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  1. TDM is just kinda meh, and there barely is any strategy. FFA, in my opinion, would be great. Also, yes, HAS and 106 should be removed. Just forgot about those,
  2. i meant to put this in suggestions sorry admins
  3. Hi its me boomer OKay so i noticed that half of the time we do an SRV, we end up with a shitty round So i thought maybe we could pull a thanos and get rid of a bunch 1) Shark punching Not funny didnt laugh also, nobody likes it when it happens like its probably my least favorite SR 2) Team Deathmatch Literally just change it to free for all, make everyone a tau-5 and fight to the death. Way more fun that way, we tried a free for all when we did TDM the other night and it was great, we just need it to be an actual round so people arent hesitant to teamkill 3) Trouble in SCP town Only fun if youre a CI. 3) Weeping angels 173 is broken enough. We dont want three of them. Keep all the rest
  4. hello dont who me bitch, i aint never seen you before and im a gD VETeRAn hi boo :3 Good to see you too Z im dissapointed that we havent already.
  5. Ok so i forgot all about the awards. I'll do them, but two days late. I'll announce the nominees tonight at 11 EST, but i'm gonna do the actual awards tomorrow at 7 EST because, well, today would be a bad day to hold them. But yeah that'll happen
  6. um excuse me did i not suggest this same exact scp verbadem like a few months ago
  8. Big apologies for the delay. I was at a dinner party *BOOMING APPLAUSE AND UPROAR* Welcome, Welcome everyone! Welcome to the first monthly Suggestion Awards, also known as The Garry Awards™! Each award will be given to one person- and it all culminates in the grand prize of Best Suggestion! Now, Without further ado...Let's just jump into it. BEST SCP SUGGESTION The nominees were... Revised SCP-173 by @Supreme leader 049 SCP-019 by @Cpt.Haxray Item 2270-A by @Doomnack SCP-1471 Rework by @The1337Gh0st SCP-682 Sounds by @Jomean Congratulations to all of you, but only one can receive the award. And it goes to... drumroll please.... *D r u m r o l l * Everything is in this suggestion, from detailed and thorough descriptions of mechanics, to necessary buffs needed for our favorite little peanut. Congratulations to @Supreme leader 049 for winning the first ever Red Garry Award, and congratulations to everyone else who was nominated as well. BEST SPECIAL ROUND SUGGESTION Honorable mentions and nominations include... Serpent's Hand Raid by @Maximino007 Swordfight by @Notzerg AND THE GARRY GOES TO... *opens red envelope* @Maximino007 with A nice, fun sounding, thorough special round for the game. You deserved this max, though to be fair, you didn't have much competition. But i digress, congrats on your first Purple Garry. And a round of applause for our other nominee. BEST MISCELLANEOUS SUGGESTION A quick rundown of these nominees... Janitor Class by @Maximino007 Samsara Nerf/Clef Buff by @Cpt.Haxray E-SCP-D by @Mythrl This was a VERY close round. I was so torn between two of these, and i need to acknowledge both of them. However, only one can win. and the winner is... With the runner up being Janitor Class by @Maximino007. This is probably one of my favorite suggestions ever. Yes. ever. And it deserves the first Yellow Garry. I also want the Janitor class very badly. So both of them deserve a look. But E-SCP-D just sells it for me. AND NOW, THE MOMENT YOUVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... THE BEST SUGGESTION AWARD. WHO WILL IT GO TO? OF THE THREE WINNERS, ONLY ONE IS FILTERED THROUGH TO THE END. AND ONLY ONE WILL END UP WINNING THE ULTIMATE AWARD. NOW LETS RECAP. @Supreme leader 049 Won the Best SCP award with Revised 173. @Maximino007 Won Best Round Suggestion with Serpent's Hand Raid. and @Mythrl won Best Miscellaneous Suggestion with E-SCP-D. One can win. Only one. And only i know. AND YOULL FIND OUT TOMORROW!! Just Kidding. I got you though, The winner for Best Suggestion is... Best Suggestion This is the best suggestion of February. I love it too much. Too many congratulations to @Supreme leader 049, who won the First Red AND Rainbow Garry this month. Other winners, congrats to you too! Other nominees, congrats! And everyone else, just try really hard with your suggestions and make them good, and you might just get nominated, or even win! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One last round of applause for all of the February winners and nominees! Even more applause for @Supreme leader 049, @Maximino007, and @Mythrl! See you on March 31st for the next round! *loud applause and shitty pop music as Boomer walks off stage, lights dim, everyone leaves, lights out.* well this was a waste of time
  9. I doubt it. However, one of the purposes of the awards is to give it a second look, maybe tell ralsei to consier it again
  10. Taking a break

    This is a really big contrast from my last post, but i thought i might as well mention it sooner rather than later. Lately ive come to the conclusion that im very unhappy with my life. I've disconnected myself from the people i love, and my friends. And ive sacrificed all that to spend more time on this game, and on my phone. I just spend way too much time on here, and its starting to take a toll on my mental state. Ive become depressed, and ive drifted away from alot of my friends. So im gonna be a lot less active on this server from today moving forward. I will still announce the winners of those dumb awards tomorrow, but im just gonna take some time for myself. Im sure some of the players who dont exactly love me such as @Cpt.Haxray and @Ravelord are quite fine with this. But i hope you can understand. Im just not happy anymore.
  11. Its the last day of the month. Which means its time to announce the nominees for the first monthly Garry Awards (Suggestion Awards.) Please note that implemented/soon to be implemented suggestions are not going to be nominated, and denied suggestions (or suggestions with overwhelming amounts of downvotes) won't either . The awards for February are: Best SCP Suggestion Includes all SCP suggestions, suggestions to fix scps, everything involving SCPS. Best Special Round Suggestion Just what it sounds like. Best Miscellaneous Suggestion Everything else Best Suggestion The superior suggestion of the month. The winners get absolutely nothing the feeling of validation. And now, without further ado: The February Garry Award Nominees Best SCP Suggestion NOMINEES A great, simple and easily codable (probably, maybe, maybe not, i know nothing about coding) suggestion. Highkey only nominating because i had the same idea. I'm biased, but shut up. Of all the hax suggestions i could have nominated, its this one. Which i did. Good job. My favorite of doom's suggestions. While it seems pretty pointless, its actually really great and fun if you think for long enough. And if you're doped up on morphine. Please do this i beg of you. Among the best of the 1471 suggestions. I just want this. BEST SPECIAL ROUND SUGGESTION NOMINEES no, my scarlet king suggestion does not count With a few edits, this would make a great SR. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am only nominating the Swordfight round. BEST MISCELLANEOUS SUGGESTION Only released yesterday. Already one of my favorites. We all want this. But hax put a personal spin on it, and went the extra mile to offer an entirely new shotgun. Easy nomination. OOooooh how much i want this. And yes, yes, i know, SCP:SL is basically a polished clone of Breach. But come on, this is a great idea. And those are the nominees for the February 2019! A full list is found below. Feel free to +1 any suggestion (that is not your own) to increase its chance at winning. Please note that this is just for fun. If you werent nominated, its not an insult at all. This has no functional purpose, it is solely for the purpose of fun. NOMINEES @Cpt.Haxray @Maximino007 @Mythrl @Notzerg @Jomean @The1337Gh0st @Doomnack @Supreme leader 049 The winners will be announced tomorrow (March 1st, 2019) at 9:30 PM EST.
  12. +1 to all of 372. +1 to all of 1471. -1 to the first 2845, easily explotiable and he can just charge it super often. +1 to second 2845, but i think that should have a cooldown. 0 to 066. seems pretty pointless to me, as ive never had problems with health as 066. 0 to 939. Its range and disguise abilities compensate for the hitbox just fine. If i were to tweak him at all, i'd remove his collisions and allow him to sprint. +100 to 682 i didnt know how much i wanted this but i want this. +1 to 378. i wasnt aware of this bug but this is just researcher cat 2.0.
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