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  1. A lot of people have come to me with various issues regarding account linking. These issues seem to be generally the consequences of intended functions of our forum software. Continue to read this post if you are having issues with account linking. #1 I can't unlink Steam/Discord from my forum account. IPS is preventing you from unlinking your only configured login method, which would lock you out of your account. To unlink, you must set a password on your account. #2 When I try and link my Steam/Discord, it says it is in use by another account. This means exactly what it says it does. To find the account to which your Steam/Discord is linked, use the sign in with Discord/Steam options provided in the login menu. From here, you can unlink the account so that you can link it to your main account. If you are unable to unlink your account, refer to the above. #3 I accidentally made a new account using the sign in with Steam/Discord options, but I want to link them to my main account instead. Refer to #2 to unlink the account so that it may be used with your main account. If you wish for the accidental account to be deleted, please contact myself or any other director. We do not do account removals for any other reason than this. If you are still unable to link your account / are having trouble with linking, please contact me.
  2. Steam account linking glitch

    I went ahead and changed the username for you, but provided you have access to both accounts, you should be able to change the email yourself. If you are unable to, which email to you want on which account? (Avoid mentioning the actual emails in public lol)
  3. Breach Changelog

    Changed: Area 02 The _v2 release of br_area02 (so br_area02_v2) addresses some of the more annoying issues of the new map. Not all reported bugs have been fixed. These will be addressed in the future. - Gate A now uses prop_dynamic doors. This also makes it compatible with the gate health system we use. - The elevator in LCZ was removed in favor of the other elevator in the same room, which has been converted into a multi stop elevator. You should also no longer be able to call the elevator while it is in motion. - Added a small room to SCP-682's area in HCZ. I will put an armory here soon. - Fixed a missing texture error - Removed the displacement at the bottom of the broken elevator that some people got stuck on - Added a second way to get to EZ from HCZ - The "checkpoint" in LCZ (the one that most players did not rush before the update) has a func_breakable part that can be broken into - Removed the text attribution and added the attribution into the game messages that are displayed in the top right corner at the beginning of every round. - Changed out the songs in the disco to discourage people from spending too much time in there (Thanks @Lipquip for 2/3 songs) - Reduced the size of the download by about 20 MB. (Can also think @Lipquip for this as his songs were smaller than the original songs) - Fixed the pocket dimension for this map. More than likely, I will replace the SCP that spawns in 106's room (atm 1048B) with SCP-106 (on this map only, other maps unchanged)
  4. Location - Omaha, NE tracepath 1?: [LOCALHOST] pmtu 1500 1: _gateway 0.489ms 1: _gateway 0.454ms 2: _gateway 0.409ms pmtu 1492 2: omah-dsl-gw19.omah.qwest.net 2.697ms 3: omah-agw1.inet.qwest.net 2.537ms 4: cer-priv-03.inet.qwest.net 12.186ms asymm 6 5: ae-10.r07.chcgil09.us.bb.gin.ntt.net 11.679ms asymm 6 6: ae-30.a00.chcgil09.us.bb.gin.ntt.net 12.048ms asymm 7 7: xe-0-0-45-1.a01.chcgil09.us.ce.gin.ntt.net 15.428ms 8: no reply 9: no reply 10: no reply 11: no reply 12: no reply 13: no reply 14: no reply 15: no reply 16: no reply 17: no reply 18: no reply 19: no reply 20: no reply 21: no reply 22: no reply 23: no reply 24: no reply 25: no reply 26: no reply 27: no reply 28: no reply 29: no reply 30: no reply Too many hops: pmtu 1492 Resume: pmtu 1492
  5. Double Window?

    windows seem to be respawning inside of other windows, i blame rick We have known about this for a while however
  6. Breach Changelog

    - Added br_area02 - Beta, some things are not 100% working - Damage from elevators and doors is disabled on this map, blocking elevators is slayable.
  7. Website Updates

    - We now support HTTP2. This should not effect you. Browsers that do not support HTTP2 should not be having trouble connecting to the site (though if your browser isn't modern enough to support http2, wtf are you doing)
  8. Remove Clubs

    IMO: Remove the clubs for - Arma 3 - BF - CS:GO JB Move back to subforums - Gaming - Art (Is it really "on topic" for a gaming community?) - Mapping ??? - Programming. I personally believe there are better places for this than GFL, but this one I can see either way
  9. Breach Changelog

    Rebuilt cubemaps on site 19, should fix green guns
  10. as an event map or something in the regular pool?
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