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  1. Sounds more like a voteday to me
  2. It adds a new aspect of having the CTs needing to be diligent and having them unstack the Ts. Personally I feel it gave people that snuck guns a disadvantage. Along with it drove new players away because they felt if they were able to get the gun in the first place (Which should be harder with these new map adjustments by leks) they still had a major disadvantage to even getting one kill.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. The reason they are most likely going to be removed is because of the other bugs and issues that they cause, not because we don't like them. I'm sure once everything else is set n good, and we find a way to add them without causing other issues, they could be readded.
  5. Please do not re add the deputy command, as it did have its uses I think it didn't really fit. Add the voteday system, but if we could add new or revamped ones that would be nice as they tend to get boring fairly quickly. I know wail talked about this before its closing, but how about a system of unlockables for doing certain things, almost like a achievement system. That's all I really have to add other than above.
  6. weird flex but ok
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