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  1. Remove silence/ban on: LQ, kakarot, kony Instead, permaban skrux, christien69, fagz4lyfe GUCCI GANG, maxdevil666, Ram Ranch
  2. u dont even play ze u just sit in spec to flame tryhards kys u weeb
  3. Tame is black im psure
  4. dont u dare use south park as an example for ur whining u cuck
  5. While I do support buffing SMGs that isnt the bizon, I think the rifles should have a bit higher clip size than the SMG. the reason is that rifles generally have lower movespeed and higher reload time so they are not as great at defending in the zombies' faces and backpedalling, so a slightly higher clip size should be done to compensate. Also buff shotgun by increasing knockback.
  6. @gkuo88 stop derailing every thread into how much you hate bhop, srsly ffs
  7. Here's an idea: knife-out makes you run at 150 movespeed (down from 250).
  8. Here in Exhibit A, you peer into the mind of a racist.
  9. I didn't know how to screenshot LOL
  10. @ReivaX i already made my suggestion. I felt ZE had bigger issues than free speech. Quite frankly, I'm fairly indifferent. I just wanna roast alpha lol 😄
  11. Well that is how I personally feel, and not everyone is going to agree with me, and that's fine. I don't expect everyone to. Though if you want to be a twat and name yourself something like "GAS ALL THE JEWS" then I'm ofc gonna have less sympathy for you if you get punished. Because warpedcakez brought up the disparity between "light" racism allowed on discord yet no racism in-game. Because if valve does have standards, then said standards should always supersede every GFL server on csgo.
  12. Micspam is much more obnoxious than "racism". Racism has many different contexts, but micspam is just pure noise. Read my quote again. Stop putting words into my mouth.
  13. Do you know if valve has a rule for community servers where servers have to conform to certain standards (e.g. no racism)? That might be a thing.
  14. I read a facebook post by a dota 2 personality years back and I think it articulates what I want to say better than I could do so myself. Plus I'm too fucking lazy to type shit myself so here it is.
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