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  1. As for competitive teams, just start with the major games since they have FREE tournaments any team can sign up for. - CS:GO - Valorant - CoD - LoL Edit: I don’t expect all this to happen soon of course, but GFL ca at least start with social media or something simple.
  2. Never hurts to try. Like I said before, all the big name communities do it. With all the members we have gain, why not have them help out and follow? Plus, I already know a couple people in GFL who use social media and know how to advertise greatly ( @Mejilla ). I mean hell just look at her TikTok account and views. Obviously didn’t do it well enough. If I was able to take a brand new account, join a team, gain a good bit of followers, and all that on twitter in about 3 weeks, then GFL can easily do more with all the members we have. This is just another chance to gain more people, more revenue, and put GFL on the map.
  3. Alright Hi boys been a minute, but a certain discussion forced me on here to suggest this... Since GFL I was able to join a good semi-pro team for gaming. This team includes streamers, competitive players, and more. Thus, leading them to gain multiple sponsorships', community support, and even their own branding line made by Soardawg. This led me thinking as to why GFL has not tried this before? From my understand we did have social media and tried comp teams out, but have we really done it in a sufficient way? GFL needs to start recruiting streamers, who will be able to promote GFL all together, while just having fun playing. This can bring in a fan base who not only likes the streamer they are watching, but it will also bring in more people. This is what all big gaming communities do if you just do the research. For example, SOAR, Obey, Faze, and literally every gaming community out there. Secondly, GFL needs to create competitive teams who will literally compete in tournaments. There should be tryouts with certain requirements within the community for members and everyone else to be able to have the opportunity to join the team. This should not be a team consisted of admins, managers, and more because you need the best players to be able to win and bring in money. Sorry, but that is business. Along with that, we can all agree the competitive scene is bigger than ever. Every single sport is practically cancelled, but you know what sport isnt? Esports. GFL needs to hop on that immediately. Finally, you cannot have any of this without proper social media. Right now Twitter is by far the best place to go for gaming community to gain popularity. It is also the place where you can find sponsorship's and more. From my understanding, GFL did have social medias but lets be honest here. Everyone here most likely plays games on a religous levels and probably does not like to be on social media too much (this is just an assumption). You need people who need to know how to bring in people, advertise, and more. This role should also be run by more one person, who are TRUSTED within the community. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. This is just a rant and a thought that will bring GFL the next level. Its time to grow and grow big. This could potentially bring in a lot of revenue, members, and success within the community.
  4. Currently in the process of getting an interview to receive my contract to join a semi-pro COD team. Check them out on Twitter @ HPEsports_ 🙂 I guess you can say moving on from GFL is going good! 

  5. Well shit who’s going to be in charge now? I’m gone and now you? 😞
  6. I already told Mejilla how excited I am for DarkRP! You will most defiantly see me around there or on CSGO surf with @FrenZy
  7. IMG_0388.mp4 IMG_0480.MP4
  8. HEY NOW WAIT! I SAID MY “RETIREMENT PLAN” WAS DEV! SO THAT THAT MEANS I AM COMING BACK AND WHEN I DO JUST LET ME HAVE GFL! Also yes, I want a night where we both are high watching the video man! 😂 That is my goal for right now. Just you, maybe Mejilla, and I all high watching VideoGameDunkey
  9. Once Intake my classes and good at coding, then trust me I’ll be back to cover for my man @Roy
  10. There was once a boy in 8th grade who received his first computer and decided to create a steam account. This 8th grader quickly decided to call himself "BeatBoxBattleMe" due to his passion for beatboxing. Once he created the account, he decided to buy the game called "Garry's Mod", for he saw loads of YouTubers playing it at the time. After browsing the servers list, he soon found clicked on a server that he thought most suited him. This server was named "GFL Clan", which was soon his secondary home for 6 years... It all started back in July 2014, where I first played GMod Jailbreak. After months of playing, I actually became admin due to my manager at the time @Pedroaccepting me. Little did I know that Pedro will actually become one of my closest friends in this community. Since Jailbreak, I became admin on DarkRP, Purge, CSGO Surf, PVKII and global admin for TF2. Although I had a lot of fun on each server, TF2 was by far the most fun I have had in the community. I was apart of something special and it was all because of a dear old friend that gave me an opportunity. This friend was not only my first manager, but my last @Pedro. TF2 was able to grant me opportunities that I could have never imagined in a life time. I told Pedro that my one goal in GFL was to be able to prove myself as a manager. This is because the GMod Jailbreak fell apart and I felt I could have at least been the best candidate to save it. After grinding my ass off, Pedro granted me the manager position for 2Fort2. Lets just say that I believe I proved myself and more with that server. I was able to bring that server into the top 10 in the world and more success than I ever imagine. I am not a "God" in anyway, shape, or form. However, I just wanted to say how big it was for me to be able to do that because it really meant a lot to me. All great things must come to an end, which in this case its myself within GFL Clan. I have made a great deal of memories within and out of this community. Whether it was becoming admin, manager, making lifelong friends, or even video chatting people from GFL. You all have also witness me accomplish achievements outside of the community. Since joining I have graduated middle school, high school, won a state championship in football, joined a fraternity, and more. No I am not your normal gamer, but I sure as hell enjoyed it as if I was one. Overall, GFL has been the best thing in my life for a while. However, I am now a sophomore in college, have a beautiful girlfriend, and a degree that needs to be received. It is time to end this era. Now time to thank the people who have affected me the most! @Mejilla- You are literally my sister. You have my protection for as long as I am alive. Thank you for everything that you have done and congratulations on that promotion! I knew you could do it and just remember I promoted you like 4 times (hehehe). Just keep doing you and please keep in contact because I know you have a bright future ahead of you. @Roy- My man Roy. You are one special person who has become my best friend in the community. Whether it is watching videos all night, sharing laughs together, or even having a deep talk, you always found a way to make me feel important. Although you are my best friend, I consider you a brother of mine. No matter what, please stay in contact with me and just know I fucking love you. @[email protected] You both have became best friends of mine once I became manager. I loved our sports discussions whether it brought laughter or debating. Just know I will always be on Discord to talk to and I really think we need to make our own group chat. With the XFL and new seasons coming up, I think it would be a great opportunity for more memories. Let me know, but either way I appreciate you both for everything. @Ben(Again) - Other than the sports talk, you have became a close ass friend to me. We laughed over server failures, discussed sport events, and more which made it one of the more personal connections I have with someone. I will always be grateful for all the things you did for TF2 when there was no DL, which made our relationship closer in my opinion. You are an awesome man and I really am glad we connected. ❤️ @FrenZy- IM SORRY I HAVE NOT PLAYED SURF IN A WHILE!!! As you can see by the post, I have been a busy ass man. I thank you for allowing me to even be on your admin team, teaching me how to surf, and be there for me when I struggle on a damn level 5 map and rage. You have been by far one of the coolest dudes I have met and have been awesome to talk to. Please keep in contact or else I will demolish your surf time records. @Zebra- Im going a little old school with this one, but I remember your ass when you were a admin. When playing Purge, you were by far one of the people I was close with. You are so funny and I just cannot wait to play DarkRP when it comes out. Just know I am grateful for the old memories even though we do not talk as much today (Yes I still want to be a beta test because you know how much Purge means to me). I will defiantly stay in contact with you. @Nick- I know we have not talked much, but you have gave me advise for my future and I am thankful for that. Just know that my "retirement plan" for GFL is to become a Dev, which I will obviously apply for when I feel like I am good enough at coding. However, again I appreciate the advise and honestly would love to talk more when you have the chance! @Pedro- Bro I do not even know if you are still here, but just know you mean the world to me. We played together, managed together, laughed together, and more. I could have not asked for a better manager, but more importantly a better friend. You are like my brother and I hope your future treats you well! I love you man and if you are reading this just know I miss you 😧 If I am leaving out people, then just know I did not mean to! It is 4AM, I am tired, and felt like this post was necessary. I will still be around GFL servers, but I am leaving behind my manager duties. Just know I appreciate everything this community has done for me and I cannot wait to see what is in store for GFL's future.
  11. Since you took the time out of your day to make the post, I will accept your appeal. Just remember that disrespecting players is a rule in the MOTD. Sans was most likely just trying to do his job accordingly. For future references, make sure the admins know that its all jokes and fun. The server alone gains around 100+ new players each day, so admins have a lot to keep up with. Again thank you for the report and hope to still see you around on the servers!
  12. 9 years of GFL?! Here’s to 9 more so GFL becomes legal 🤣

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      ok boomer


  13. The college football season has came to a remarkable end and now the NFL only has a couple more games. This means its the period where all football fans look back and rejoice on the memories last season provided. However, there is a new organization forthcoming, which may spark interest in the football community. The XFL is officially starting over the spring/summer break, but will it be a bust (again)? The XFL was created back in 2001, which lasted only one season. This is due to multiple problems within the league. The main problem was the fact that the league and teams had less than a year to prepare for the season. As you can imagine, this lead to lack of plays in playbooks, team chemistry, and more. However, the XFL has took a different and smarter approach this time. The new approach is simple... provide the league and teams enough time to prepare for the actual season. Not only that, but they took advantage of changing rules that were seen as "shitty" in the NFL. The XFL has high hopes of becoming the new league with a fast pace game, hard hits (they do take safety into major consideration), and more. Which is amazing in my opinion due to the fact that I think the XFL is starting at the right times. This is due to the fact that the NFL for a couple years now has had multiple complaints about the reffs, bullshit rules, and more. Now, its time to see something different, which I believe it will attract millions of viewers. Overall, I just want to know what yall's person opinions are about the situation. Will it be a bust? Did they start at the right time? Could this be the next big league? Finally, lets not forget about the AAF a year or two ago... Will the XFL follow in their footsteps and become a failure? Let me know because I can tell you right now that I am so ready to watch the XFL games this year. Thank you for reading! XFL PROMO VIDEO:
  14. Hello @Buildex! So sorry for the ban that should have never been placed in the first place. Due to this I have decided to accept your appeal. I will have a word with my admins about bans like this to assure that a ban like this will never reoccur. Again, so sorry about the ban. You should be able to play on the server now!
  15. You have been unbanned! Sorry about that!
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