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  1. I think you should name yourself oriptimus or machinecronics. I think these two names sound cool to me. It could be somewhere but I never saw or heard those anywhere. I basically made them up.
  2. Just when I looked at how many pages this thread has. Holy fuck there is lots
  3. Both of these matter. But there is some jobs that to some people, the pay will matter more then the culture/confort. Per exemple, if you are working at Walmart which I would most likely think that its a horrible job. What do you think would matter most? My guess is that you are going to say the pay. If you have a job that you wanted so much and its your dream job, I would most likely think the pay isn`t all that better then the culture/comfort. It depends if the person likes the job so I wouldn`t be able to answer to that.
  4. By the way Winter, Yah I remember you xD. You were the best guy I ever played with lol, no offence to other people I`ve played with
  5. Thanks @MASTAH @Winter, @Joshy. btw @JerryHatTrick I use to play on the murderer servers. You probably did not play there. But yah, I was a huge asshole. I most likely became emo and went down in depression now but I'm fine
  6. boiiiii, everyone knows you gotta have your boneless pizza.
  7. Hey. Some of you might know me, remember me, hate me or like me which I doubt. I am so not happy to come back because I am guessing I am going to have lots of hate towards me. For those who don't know me, I am a scum bag. I have been here for so long but didn't stay the whole time do to depression and some major dumb shit. I have had so many fun times here and so many bad times. I am coming back now. I might not come on games much because I have changed into a smart good guy. Not the lying scum bag I was trying to get attention. I now know that my passed will probably never be forget until no one here ever hears of me again. Although I might stay for a while. I am actually going to get a new computer for either Christmas or at the start of summer. I actually am looking for a job which I myself find surprising that I have changed so much. I hope I'll at least get one or two people to accept me again. If that's even possible... But I guess anything is possible so I am going to make a change for myself and come here to get another experience and forget my pass because I hate it so much.
  8. I will xD
  9. I don't remember but one thing is sure, at the time, I was the dumbes guy on here
  10. Im back!!!! Maybe it isn't that fun for most people here but it is for me. Tell me if your happy or not to see me back on here!!! Please do it
  11. I know three language and not to mention english is the 2 one
  12. personely, i would help poeple as much as i can on this planet. so that we are all safe. i like when poeple are happy, it makes me happy. now my question to you all is what would you do if you had powers? would you use them for a good reason? like helping poeple
  13. Yes

    you should of add one saying FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I wish i could do that. im a twat yes i am. But really, nice bro.
  15. why? i mean you were a good manager