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  1. Inspired by a suggestion made by StarAura in the discord. When wearing a vest, it hides your class and the "hostile,neutral,friendly" indicator. Your class will still be visible in Tab. This is so that you can more effectively disguise yourself as an MTF as a class D without being shot on the spot because TRO can automatically see that you are a D. They would have to go into tab, verify that you are indeed a hostile, and proceed to kill. This gives the D more time to kill the MTF and sneak through EZ. This would add more value to vests (keep same stats) as well as giving D class a new, stealthy, strategic escape method.
  2. One Round Item: Snowballs https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=357731421 Available to Member+ Throw Snowballs, leaving little snowpatches around the map (size of paintballs.) . They nudge players a bit but do no dmg. Available Starting December 1st
  3. poopy

    we know dude but this wont help
  4. bored

    are you gonna leave and then come back a day later with an apology post
  5. Guide to Site 19

    are you reffering to the one post i made when everyone thought that the game had died, so i wanted to say a heartfelt goodbye, or my satirical post about breach being "dead" even though it clearly isnt and it was just a schoolweek? also making suggestions does not mean i hate the game. If anything i means i really care and want to see it be the best it could be
  6. Guide to Site 19

    clarification: i left a year ago to take a break for mental health reasons. I've never said i was gonna leave and then backpedal two days later
  7. Guide to Site 19

    this is, quite literally, the only time ive ever done this
  8. Guide to Site 19

  9. Guide to Site 19

    This is for newcomers since i've seen an influx of new users cycling through since we fixed Curry. You're damn right im bringing guides back. Site 19 is Composed of 4 primary "Zones." Most players (Notably D class, most researchers and a few SCPS) Will Spawn in the LIGHT CONTAINMENT ZONE. This area is a relatively tame, simple area to navigate. The walls are marked in white and some pale grays. From the LCZ , you are met with a gate that must be opened with a level 3 keycard or have its windows smashed with a weapon. Cross the gate into the HEAVY CONTAINMENT ZONE. This area is a trecherous series of tunnels, containing the most SCPS and item spawns. Most SCPS spawn in this zone. The walls are cylindrical and marked in dark brown-gray, filled with dust and particle effects. Avoid entering HCZ until you are well-prepared. If you survive the Heavy Containment Zone, ideally you will make your way to the next gate- open with a level 3 or smash the window into the ENTERANCE ZONE. The Enterance Zone is the final zone in the map. Most TRO Guards will be concentrated here. No SCPS spawn here, but this is where all TRO spawn. This is where most rifles and SMGs are available, as there is a universal-access armory in the west wing of EZ. There is a large cafeteria right in the middle of EZ, where you can heal yourself with pizza and broadcast your voice to the entire facility using the intercom. This area contains the two gates out of the facility. They are marked "Gate A" and "Gate B" respectively. Both gates require a level 4 keycard to open. Once you've opened the gate, you are met with a room containing one elevator. Both elevators lead to the SURFACE ZONE. The Gate A elevator leads to an upper balcony area, where you can head down a ramp, proceed through a long tunnel to the gate B area and exit the facility. The Gate B elevator leads to a railing above the exit. Going through Gate B gives you a quicker escape, but Gate A opens automatically without a keycard at the 5:00 mark. Make your way to the exit tunnel (first door on the left after leaving gate b) and you win. Other Areas LCZ- There is a room in a rounded-corner. The room contains a hole in the wall. Give it something, and it will give you something in return. Try to take nothing from it, and you will take 30 damage. LCZ- SCP Object rooms. Several rooms scattered across LCZ contain collectable SCPS for researchers to hold. LCZ- SCP Spawn Rooms. 173, 372, and 1471 all spawn in LCZ (1471 does not spawn in a room.) LCZ- Pistol Armory. A door guarded by a Level 4 Keyswipe leads to a room filled with pistols, ammo, an SCP-500 and an MTF guard vest. LCZ- The Basement. 2 LCZ elevators live here. The basement contains a pistol, an occasional medkit, a grenade, and a rare level 3-4 keycard. It also holds the slab collectable SCP. SCP-939 can spawn here. LCZ-SCP-914. A massive machine guarded by a Level 3 Keyswipe. Upgrade shit here. Keycards can be upgraded, and some other stuff can be upgraded. HCZ- SCP 079. SCP-079 is a sentient computer that walks around triggering traps. His stronghold is in far HCZ, guarded by a Level 5 Keyswipe. You can only damage him by damaging his stronghold. HCZ- Server room. The server room is a detour route that allows for a quicker, stealthier escape. HCZ- ENOINDEX Joint room. This room is a passage into EZ, containing a broken Bell Box and rthe ENOINDEX collectalble SCP. Beware- this is also SCP-076-2's spawnpoint. HCZ- SCP-106. SCP-106's chamber has alot to offer- its control panel room bearing an SMG, a box of SMG ammo, an MTF vest, a l3 keycard, and the femur breaker. Turn on sound activation and press the femur breaker to broadcast bloodchilling screams to the facility. Careful- if you activate the femur breaker, the entire server knows that someone is in 106. This area also has a gateway to 106's pocket dimension. A black patch of corrosion on the floor will sink you into it and you will end up in the PD. HCZ- 682 Basement. Not alot here- just a spawn for 682. HCZ- 049 basement. A spiral basement with some guns. Some SCPS spawn here, mainly SCP 049. HCZ- SCP 939. His spawn is here. Watch out for researchers leaving here at round start. They aren't what they seem. EZ- Harp's Candy Room. Take 2 candy peices from the bowl! Each give you some health. Dont take more than two or you will bleed and lose all of your items. EZ- Armory. GUNS! EZ- Medical Bay. Not much is here- but all the TRO start here. EZ- Electrical Panel. A room containing the electrical switches is guarded by a level 4 keyswipe. An SCP500, FRV, and pistol ammo spawn here. From here, you can turn off Remote Door Control (Gates cannot be opened), and the Tesla Gates. EZ- Portal Doors. walk through them, and you can take the long way through the checkpoint through a magical forest. Guarded by 2 wooden doors.
  10. important post

    1) youre posting this on the wrong topic lmfao 2) uh no i dont have anger issues? i didnt do anything out of anger, i did it because i was bandwagoning off of a joke that went to far. Anger had nothing to do with it?
  11. important post

    mhm. im not gonna even try to go for admin. after that royal fuck up that just happened, im gonna have to be reallllly quiet around them for a year or five
  12. important post

    this is not a ban appeal Skipping formalities, my behavior was unacceptable. what started off as a joke rapidly spiraled downards until myself and two others had completely lost all sense of self awareness, bandwagoning on a riot while destroying our sense of maturity and responsibility in the community. My whole self-jerking post I made a few days ago, in hindsight, only dug a deeper hole for myself. I'm not asking for anything, just setting the record straight. I fucked up bad and I'm sorry. I don't want to see the managers demoted, of course I dont. I was playing off a joke that others had started, and even though I had realized that I was actually causing people to break the rules, for some reason, I did not stop myself only because it was fun for us and nobody else. I apologize mostly to the managers. I do think you're doing great work. What I said during the strike was not sincere. But I said it, and it matters. I deserve the ban, and the kick, and the denial. I apologize. @Maximino007, and anyone else who was part of the riot, I encourage you to do the same.
  13. Simple 914 update: Input: Radio Setting: Fine Output: Portable PA Basically a one-use item. Allows you to speak over intercom regardless of location.
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