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      Kid listen here.. I happen to be a high ranking GFL member and will get you IP'd from here forever.

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  2. God dammit... I fell for the bait.
  3. <3 I'll propose soon, I promise.
  4. CQC Usually refers to unarmed combat, meaning using your own hands to fight, etc. CQB is training on "Close quarters battle" which trains mostly on weapons you will be using daily. We will be doing both, just mentioned CQC as I figured most people will know that compared to CQB.
  5. Will do! I'm looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time... It will include lots of "rucking" around, full gear hikes, and I think PT 3 times a day? Not even sure tbh... This is a picture of our rucks, which we use to carry around our MREs, pads, kevlar, etc. It weighs around 40lbs give or take a few.
  6. God please fucking do.
  7. Monday night, I will be leaving for 3 weeks for a "deployment". I will be moving to Camp Bullis for additional training for Security Forces in the Air Force. I won't be bringing my laptop and the connection is supposedly horrible. I will try to be active on the forums as much as possible on my phone but have no clue as to if I will be able to or how often I will be able to. The camp is going to be intense CQC training (Close Quarters Combat). Just wanted to leave this short message informing everyone my whereabouts for the next month. If you wish to read about the camp at all I'm leaving a link here. Thanks for reading. enjoy my cancer until then
  8. It's right there... are you blind?
  9. Wait we die...? Well then.
  10. Just a select few people. You may or may not be on that list...
  11. Maybe it's just me, but I've always just used the term "cuck" for @Cypher.