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  1. Wait...D class wins?

    I think these are still accurate: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U9hLIKEKUVOpdI9m7af3vQNXKM7dvO7DxIE8aF96DVM/edit?usp=sharing Basically, when the round ends, whoever has the most points is declared the winner.
  2. Operators -> Server Admins

    Honestly we can change the name of a given group however many times we want, it won't solve anything. For something so trivial, we're spending too much time on it.
  3. Breach Staff List

    - Removed former staff - Added @Aquaticfilly0 to admin, congrats - Added @AtomicHeadphones to Operator, welcome to the team.
  4. Breach Changelog

    This will be where me and @Kubnair will post changes made to the Breach server. - Enabled the MOTD again, as the issue that caused us to disable has been resolved - Made SCP-1048-A a bit slower.
  5. Breach Changelog

    - Buffed SCP-017 - Buffed SCP-096 - Spectators no longer count as views for 096
  6. Was referring to: Allow players to unlock certain SCP and NTF / CI / MTF Commander roles through the level up process found in tab while in-game? ( PLEASE read the suggestion for explanation)
  7. Automatic Oil

  8. Website Updates

    2018/02/17 Added an operator forum group with the same permissions as server admin Anyone with the operator badge has been added to the group, if you are an operator and you did not receive the group, contact a Council Member, Division Leader, or Director. If there are any issues with the operator group's permissions, let us know!
  9. 1) I am for disabling class d v class d, researcher v researcher, and chaos v chaos damage 2) kinda defeats the purpose of the round, if desirable, I could increase the ratio of RRH to SCPs 3) This is a feature from newer breach versions, one of the reasons didn't upgrade. In general, new breach versions brought a bunch of changes that weren't needed (hence us not upgrading). But I think this creates a bigger problem than it solves.
  10. We are always looking for admins! If you're EU and willing to help out, provided you meet the requirements, you could try applying. Other than that, player reports are very helpful.
  11. Breach Changelog

    - Removed SCP-178-1 and SCP-178 - Added SCP-017 (Suggested and prepared by @Cpt.Haxray) - Can dissolve into shadows - Attacks by going under a victim and pressing the attack key - When attacking, or if the shadow pool timer runs out, you will be teleported back to the point where you entered the shadow pool - Currently 500 HP and 180 speed, stats subject to change.
  12. Server: *Crashes*
  13. gfl official mascot

    @Gary can be our mascot.
  14. Ban player's content count

    If his account is ever reinstated, we will likely restore content count and likes, but as for now, This is intentional.
  15. why can you not upload zip files?

    Closing this as it should be fixed, if you are still experiencing this issue, make a new topic.
  16. why can you not upload zip files?

    You were trying to upload a .rar file. RAR is not a whitelisted extension. I will go and add that to the whitelist. EDIT: Done, has the issue been resolved for you?
  17. Remove the Melon

    It'd likely lead to 20 dead d class within a minute of the round starting.
  18. Pointshop Suggestion Thread

    That's a ragdoll
  19. Ask me anything

    Ok, let's stay away from politics on this thread lol

    This has been done before.
  21. Breach Changelog

    - Updated SCP-178 - SCP-178 is assigned a random target at the beginning of the round - SCP-178 can only be seen by his target - SCP-178's target is given the glasses - SCP-178 can only damage his target and anyone who has shot him - SCP-178 no longer attacks by colliding, he attacks much like any other SCP - SCP-178 has an ability to see his target's location through walls using his Secondary Attack (Once every 45 seconds) - SCP-178 can choose to be assigned a new, random target every 90 seconds. - Discombobulators - Added a few days ago, but not documented. - Used to push yourself and others around. It's a grenade so its single use - Concussion Grenade - Obstructs vision and distorts sound for anyone in its radius - Smoke Grenades - Added a few point shop models (Also was done a few days ago, just not documented) Still looking for suggestions on pointshop items!
  22. 4.5 / 5 Instructions lack clarity; I have, rather unfortunately, gotten my genitalia stuck in a toaster. Please provide assistence.