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  1. Well. I've been here quite a while and left because I couldn't handle the fact that GFL seems to be dying slowly to my eyes. So much people and so much servers are going away and getting taken down. Winter you were probably be my best friend of this online community. No doubt I always had fun with you and you probably hated me for trying to demote you once lmao but thanks for making GFL an even better place for me. Love ya
  2. I think I understand now lol. I may be french but I've known English for awhile now.
  3. Real quick. Why would this be 18+???? All I saw was a bird dance with glasses lmao
  4. This post was created a year ago and it is still going. Damn
  5. Oh boy. You ain't going to do it @TheLastBee. Wait, would you actually though now that I think about it?
  6. until
    Hey guys! Great way to start an event eh? Lets start by introducing what this event is all about and why this is happening. I asked @Eli if we could do an event to get our player count higher. It may not work but I still want to try it. So what you are required to do to participate in this event is very simple. This next Saturday at 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, we will be having some mini games on the server. By doing these mini games, if you win, you can get up to 1k per games you win. At the end of the event, the one who has won the most points will get a free item from the point shop. I hope that most of you guys who would like to participate to this event are available at this time. If not, I will try to arrange something for you guys depending on how much people can't make it.
  7. @JerryHatTrick you just have to bring up a forum rules. lol This post is about what language other people can speak. Wouldn't that make sense if they said something in french, or spannish or something of the sort.
  8. @Darkling Je t'aime beaucoup trop. Je savais pas que tu le parlais.
  9. So, me and @Joshy were speaking and I started speaking french to my sister at the same time and he noticed that I spoke another language and asked what language I was speaking and so I told him I was speaking french. We then came up with a cool idea to make a channel on discord or a section on here where we could learn other languages. I really thought that was a great idea until @Joshy say it would be another great idea to make a post about so. What languages other then English can you speak? You could maybe also add a phrase or two too to see something cool eh?
  10. Why do I feel like you searched that up lol.
  11. Being successful is a word for success obviously. It is mostly about how well you do or how good you are on something. Per exemple, if I would be an employer at some place like a trucker per exemple eh? And I would be very good at my job. I would get my load at my destination at the right time and would be prepared. That would state me as being successful at this job. I just described what it meant in some weird way.
  12. Its sad to see a staff member go from jailbreak because I love that server but I wish you the best man.
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