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  1. yes i had a fun 2 years ig will come to play on purge fir a bit mass tag @King_Wailord good fruend great mango @RickGrimesTM thanks for giving me a shot in cwrp @X2D thanks for your push on deathrun @ButterKing5000 thanks for giving me a chance on deathrun (i'm a bad manager iknow) @Violator you were cool until the "incident happened" @harry still the gayest duck @flyingjoe32 i mean @flyinggayguy32, flyingjoe31 is my dad @SwegBuster thanks for letting me do stuff on things @Leks good jb mango @HackingPotato ^ @NOT-LAW ur bad at siege @Darkling good jb senior admin and director @PurpleExod still a trial admin i'll still be active in discord's and what not, mainly just not going to be active in game or forums
  2. @Skits get rekt

    1. rapperdan


      lol wut?

      and what is your primary rank lol wut is this hello?

    2. CrusherFTW


      yea it was white


      now its blue

  3. Hey, Hi there. Most of you probably know who I am. And most of you also probably know me for my "Bad Times." I just wanted to make this post telling you guys I want to change. I have been doing some bad stuff lately in GFL and want to change. That's all really. A fresh start as you could say. A few things regarding this, I am changed. I will act more "Grown up" in a way. I hope that you guys won't hate me too much even after this post lol
  4. ;( Don't worry dad, I'll make the bestest of events!
  5. what Leks said.. happy birthday 


  6. happy birthday perma trial admin

  7. 1st butter now you? next must be roy eh? well happy birthday none the less

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