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  1. Xarn's Admin Application

  2. Tiberius's Admin Application

  3. Tiberius's Admin Application

    Stop commenting if you aren't an Admin on the server or the applicant.
  4. Admin Application

    If your not an admin don't fucking comment on apps
  5. Tiberius's Admin Application

    Neutral Can vouch for different time zone compared to most admins, and seems to be active on Discord.
  6. LOA

    no faggot
  7. LOA

    Who would want to come see you?
  8. Xarn's Admin Application

    Like I told 1mpact, use discord more.
  9. Admin Application

  10. 1mpact's admin application

    Get a mic and use Discord more.
  11. Hi bois

  12. Office politics.

    Show that you are active in-game, make an effort to get to know the admin team, and just get to know the community, A lot of people think they need to become a "leader" to apply for Admin, when that has nothing to do with it. Last but not least, just don't be an annoying jackass in-game. Edit: I recommend joining the Discord server. Most of the Admins are VERY active in it.