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  1. Breach Changelog

    Minor content update for June 19, 2019 Added: - SCP-011 - Statue with a musket - Musket is capable of one shoting an unarmored human - Has a 1/5 chance to spawn instead of 2845 (Which makes it the rarest SCP in the game, excluding 999) - Currently has no ability, this may be changed. - SCP-1799 - Clown with a gun - Secondary attack will cause the clown to tell a "joke" - Humans within a 250 unit radius of scp-1799 will laugh at SCP-1799's jokes. Humans who are laughing will experience visual distortions for 5 seconds. - Has a chance to spawn instead of SCP-017 - Thank you @KaitoKiriyama for providing the voice lines for SCP-1799 - SCP-668 - A kitchen knife that humans can use to kill others. In lore, people are compelled to not help others who are being attacked with the knife, but because that would be kinda hard to code, we decided to make it not produce death noises (so it would be harder to notice your team mates getting stabbed, which would make it harder to help them) - SCP-512 - An umbrella that defies the laws of physics. - When turned on, the player will fall upwards. - The device can be switched on and off using the primary and secondary attacks respectively. - Saturnalia Device - A grenade that, when thrown, spawns SCP-2845's attack circle. - Can only damage humans currently. This may be changed in the future. The stats of all items added are subject to change. If you have a suggestion on how any of the above items may be improved, do not hesitate to make a post.
  2. I'll look into this, but because the issue seems incredibly specific (or as Nooby said, you) to just a few people, I won't be prioritizing this.
  3. Closing because you seem to have already found your answer. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other issues, welcome back!
  4. Started to look through these. I've coded the following while waiting for CSS ZE to upload to gs09: - Saturnalia Device - 512 - 668 - 011 ( @Cpt.Haxray, you win 🇫🇷) - 396 I haven't even gotten a chance to plan out any of the player controlled scps, but after I briefly skimmed it, I'll look at SCP-990 and SCP-178 for the next update to be added alongside the aforementioned scps (which are done and are simply waiting to be implemented) and SCP-1799 (which is also done, I just need to test it). I will more than likely use some of the other suggestions, but they will probably not make it into the next update (simply because I don't want to have too long of a gap between updates). Right now, the way "Replacer Spawns" work in the gamemode code is fairly messy and will need to be addressed before I add too many more playable SCPs (we are very low on SCP spawns on most maps). The current method for replacer spawns involves a small block of code at the top of an SCP's set function that says "Pick a number between 1 and 3. If they number is 2, then execute SCP-XXX's set function and return from this function." (For example, say SCP-096 was a replacer spawn for SCP-173. SCP-173's set function is executed, it checks if a random number is 2. If it is 2, it executes SCP-096's set function and does not execute the rest of SCP-173's set function. This results in the player being 096 instead of 173). If you know anything about coding, you can probably guess that would make a mess fairly quickly. I have also seen it suggested that I make a lot more map exclusive scps, but the issue is that many scps will end up not being played very often due to the predominant map being site 19, so I think the "Replacer Spawns" are a much more viable solution to this. Thanks for putting these together. I'm aware that I have been pretty bad about implementing player suggestions and I don't really have a good excuse as to why I haven't been looking at them other than I have been occupied doing other things (working on other projects, non-gfl related stuff, moving servers, etc. Doesn't really matter) Now that I have been on summer break, I'm going to start going through these. Historically, sometimes I ignore (give no decision on) a suggestion that I have decided that, for one reason or another, I will not do/add. My goal is to have gone through and say "Yes, this will be worked on" or "No, I will not work on this because..." to every suggestion by the end of the month so that I can clean up the suggestions subforum (There are 28 pages of suggestions including several suggestions from 2017 that I have not gotten to yet).
  5. Breach Changelog

    Changed: - Re-added permanent death ragdolls for the last time. This should not crash the server, but if it does, I will not be re-adding them. - Various code changes to facilitate upcoming updates Fixed: - Killing enemies did not give you the correct amount of frags, RDM kills gave you frags.
  6. This will probably end up happening once I find a map to replace it.
  7. Honestly just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  8. peate ban appeal

    @Tlar is no longer staff, so this ban will be left up to the manager, @MilkMan
  9. Admin app

    wrong sub, moving
  10. Yes, but I feel like recompiling 20+ models would be a waste of time.
  11. What have you stolen?

    Give. Him. Back.
  12. Breach Changelog

    Added: - SCP-079 (Implemented according to the ideas of @KaitoKiriyama) - SCP-079 is an intelligent AI from the 1980s. He was given access to the facility's network by the chaos insurgency and is now seeking revenge against his former jailers. Use the facility's own defenses against its staff and assist your fellow SCPs! - SCP-079 is completely invisible and does not collide with any entities. This includes doors and players. SCP-079 can only be damaged by shooting the computer, which is protected by a level 5 blast door that requires a special procedure to open (Something something RDC) - SCP-079 can open any door that is level 3 or lower (use this to allow your team passage). - SCP-079 can activate traps around the facility. These traps show up as little red hands. You can trigger them by aiming at one and pressing your use key (by default e) - SCP-079 cannot escape. SCP-079 may only be escorted by Serpent's Hand Members. The serpent's hand members must be near his computer when typing !escort - SCP-079 currently only exists on site 19, but will be added to site 61 and possibly area 02 in the future. Fixed: - Game Time Awards (GTAwards) was not working due to a misconfiguration in the addon's SQL code. It should be working now. - Escaping with SCP Objects (See above) now actually gives you points. 500 points per item and 5 frags per item. Additionally, for purposes of win calculations, each item counts as 2 kills for your team. Changed: - The SCP selection code is now more random. Soon: - SCP-1799 ( @KaitoKiriyama did the voice lines ) - SCP-3008? - Whatever else is on the trello. As usual, if you notice any bugs or have any ideas for improvements, let me know or make a suggestion in our suggestion subforum.
  13. actually it's more than likely due to the models having improper ragdolls. There is no easy fix for this.
  14. Suspected to be related to recent crashing
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