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  1. There's also the link statue that appears when playing the "Elegy of Emptiness" in the original game (Majora's Mask) in the pool behind a gate.
  2. Welp I changed my idea... Yes, you COULD bind "voice_enable 0", which I didn't think about when thinking of this, but, like @Le Quack said for the TTT scoreboard, maybe we could add the mute buttons for all players, players that are spectating and hiders/seekers.... why not?
  3. no you have to open scoreboard and right click + mute every player what I want is a insta-mute every player with 1 command
  4. I just thought of a command idea. I think a client-side !muteall command could be useful for example when you want to listen to the jukebox without the players talking and without muting every player one by one (especially when there's lots of players)
  5. hey guys I'm new here and I want to bne admni;. i ask jat to sponser me but eh's a bicth and did'nt want be to be admin i want admin because to help communiti thanks.
  6. Lots of people hate me you just don't know about it. Of course I didn't mention you but I don't hate you. You've always been a good friend to me and I respect that.
  7. I can confirm Narato never hacked nor bhop scripted. Whenever we would do something similar, we told eachother (for other games like csgo) and I know this was not the case. Narato is a pretty big tryharder in bhopping and I know aswell it would be perfectly possible for him to hit 20+ in a row. #BanDiabloNotNarato
  8. Lmao forgot to mention you but you really are an amazing person
  9. I don't hate EVERYONE there's people that I didn't mention and that I learned to like, including you... But most of the community is trash
  10. I don't hate the server it's just really fucking boring. And no I'm not mad for getting demoted and breaking rules I wanted that to happen.
  11. I'm not angry nor bitter I just hate everyone that I know and I didn't mention. Hi edgyness here. And, no, I'm not coming back. I may play on other GFL servers but I am most definetly not going back onto Hide and seek
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