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  1. Will you marry me? If not I'll force you into it Love you qq
  2. Happy birthday to the coolest person with a birthday today :kotori::amane::yoru::asa::ageha:

  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  4. You shouldn't strive to be an admin cause you want the admin title, but because you want to help the people on the server. Having admin shouldn't be a goal but be something you do to help others. I'd suggest not posting something like this, and post stuff normally.
  5. Shit, I was first on the list and I haven't replied until now. Thanks guys, making me feel rude. I'll miss butchering your name, and playing with you. <3. Latex
  6. Shit, I'm just going to edit this post with a qoute later on, but count me in! :D.
  7. Finally this happens. I honestly wasn't mad at Tmartin at first, but then he lied to people and had the worst apology ever. He took down his apology video straight afterwards cause of all the dislikes. I can expect this from M0e, M0e has done worse things. This post was sponsored by CSGOLotto.com
  8. I would change that I chose Team Heavy instead of Team Pyro....I even like Pyro over Heavy more, why me.... This is also totally past
  9. Honestly, just change this to Joshy Directory.
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