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  1. Welcome to GFL glad to have you!
  2. and moca but disguised as [HW]?
  3. I said a pet bomber that will bomb you
  5. A pet bomb would be nice I'ma tag butter to this so he can see it! @ButterKing5000 It'd be awesome if we could pets in the purge server but if having multiple pets could give a lot of things that'd really hurt a base getting raided with just pets being spammed in. So it may not be a great mod without modifications but it might be an excellent Idea for the purge server as the pet limit can be changed.
  6. rdme

    Providing more information such as steamid will help the admins eventually ban him because he can change names and when he does that it'll make it harder that is why a steamid is required for player reports. And you'd want him to get banned as he killed your for no reason, rda'd you and etc... I am not admin
  7. @ButterKing5000 @Zebra Player(s) Name: CheesyVibesHD Player(s) SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95406730 What Happened?: He was mass rdming me and randomly shot and destroyed my car. Then he further decided to start mass rdming as a citizen. He killed three people before purge. Evidence: These are not in order!
  8. Your welcome for the testing Rick!
  9. Community is good Because GFL Clan is a good clan we are very friendly as you can probably tell just don't go into the chat box at night it gets weird
  10. that is named
  11. Guys i've been wondering should I start maining Hanzo again on overwatch?
  12. Yes, We are a good community I have taken @shuruia golden text as he is demoted in this