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  1. Okay I DO NOT play 2Fort #1 server, but boy do I see you on the discord providing great insight for the problems of everyday players. Also, based on @Omid response, my vote is a +1 However, I do have 2 problems. My first problem is the app alone does not have effort into it, which makes me think you are not wanting to become admin. I hope it is just because you are not much of a typer, but we will see (Not really that big of a problem, but is one of my pet peeves 😧) My second problem is Omid talking about you playing Lucio terribly. I mean come on, he was my main and YOU PLAY TERRIBLE WITH HIM?!?! HOOOOWWWWWWWW?! With all jokes aside, good luck on the app and hopefully I will see you in the color Green!
  2. Also, I’m gonna to slip in this bump. Don’t kill me. 😧
  3. I just read that whole thing and it had my dying! LMAO who in the right mind would think that was funny? He got what he deserved though, so good stuff on that. Also, this is off-topic, but good job on the Surf Timer server. I have played it a good amount last week (been focusing on my servers this week) but its a lot of fun!
  4. If you have not seen yet, Roy posted that the old website was backed up. Here is his post: Since his post was a serious post, I figured I would make this to see what people found within the old website! This will for sure be a trip down memory lane. I will start first though! My Profile: My First time getting accepted as an Admin: My Final Goodbyes: Now I know that I did not find much, but there were a couple of other interesting things I found. However, they were a little personal so I am not posting them. I am excited though to see what everyone else found!
  5. When I click the link that Roy posted it opens it. No need to be rude ;-;
  6. I ended up finding my profile and more. I really appreciated this man. I was upset seeing 5+ years down the drain when the new sight open, so this brought me happiness 😭
  7. 2Fort map with Hightower game mode
  8. You're by far my closest friend in this community, so I will not put my exact vote on this because it is pretty simple as to what my vote is. However, I will explain why DaLaw would be a good edition to HighTower. I will also touch upon the fact that he left because I am confused about the reasoning as well. First of all, DaLaw has been in GFL for as long as myself. Within GFL he, of course, had plenty of opportunities to gain experience, which he did. We can all agree that his experience is far superior to most of the current admins, and he also had experience as an admin for our staff as well. We are talking about Gmod staff, TF2 staff, and even the current manager. Due to the experience alone, he already stands out. I will say this is entirely true. I think at first we all actually did not get along if we are all being completely honest. For example. I was not the biggest fan of you Omid, and I think we can agree that in this past week you and I have been getting along A LOT better. We may have our disagreements but in the end, I respect you as a person, player, and admin more now than ever (Love you, this is just an example <3). Now that we seem to have an organization, who could not say that DaLaw could not make the change as well? This is a skeptical situation though, so I could see where everyone's coming from on this one. Next, let us not mention that I believe that everyone can trust that DaLaw to not abuse his powers. I believe he has enough trust from us that he will make the right call, ban the right people, and not abuse his powers. He is someone everyone knows, which helps a lot considering most of the admins we go for are based off hunches and the fact that they are really nice in-game. Although I personally think we have done a good ass job recruiting, who does not agree that having someone we know would be a lot better than recruiting someone we have known for a week. Finally, that damn excuse. I do not think it was a good excuse either honestly. DaLaw this is an honest question and opinion, but are you actually willing to stay with us instead of leaving us? I am asking this because you did lose a bit of respect from everyone for leaving so suddenly and now you are coming back. D:< In the end, I think he would just be a good addition to the team. He is experienced, he is trustworthy, and is a very chill person. The only downfall is he did stir up arguments, which I think can be resolved. The last thing I want to say is that we can always take the rank away if we really need to. I just personally think he would another great addition to the team. From my response, it may seem like I am in love with this damn man, but I just wanted to leave my thoughts. THIS IS NOT A VOTE FROM ME, so if he does not receive the admin position then that is fine because it is all yalls opinions. HighTower is not in any way my server to comment on anyways, but these are just my thoughts about DaLaw. Hope you all can accept my views towards him and not kill me in Discord ❤️
  9. So I don’t know you and I know you probably don’t know me, but I had a talk with Mejilla. From what she told, you seem to be a outstanding player. I also took a look at your hours as well, and you have good numbers. So with all those reasons above I’m going to give you a +1 Dont disappoint and good luck!
  10. I finally moved down to college on Friday and had my pc set up about a day ago. Since then I have put much more time in my activity (even though it’s been about a day or two), but I am planning to keep this up. I understand the concerns, but it should be uphill from here! I appreciate the +1 and maybe we can talk sometime in the future if you want! Again, thank you for the +1!
  11. Y’all cuties. Like I said, I move down to college this Friday hopefully. Once I’m down there I will have a TON of time to come on. Thank you for the feedback 5Headilla Also, I had to go into College mode with this app. Not much to talk about, but tried my hardest to make it “professional”. So thank you 😄
  12. I keep forgetting you're still here 😧
  13. Once I go to college (This Friday), I will be work free! Just focused on college bby (;
  14. Discord Username: TheLittleMcCoy5#2511 SteamID: BeatBoxBattleMe Roles: Human Resources Conflict Resolution Age: 19 Hours available weekly: 2-4 Hours A Day Why I would be a good fit for the team: *Read This Before Anything Else* - I applied for Human Resources and Conflict Resolution because I believe I could do either. If you only want me in only one of the areas, then feel free to place me there! I believe I would be a good fit for the team because of the experience I have had within and outside of GFL. Within GFL I am currently an admin on all TF2 server, Senior admin on Purge (PrisonRP now), and Senior Admin on PVKII. Along with that, I was given my first opportunity to become admin back in 2014 for Jailbreak and was a member acceptor before the new website was launched. I have been through thick and then when it comes with dealing with conflicts, helping newcomers out, and providing an overall great experience in the community. With my personality alone, I believe I am fit to be not only someone who can deal with resolving conflicts, but bring forth a friendly face that everyone will remember. As for outside of GFL, I have 5 years of work experience in the restaurant business. While working in this business I have had to deal with customers 24/7. Although this is online where people will say whatever they want, I solely believe this experience in real life will help hugely with how I deal with conflicts or newcomers! In conclusion, I am a friendly person, who can not only handle complicated situations but also be able to welcome newcomers with open arms. As of free time in my personal life, I am about to be back to college, so I will surely have more than enough time to be active within the community! Prior experience: Current Experience: - Senior Purge Admin (PrisonRP) - Senior PVKII Admin - TF2 HighTower Admin - TF2 2Fort Admin - TF2 2Fort #2 Admin Past Experience: - Gmod Jailbreak Admin - Member Acceptor Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
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