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  1. Last comment Wins

    This post was created a year ago and it is still going. Damn
  2. remove the femur breaker

    Oh boy. You ain't going to do it @TheLastBee. Wait, would you actually though now that I think about it?
  3. GMod Jailbreak Event

    Hey guys! Great way to start an event eh? Lets start by introducing what this event is all about and why this is happening. I asked @Eli if we could do an event to get our player count higher. It may not work but I still want to try it. So what you are required to do to participate in this event is very simple. This next Saturday at 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, we will be having some mini games on the server. By doing these mini games, if you win, you can get up to 1k per games you win. At the end of the event, the one who has won the most points will get a free item from the point shop. I hope that most of you guys who would like to participate to this event are available at this time. If not, I will try to arrange something for you guys depending on how much people can't make it.
  4. What kind of nude picture for Admin application?

    @DoctorDJ I want your nudes
  5. What kind of nude picture for Admin application?

    @Xy_ I would be glad to send a dick pic lol.
  6. What languagesdo you speak?

    @JerryHatTrick you just have to bring up a forum rules. lol This post is about what language other people can speak. Wouldn't that make sense if they said something in french, or spannish or something of the sort.
  7. What languagesdo you speak?

    Who changed the name of my post???????
  8. What languagesdo you speak?

    @Darkling Je t'aime beaucoup trop. Je savais pas que tu le parlais.
  9. So, me and @Joshy were speaking and I started speaking french to my sister at the same time and he noticed that I spoke another language and asked what language I was speaking and so I told him I was speaking french. We then came up with a cool idea to make a channel on discord or a section on here where we could learn other languages. I really thought that was a great idea until @Joshy say it would be another great idea to make a post about so. What languages other then English can you speak? You could maybe also add a phrase or two too to see something cool eh?
  10. Define Successful

    Why do I feel like you searched that up lol.
  11. Define Successful

    Being successful is a word for success obviously. It is mostly about how well you do or how good you are on something. Per exemple, if I would be an employer at some place like a trucker per exemple eh? And I would be very good at my job. I would get my load at my destination at the right time and would be prepared. That would state me as being successful at this job. I just described what it meant in some weird way.
  12. Discord Server Events

    This sounds pretty cool. Its a smart way to make people interested in the discord and a creative way too. I think this sounds pretty cool.
  13. New Discord Moderator application

    What is your alias and ID on discord? Isaac#3791 How would you describe your activity? I am almost always on discord. Even in school I make sure to look at discord to see what's happening. I have my phone with me almost all the time and make sure to look at my notifications all the time. I stay on discord at all time when I am at home. I usually stay late too and I like to have cool chats on discord at night. Discord his an app I can access to very easily and it is simple for me to access it. Why are you interested in becoming a discord mod? I want to be a moderator on the discord because it could give me a small idea of how it works. It can give me an idea of how I can help others and can help me with future situations. I really want to be apart of the discord moderator team to help staff members so that they don't always need to take care of moderating the discord and servers at the same time. I want to help and make sure everyone gets what they deserve on the discord and make sure justice is applied. I want to make sure everyone gets along and if some people aren't getting along, I want to help them get along or work something out so that they don't have any problems. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Depending on what the situation is, there is many ways. If two users are arguing and it is bothering other users, I would simply ask them to move it to pm's and tell them they are bothering other users. If they won't, I will warn them. I will go up to three warns with people. If they still are arguing after three warnings, I will simply kick them or if there is a role for restrictions, I will put them to that role. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. No, I have not been warned or muted from what I remember.
  14. Could we get Murder a new start?

    Ahhh, well then.
  15. Could we get Murder a new start?

    If Roy chooses to keep the murder server, I would gladly help with the population trying to invite some friends and introduce new people to it.