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  1. Sorry that you felt the need to go like that. Was nice having you as an admin on Breach.
  2. ur a wizard, 'arry. (no necro plz)
  3. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Dupe
  4. Having two machines doing virtually nothing is also considered a waste of resources.
  5. - Added a low gravity special round - SCP-008's containment now functions like in the real game. When you activate it a message will be displayed in chat and a few minutes later you will turn into SCP-008. Using SCP-500 will stop the timer. - Probably maybe fixed 500's secondary attack.
  6. This will be where me and @Kubnair will post changes made to the Breach server. - Enabled the MOTD again, as the issue that caused us to disable has been resolved - Made SCP-1048-A a bit slower.
  7. When you reboot your PC next, a filesystem check will occur. The filesystem check can take a long time, depending on how big your hard drive is and whether its an SSD or not.
  8. Run the following command in command prompt: wmic diskdrive get status It could also be an issue with the file system, try running chkdsk /r in an admin command prompt (WARNING: WILL TAKE MANY HOURS TO COMPLETE)
  9. Maybe check your disk for errors? Could be a failing drive if that many files got randomly corrupted.
  10. Verify the cache, if not, Uninstall completely, then install again.
  11. Generally, management tasks such as making basic modifications to add-ons and ulx commands are quite different then what you would be required to do as a member of the dev team. Could you attempt to make an addon and give us the results? We are quite saturated on lua devs at the moment.
  12. We don't really list them, they're just left in the SourceBans database with no permissions, so that bans from former admins don't appear as CONSOLE bans.
  13. I checked your steamid, and no results in our admin list. Probably due to a reset or something similar.
  14. What hardware are you running on?
  15. Thank you for your interest in becoming a developer for GFL! Do you have any examples of your work in Lua?
  16. +1 would be a great resource to the team.
  17. - Changed undervest model of MTF/CI to the CSS guerilla fighter. - MTF/CI can now take off their vests again. - 05 Retrieval round now ends properly (when the command member is dead) - 05 Round will now say the round type in chat when it begins.
  18. - Fixed site19's cubemaps The map will be redownloaded next to you connect. Basically what is fixed is the weird glow/greenish tint to most of the weapons, as well as some props reflecting incorrectly colored/way too bright light.
  19. help me

    The password manager: https://www.keepassx.org/ Sync tool to keep the database in sync between your computers: https://syncthing.net/ Both tools are free and open source. (hmu if you need help with setup)
  20. Updated to reflect the current staff team.
  21. After reading this post, who wouldn't have had enough?
  22. - Added a 05 Retrieval Special Round - Requires 5 players min to play - 1 player is randomly selected to be an O5 member, they are stuck in the facility and must be rescued by the MTF. - Half of the remaining players are selected to be MTF, they spawn outside. - Anyone who isn't picked to be MTF is selected to be an SCP. SCPs are trying to kill the 05. - The game ends when the O5 member escapes, is escorted, or dies. - Fixed an issue related to damage - SCP-999 now takes slightly less damage from other scps (Damage multiplier was 18 times, now it is 15).
  23. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.