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  1. Olivka, Olivka... What to do with you? I've always been friends with you ( my drunk Russian comrade), you have been around a long time on ZE, no one can argue that. But, so have I.. I remember you spamming in all caps some very let's just say, questionable things... You even left GFL for months, because of how much you hated GFL and the staff on the ZE team. Whether or not it was because of Kim, or Pass is irrelevant, as it doesn't condone your actions towards the staff that was present at the time or the players. I am slowly starting to meet this "new Olivka" everyone is talking about, but I'm not sure I can +1 your application knowing all that happened previously. I will need to see in game that you have truly changed. May not be the response you are expecting, but I'm sorry. I'm neutral leaning -1 Any staff viewing this, I'm an admin on CSGO ZE still, not admin on the forums, though.
  2. Happy B-day you're almost as old as me young blood.

  3. happy niggerday

    you mong

    1. Wilford_brimleyy


      Didn't realise I put my actual bday on my profile, RIP. But thanks.

  4. childhood

  5. To be fair, the EU sever might have had a better chance populating, if it wasn't so far behind in updates. It was basically just used as a test server ( I think it still is). We used to do all admin training there.
  6. Still shit at H1.
  7. Today marks 3 weeks without any sugar. Getting up at 4 am to run around the block twice each day before breakfast and doing 200 crunches during lunch time. I've stopped eating meat, dairy, flour and chocolate. No caffeine. The change in my body has already been fantastic! I feel great! Zero alcohol! Eating a healthy diet that is completely vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free and sugar-free. And working out for 2 - 4 hours every day!
    I'm so proud of myself! 👍
    I don't know whose status this is, 😳
    but I was really proud of them so I decided to copy & paste




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  8. Hmm

  9. Hmm

    Almost posted it tomorrow, just to fuck with people.
  10. Hmm

    Decided to step down from my current position. I have almost no time for GFL anymore, and when I do have free time, it mostly goes towards other things. Quick thanks to @Dano as I don't think I would've been where I was without him. There is many more shoutouts, but It would take to long. You should all know who you are. I will still be around the forums harassing you all with my cancer.
  11. Someone should have told me this 3 years ago.
  12. You mean to tell me there is a different mode then the trap?
  13. Who am I suppose to call a cuck now...
  14. Never forget



    1. Twig


      if i change my name to stresstest2000 for a week will you follow me on the forums @Roy

  15. The question has come up time and time again, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a post explaining how to become a member accepter. Usually, this is not given to anyone below admin, due to its trolling capabilities, but we have made exceptions in the past. The individual wishing to apply will need to PM one or all of the Community Advisors: - @CrusTi - @qDogg - @PB-n-J - @Rcool64 - @Skittlez You will need to use the following format: Current member accepters: @Bae (US) @ButterKing5000 (US) @Crusty (US) @Darkling (EU) @DoctorDJ (US) @GOKU (CA) @iPro (US) @JoelSmith (EU) @Kubnair (EU) @Leks (EU) @Nap14hockey (US) @nocheat (EU) @rapperdan (US) @Winter (US) @Xy_ (US) We are currently NOT looking for member acceptors right now. You may still apply and we will put it on hold.