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  1. Your vote is acceptable i do not have problem about that, If you want other try let me know to make a preview for you and your requests . Thanks for voting
  2. DarkCore's Showcase

    Those are the requested creations i made from customers of CrowdDesign and GFL members. I am still practicing to make them with Higher Quality. More are coming soon -DarkCore Requested banners/Signatures/Logos: Forum Theme/Templates:Coming Soon!!!!!
  3. I didn't saw that showroom is existed somewhere into Art Category tho... as you can see from the screenshot i've posted as proof....
  4. Hello dear community, i would like to make a forum side suggestion acording to Art Boards... I saw that in Art board you've got everything related to it but ShowRoom is missing... Maybe you could add sub-forum with name ShowRoom, In order to preview everyone their art creations and designs... Proof of what i'm talking about: Thanks in advance and hf -DarkCore
  5. I am gonna give a try on this. Edit: Done.!!!! If you don't like it let me know
  6. Good afternoon from Greece bud.! Thx for Following :B|:


  7. Yeah because sometimes it used to be the font strange or the background colour so bright tho... these issues will be fixed, that's not a problem. Thanks for your reply bro
  8. I will do mybest bro, thanks for the vote :B|:

  9. Tell me your request and i will post it here @Dreamm Here is your own signature just for preview of your request
  10. I am using Photoshop Cs6 and i have been into graphic design industry since 2010
  11. hehehehe everyone was like that tho xD
  12. The latest updates from Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been announced and are as follows: [ OPERATION HYDRA ] – Adjustments to Weapons Expert: — Best out of 20 rounds. — Auto-snipers are prohibited. — Loser cash award has increased. [ GOTV ] – Fixed excessive memory usage on dedicated servers that were not running TV1. – Fixed a bug in recording free camera movements from alternative interactive caster with cameraman override. – GOTV+ broadcasts can now support Content-Encoding: gzip header, which reduces required bandwidth for viewers by around 50%. Credits goes to: http://www.blog.counter-strike.net/ P.S.:This topic will be updated/edited when Counter Strike team announce new releases or updates Acording Global Offensive Edition.
  13. hahahahaha you will learn more about me very soon buddy
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