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  1. I always tell people that every time I have recruited someone, they always become successful. You’re just another one added on the list! Congrats on manager my boy ❤️ I’ll miss my first and only senior admin 😞 P.S: Welcome to GFL (;
  2. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I spent the whole day with family, so I’m sorry I couldn’t reply! Anyways, feels good to be 20 years old now and I should be back next Sunday! ❤️

  3. happy birthday

  4. die boomer 

  5. happy birthday ur gross

  6. Hey Stinky you smell

  7. This is well overdue. I’m proud that you’re taking a break man. You need one, but just know I’m always a text away if you need anything! Always down to talk to you!
  8. Hello, Here's a list of TF2 Turbine staff! Division Leaders @Roy @Pedro Server Manager @BeatBoxBattleMe Senior Admins TBD Server Admins @Mejilla [Global] @K4 da bae4 [Global] @Coven [Global] @QueenViolet [Global] @Gabino Thank you!
  9. 11/11/2019 Added donator perks click here to view the perks Added taunts for everyone do /taunt or /taunts in chat to see the popup menu
  10. Hello, All of TF2's Turbine server updates will go here. Thank you!
  11. Hello! This post will be used for the communities suggestions on Turbine. Feel free to comment any suggestions you may want to see made happened to Turbine! Thanks, BeatBoxBattleMe
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