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  1. Hello, according to the database, you already seem to have group 3 (VIP). Are you still having issues with the perks?
  2. A Suggestion For Xy

    I'm not planning on any new features for breach and am only working on fixing and organizing the code base at this time. Suggestions are not being worked on or looked at and will not be until these fixes are applied to the server.
  3. seems like most of the people posting here have no concept of what 1,000,000 would actually buy lol
  4. Account in Question: @Dex Reason for ban: Spammed the forums (not as much as gary). Reason why he thinks he should be unbanned: I want to be able to communicate with people via the forums and a lot of my friends are still in GFL and I would like to be talk with them again. When I was admin, I never caused any issues and I cared enough about GFL to help moderate its servers. I will not spam the forums again and I don't really have any interest in doing that again. I don't have anything against GFL. I never intended to hurt GFL and the reason I joined Gary in spamming the forums was because we thought it was funny at the time, but now we realize our mistake and it won't happen again.
  5. Cool Guy List

    Absolute legend, will be missed.
  6. Adams Ban appeal

  7. #BRINGBACK008

    same but that image was faked
  8. Breach Changelog

    - Fixed a bug that allowed players to reuse medkits by dropping them before the timer completed.
  9. Steam account linking.

    Please refer to
  10. ban appeal

    Aight. Please refrain from playing on our servers with a VPN to avoid situations like this again. Unbanned.
  11. ban appeal

    Hello! You appear to have 3 permanently banned accounts. 2 of which were automatically banned by the server because it detected that you were evading the first ban. That being said, the first ban has no reason nor does it have any proof, so the validity of the ban is questionable. Do you remember what the ban might have been for?
  12. I am going out of state during this period and I will be bringing my laptop. However I will be ignoring all non-emergency GFL-related communications until I am back. Thanks.
  13. https://gflclan.com/profile/30745-long-live-traize-kushrenad/
  14. If you ever want to talk, just message me or kite or anybody else, we're here for you.
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