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  1. There is Now a deadline I want it done by the 25th @inHaze
  2. #MOCA I sexually identify as a rebel I will break the rules and the rules do not hold me accountable thank you for being so understanding
  3. It ended like cwrp dead after a couple of months
  4. why-does-this-even-exist ha oneword!
  5. Let me tag this to some one @Shuruia
  6. Also there is no deadline for this you can do other things if you wish
  7. Thank you!
  8. Type: GIF profile pic And GIF banner Size: The size of a profile pic and also a banner (1st image for profile 2nd for banner) Images: Text: Moca Specifications make the text flash Cyan(red 140, Green 215, blue 215, Hex code 8CD7D7) and a light teal colors for both and have the Text above the fox in both. Thanks for doing this! Requester: @Bae @Azura @inHaze
  9. Trading a clan for a country that is a great trade just don't crash ok?
  10. How does this relate to "Fix Jailbreak And Deathrun"?
  11. May he rest in peace it is always sad when a fellow clan mate passes away