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  1. This explains why I am not so loyal to this community anymore.
  2. This was exactly the case in CS:S and I thought it was a well balanced competition. I personally think E picking is open to more unnecessary item griefing. I don't know why this feature was added when the previous games, Source and 1.6, didn't have any problems in vanilla at all without E picking. Then again that feature was in there for years and Valve didn't bother to remove despite the complaints then. Fortunately, there sort of is a way around this (I'm speaking of Potti's item system used when porting Paramina Rift).
  3. Map name: ze_destruction_of_exorath_v3_5 Map download link: http://fastdl.gflclan.com/garrysmod/maps/ze_destruction_of_exorath_v3_5.bsp Map size: 155mb Stages/items?: 5 Stages with items...enough said. Reason to add: Early funny version of this map. To be put on admin nominate. I suggest making an entwatch cfg from zero because of the fact item cooldowns and hammerids are different.
  4. Better not be because that Blackdragon is a fake. The real Blackdragon leads PFNC aka Plaguefest Nightcrew (although I kind of do not like that group). Also, at least that clip was mercifully short (I've listened to much worse and lengthier).
  5. Nice lore (or wild mass guessing) except for the Castlevania part for a good reason. ze_castlevania intended to have more stages meaning the Snow Titan was not chosen by a drake soul. That would most likely be Dracula who would use it's newfound powers to create this "CastleVania".
  6. I'm looking forward and not looking forward to this at the same time.
  7. Would be nice as long as the original mapper would approve.
  8. So... @FzFuRy I am glad you realized this. I would somewhat say the same exact thing except I rarely active on ze. As for map nominating tiers, it's a double edged sword but I don't like that system at all. @gkuo88 Enough said. I'll give you kudos here Him as an admin figure and involved in ze? I don't even recall anything. Now for answering citizen's questions. 1. I like ze being something unique as I mostly have to say the same thing hotEvercLear said. Most of that light autism has happened before and can be funny. One famous example was Tony Montana where a lot of players would say some stuff is Tony failed some part of the map or spec him on the last part of mako. 2. All I can think of is pF for obvious reasons. I give them huge credit for bringing a unique ze community and experience even despite their major flaws. Their rules felt like rules and they were for the most part regulated. It got some players that would like to try the impossible in ze together, a near unstoppable force to be reckoned with...that is until mid 2014 and all hell broke loose. Rip. Probably better for pF ze to be dead over alive in a completely horrifying state. P.S. I probably wouldn't want this server to be like pF either. Rather see that on a different community. 3. I can't say anything about the current admins and if I were to be admin here because I rarely play here and that opinion is best left sealed. What I do look for in any admin is honor. When that person becomes admin, they took a responsibility to protect this server and the people involved. Of course that is all easier said than done as power can turn one into a different person. 4. This. I will credit that player for being a genius.
  9. You all still manage to hang in there despite my loss. Impressive. I guess nobody misses me. P.S. I wish I could play more but a combination general players, admins and non admins, as well as settings isn't a compatible match for me to play ze again.
  10. is this the krusty krab

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