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  1. I thought your last ban appeal was actually you lmao. I was so confused because I was like “why don’t you just talk to the admin that banned you and demote them”.
  2. THANK FOR THE TAGGGGGGG DAMNIT!!! Anyways, love you Joe and if it weren’t for you adding me then I would not be in the position I am in today. Again, thank you and you will be missed 😧
  3. Is it a good game? I played the first Division, but it ended up being like Destiny. Lots of time investing in gear, but the gameplay fell off.
  4. This helped the problem I was having! Thank you!
  5. Hoenstly the only opinion that matters here are the girls. 😄
  6. That would mean the girl only has about 2 weeks because of a period only happening each month. On top of that, doctors do not usually do appointments to test if a girl is pregnant until 6-8 weeks. I know now there are pregnancy tests, but sometimes those can even be faulty.
  7. Having sex with a condom on is like having a loose, big, plastic bag around your dick. Unsatifying and dissapointing.
  8. Honestly I do not care for politics as much as I should, but according to sources the abortions are considered illegal after 6 weeks. I just saw it everywhere on social media, so that’s why I said it was the dumbest shit ever because a girl could potentially face more consequences than a rapist if that scienario occurs. I’m a Trump fan too, but like I said. Not big into politic 😧 This picture does not really provide me context. From what you sent, I see that miscarriages and rare occasions when an egg is implanted outside the fetus (Ectopic) are the ONLY reasons a girl could be aborted. What if a girl gets rape? Why would she have to spend time in prison instead the predator? Yes I had to google this stuff, so if you’re a political major then I’m going to take my ass home. Why am I debating about this stuff when I don’t follow politics? That’s the real question (don’t take me serious honestly if my points are completely wrong).
  9. +1 very experienced, manages a sever of his own, and is a fun person to be around. I could see him being a great addition to the team!
  10. Georgia’s new law on abortion is the dumbest shit I’ve seen
  11. See I never read the comics because I don’t want to spoil anything and I don’t like reading. However, if there is a thing called “The New Avengers”, then I can see that direction from MCU starting with Spider Man
  12. Can’t wait to see you back next month! (;
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