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  1. Knowing GFL it would sorta not work out no offence anyone! We had a Swrp it didn't work out well not many people
  2. Transport pilot crashing into a building then get mowed down and trying to suicide bomb the people in the heli
  3. 347797979784579859734579578934
  4. This is the first one so i'm just asking what you play as.
  5. Hi fellow robots and I don't know how much you want me too but I'm going home. That is mine xD
  6. Yeah and I loved it regardless
  7. Is mentioned in one sentence TRIGGERED jk
  8. We're doing it 4 we can do this guys
  9. In the year I've been in gfl I have made a lot of friends gal is amazing how it grows and how long it has been alive happy birthday gfl
  10. Still all boys are mine and yes this would be a great idea if it didn't lag the server out
  11. Welcome to GFL glad to have you!
  12. and moca but disguised as [HW]?
  13. I said a pet bomber that will bomb you