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  1. 079s level 5 door

    With recent changes, level five clearance is "technically easier to obtain" Ex: Level 4 in 914 now goes 4 -> 50% -> 5 instead of 4 ->33%->5 If you obtain a level 5 in the hole, you cannot put it back into the hole, it won't let you.
  2. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    SCP-096 doesn't need a buff. Although he's kinda broken (would be removed if so many weren't against his removal)
  3. Return Keycards to Their Original Models?

    Also to this: We're planning on doing something more with the keycards later on, but this is going to require some other changes to be made first.
  4. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    Apparently, garrysmod is trying to load the sound from sound/sound/nuke.ogg instead of sound/nuke.ogg
  5. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    The nuke has sounds, you're probably missing the content.
  6. Return Keycards to Their Original Models?

    The old ones caused conflict with another community (the community had them commissioned, legally we were allowed to use them due to the CC-SA license) and the owner of which wanted us to stop using them.
  7. HnS Change Log

    Fixed A bug that sometimes caused the round not to restart on end, this appeared to be due to the last hider leaving.
  8. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    Requires to be a guard, so it's not always available to even a pro, but then again, how many pros do we have? Maybe 5?
  9. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    Nuke is only enabled when the 6 minutes remaining mark has been passed, so it'll serve as a way to end the round sooner. The nuke is secured by a level 4 keycard, so most people will die before obtaining a level 4 keycard.
  10. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    If you have any objections, feel free to leave them here.
  11. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    The code was written and added to the server; It needs a reboot before it works. So it'll probably be in tomorrow or the next day.
  12. Locking, follow spazzin's advice if you wish to pursue this further.
  13. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    yeah sure, I'll do that today