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  1. You didn't mention me for being the aids you had to deal with I cri everytiem But sad to see ya leave buddy.
  2. Last comment Wins

    @Winter I am requesting a lock as you should win
  3. Economy...

    Sooooooo vapes?
  4. A Co-Manager for ZS!

    Sure, Fag fag fag fag fag fag fag fag fag dick fag fag fag duck anus
  5. A Co-Manager for ZS!

    @Kuramayou are renamed to Fag fag fag fag fag fag fag fag fag fag dick fag fag fag duck anus
  6. A Co-Manager for ZS!

    Ewwwwwwww a zs manager can i rename you?
  7. My Time Has Come

    21 gun salute boys! *Fires one shot* I love you
  8. Moca's Art Request

  9. New Job?

    Eww a wild dalaw But shore i dont sea anything wrong with it
  10. Vapes?

    Oh also add fidget spinners
  11. Vapes?

    Im just suggesting that we add vapes to purge for non practical use. And just for the hell of it
  12. Revive Swrp?

    I actually missed the cancer of swrp
  13. Revive Swrp?

    @Roy Notice me senpai