP TTT MC Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  6. ts3.gflclan.com



    1. Roy



    2. Salad
    3. Xy


      ok is back sorry have good day

  7. i luv u

  8. Website Updates

    - Updated the Developer application form to include the new developer perk. (Developers may request a Linux VPS for their own use) - Allowed "post then register" for guests (Guests will be shown the option to make a post, but will be prompted to register once they submit it).
  9. He's not an admin, but was an Ex-Server Manager / Ex-Director who had retained his access after leaving due to his significant contributions to the server in the past.
  10. The server wasn't hacked. It was just an admin abusing their access. The situation should be resolved now.
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