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  1. ze_umbrella_laboratory

    Please look at the date before posting.
  2. GMOD Zombie Escape

    GMOD Zombie escape is a game mode based off of the popular game mode of the same name for CSS. It was originally scripted by Samuel Maddock and has not been updated since 2015. No servers currently run the game mode from what I can see on the server browser. I've made some basic modifications to the game mode (just for things like map voting support and workshop content) and tested it with a friend ( @Gary ). The game mode works reasonably well, though there are sometimes issues with the maps (as the game mode uses CSS ZE maps, which might not always work 100% in GMOD, so maps would have to be selected with care, or we could decompile/fix maps). This is my edited version of the game mode: https://github.com/Xytime/zombie-escape This is the original version of the game mode: https://github.com/samuelmaddock/zombie-escape The creator included map configs, which leads me to believe that the gamemode is confirmed to work with the following maps Now, what the fuck does this have to do with zombie survival? You know, since I posted this in the zombie survival subforum. Well, if you see what I said above earlier about the game mode having 0 servers running it, this means running it alone would be pointless. So, what I am proposing we do is that we run both Zombie Survival and Zombie Escape on the same server. Basically, when the map ends on either game mode, the mapvote addon would show up as usual. If the players vote to play a ZE map, the ZE game mode would be loaded (via the gamemode convar being set) and the map would be loaded, if the players pick a ZS map, the Zombie Survival game mode would be loaded (using the same convar) and the map would change. The heaviest part of the ZE game mode are the maps (which can be anywhere from 20 MBs to 200 MBs), but the core of it (basic assets) is relatively small, so I don't really see much of an impact on download time. According to @Gary, this is what is done by Hell's Gamers, the most popular Zombie Survival server. We could possibly get an edge in this area if we could implement this. I'm posting this as a suggestion as to gadge feedback on this from the playerbase (as this is a dramatic change, though given the current state of the server, I'd say we have very little to lose from something like this) and the suggestions. Feedback is welcome (I could be totally off my fucking rocker and this is a horrible idea, I'd never know!) @Gary suggested this to me in a discord call, so I looked into it, and I think that if implemented correctly, it could work. ZS already supports objective maps, all you would need to do is added the ze_ map and possibly make some edits to the config.
  3. GMOD Zombie Escape

    Looking into ZS's code, it seems it already supports zombie escape, so the other gamemode shouldn't be needed.
  4. GMOD Zombie Escape

    While I don't think that alone would do it (two gamemodes), it's very possible the server has hit the lua limit.
  5. GMOD Zombie Escape

    Does it work like ZE does (with the zombie health scaling, bosses, etc)? And I can look at the server's lua and see if anything is causing it to be unstable, are there any particular issues you'd like to point out?
  6. Fafy has applied for Developer

    Accepted, I'll be contacting you soon.
  7. SuitZoom Menu's

  8. FastDL

    The link you posted is on the fastdl server.
  9. N A N D A T O ? ! ?

    I remember that one time I got slain for goomba stomping burts. Good times
  10. GMOD Zombie Escape

    From CS:GO? Should be possible.
  11. Fafy has applied for Developer

    Waiting for @Roy :3
  12. HnS Rules and Guidelines

    It's considered part of the rule for simplicities sake. Though, to be fair, it should be called meta-gaming, which is anything that transcends a game's intended ruleset. (In this case, spectating yourself, finding the hider, and joining back as a seeker.)
  13. A Cancerous Agreement

    yes (This is like one of those applications I install on my PC without reading the TOS/TOU)
  14. Showing my hand (click bait)

    From hands to 13-year-olds comparing dick sizes over the internet. All within 15 minutes
  15. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    It's harder to pull in a standard round, the keycard requirement was raised to 5.
  16. Steam is Looking More Clean...

    It's part of their chat revamp.
  17. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    and somehow most people manage to fall below it
  18. Lies and Deception

    Can we get rid of roy while we're at it?
  19. Breach Changelog

    - Renamed Assault to Team Deathmatch - Implemented @Marshal's concept for an assault round - Added the nuke - Added a whole bunch of NTF units (Some of which have been logged) - Other things.
  20. Breach Changelog

    This will be where me and @Kubnair will post changes made to the Breach server. - Enabled the MOTD again, as the issue that caused us to disable has been resolved - Made SCP-1048-A a bit slower.
  21. Alpha Warhead and scp buffs

    Did you activate it using the correct procedure?
  22. 079s level 5 door

    With recent changes, level five clearance is "technically easier to obtain" Ex: Level 4 in 914 now goes 4 -> 50% -> 5 instead of 4 ->33%->5 If you obtain a level 5 in the hole, you cannot put it back into the hole, it won't let you.