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  1. What is happening?

    Can't promise when anything will happen, but we are having discussions on possible Surf Timer changes.
  2. Changes to all or a majority of the servers in our CS:GO division will be posted here. 12/2/2016 Hive365 Radio has been updated to fix a memory leak.
  3. [7-24-16]Update - What To Improve On, Etc...

    GFL-ServerHop: DR, MG, and CC currently use Socket and it seems to be working fine. sv_region: All servers seem to show up under US East, no matter what sv_region is set to. Using 1 (US West) would make our servers show up under both US location filters. EU servers should be on 3 of course. sv_tags: When adding a tag filter and then refreshing the server browser, only servers with exact matches show up. If you add a tag filter after refreshing, it does not need to be an exact match. (Filter by gfl, refresh, you'll notice some servers missing. Remove filters, refresh, filter by gfl, you'll now see those servers.) This should be taken into consideration when setting sv_tags. sv_tags also has a 127 char limit. (Related: hostname has a 63 char limit. A format I like is [GFLClan.com]/[GFLClan.com EU] <gamemode> [<majorfeature1>|<majorfeature2>|<and-so-on>|Updated m/d]) Plugins: I believe any servers that had Frag Radio have already been switched over to Hive, although a lot of work still needs to be done here for a more consistent experience across our servers. Surf/Bhop: Have you considered shavit's timer for bhop? I'd like to work on a new timer for courses on MG when I'm not busy working on other things, could possibly also be used on these servers whenever it's ready. Another thing, there's a couple servers with gflclan in sv_tags and ws/knife... Minigames: Have a lot of plans for the server, just might take a while for some things as I'm also working on other stuff currently.