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  1. Just a select few people. You may or may not be on that list...
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I've always just used the term "cuck" for @Cypher.
  3. Well, here it is folks... He asked for it, he shall receive. Let's just call this Volume one...
  4. Average conversation with @Roy https://gyazo.com/2eb7fac8a1a6e8b6f3db1f15c30a6d37
  5. Exorath or riot. I already have my pitchfork ready. ----E @Major_Push The time has finally come...
  6. Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't let people afk until they could nominate. As A fellow Nazi (Sieg Heil), I kick players that are afk rather quick, quicker then most. Perhaps I misunderstood your point. All in all, I'm for this idea, the real question is, how often? Would you like me to setup a poll with options?
  7. The cooldown in between maps is fine as it is, the main issue, is that the server will randomly crash on map change. Once the server crashes, all the maps are up for nomination again.
  8. God damn... That 0-28 was so long ago Loco was still an Admin..
  9. @Kim @Deltacommander
  10. @Syrus I'm telling ya man, a solid boner everytime I hear the song.
  11. Yes, we had them all throughout grade school. How I fucking hated them.
  12. Well hot diggity dog, welcome buckos.
  13. wat
  14. If it's happening without an admin on, feel free to use the !sm "name" command. Or laugh at them because they can't afford a single key.