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  1. Keep scp 20 i think its really funny when 20 comes out of no where and kills everyone
  2. Also changes 378s speed. His small hitbox is bullshit and all but that isnt the problem the problem is that he runs faster than a human and humans always have trouble losing 378
  3. I think the knife damage is fine, its just the swinging speed thats really slow. If we need to change the name we either need to change the knife speed or make it so it gives players a small speed boost while holding it
  4. Yea sorry you know i needed to ban you there. Also i def understand the reason why you resigned
  5. Basically, the idea of this round is that its a normal SCP round but the guns are replaced with the old Counter-Strike Source guns (including krieg) and only older SCPs spawn in (this includes 173, 682, 457, 106, 66) If Possible we can also include 1048-A, 178-1, and 96 or the AI version of 96 that everyone loved
  6. If xy is ever gonna add a revolver he should make it the anomalous one that says nice shot whenever you shoot
  7. Ok so i have this awesome idea for a special round no this isn't a shitpost Special round name : Mondays ok so basically all the SCPs in this round is just scp 795 BUT They all have Garfields as their skin n o w h e r e s t h e b e s t p a r t whenever they turn people into rats they actually turn into lasagna and thats it, please like and subscribe
  8. I really like idea #6, i feel like that actually should come along with his healing ability, I kinda like the idea of giving him a special where he can slightly increase the max hp of humans and non-hostile SCPs but I feel like it would fit more with 2295 if he is able to detect wounded players so he get to them and heal them
  9. Yea we already have 35 that's just a beefed up class d
  10. Though I couldn't find any good ones I wanted the model to be a small stuff teddy bear, so something bear related
  11. yea thats why i suggested this, we need another friendly scp on the server
  12. New friendly SCP SCP 2295 Kairos the Bear http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2295 (kinda like an echo fighter for 999) Description: SCP 2295 is a patchwork stuffed bear that activates whenever it is near a wounded human. SCP 2295 will anomalously produce tools and materials and tend their wounds, being able to replace entire organs with patchwork materials. How he'll work in-game: He will be able to team with all humans and non-hostile SCPs He will be able to heal humans and non-hostile SCPs He will spawn in instead of 999 Abilities and stats: He will be much faster than humans (maybe around 795's speed) He heals slightly slower than 999 900 HP - 1.3k HP Possible Specials: I'm thinking maybe he should have a special that is an AoE that heals nearby friendlies (maybe about 966 AoE's range or smaller) for 25-50 HP and it takes 30 seconds or 1 minute to recharge. OR A passive ability to detect wounded humans, that are below 50% of their HP, through walls, much like 2521 (or maybe a new voice command in the B menu, forgot what its called, to yell for help which will allow SCP 2295 to know where you are). That's all I have so far for this idea, I'm open to suggestions P.S: I'm having a little trouble finding any models so I would appreciate it if you link anything you find in the comment section This is my first suggestion so don't clap my cheeks too hard m8s thx
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