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  1. Show that you are active in-game, make an effort to get to know the admin team, and just get to know the community, A lot of people think they need to become a "leader" to apply for Admin, when that has nothing to do with it. Last but not least, just don't be an annoying jackass in-game. Edit: I recommend joining the Discord server. Most of the Admins are VERY active in it.
  2. This shits still being talked about?
  3. +1
  4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????? What
  5. Give me my damn skin (Lego) STEAM_0:0:59982706
  6. He is talking about the menu you see when voting, not the amount of extends you get for a map. 9 is the menu selection for extends on each map vote, he wants to switch it to 4.
  7. GMOD DL
  8. Last time this happened we ended up with this.
  9. Multiple weapons have max distances that you can kill enemies at. For example, the AWP.
  10. You may want to reword this.
  11. Happy b day you beautiful bastard.

  12. Changing my vote to +1.
  13. Happy birthday, hopefully becoming one year older makes you more mature, and less power hungry. I doubt it, but you never know. 

  14. d64768b1eb4956e086c78c7b04b56fa1.png
    You, uh, care to explain?
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      I have a 10 inch pain train @Darkling. Get it fucking right

  15. Olivka, Olivka... What to do with you? I've always been friends with you ( my drunk Russian comrade), you have been around a long time on ZE, no one can argue that. But, so have I.. I remember you spamming in all caps some very let's just say, questionable things... You even left GFL for months, because of how much you hated GFL and the staff on the ZE team. Whether or not it was because of Kim, or Pass is irrelevant, as it doesn't condone your actions towards the staff that was present at the time or the players. I am slowly starting to meet this "new Olivka" everyone is talking about, but I'm not sure I can +1 your application knowing all that happened previously. I will need to see in game that you have truly changed. May not be the response you are expecting, but I'm sorry. I'm neutral leaning -1 Any staff viewing this, I'm an admin on CSGO ZE still, not admin on the forums, though.