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  1. waitttt, @Doomnack is it the centipedes that take over the body?
  2. Cellphone

    ok please dont im sorry i wanna play hypixel
  3. Cellphone

    both but mostly joke but also real you absolutely may, in fact im requiring you to shut the fuck up max ok, obviously this is different because you can only talk to one person at a time you stupid idiot
  4. Cellphone

    wooo item you now have a cellphone you can connect to and privately speak with anyone with a cellphone too it doesnt really have a functional purpose please upvote this
  5. Here are the voice lines that will be played during the SCP-231's XK-CLASS SCENARIO special round! They play whenever an instance of SCP-231 is killed/gives birth. Thanks to @KaitoKiriyama for voicing and providing these! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/545072495250767882/546408889457836032/SCARLETKING-1-7andVictory.mp3
  6. thanks i hate it but i also love it +1
  7. During the SPC special round, at the 8:00 and 4:00 mark, the STF unit "Great White Shark" Will spawn with enhanced fists, and vow to destroy the SPC guards.
  8. In my most recent run as 106, i was able to enter the Pocket dimension and leave before the preperation round began. Please fix thanks
  9. love it! quick little ediT: i think giving 079 control over the ceiling turret would give him his needed attack method. also. +1
  11. imma do this

    dude i'm just as lost as you
  12. yep. also, the whole ass server better have a welcome back party for 079