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  1. New Special Round: 2639 vs. Scps

    When I play them last time I could not see 966, it was when Site 07 was first introduced.
  2. New Special Round: 2639 vs. Scps

    Considering the rarity of 2639 it would be a fun round to play. But problems still remain with them in terms of a particular gun they carry in-game; the chain gun. While it does have a decent fire rate and a reasonable magazine size, the fact that once you run out of ammo it takes a long time to refill which ultimately renders the player using the chain gun useless. And if the round is implemented, changes need to be made to the non SCP players since they will most likely not spawn with NVG's. If SCP-966 is in play, players will have a hard time taking it down and will most likely result to panic and shoot anywhere and everywhere, potentially killing their teammates (If team damage is active, that is). If this round is implemented, I highly suggest making changes to the chain gun and add NVG's to the non SCP players. I give this a +1 EDIT: Made a typo
  3. I need a break

    Take care, Kite. Take as much time as you need!
  4. Daleport Map Suggestion

    So how would the map work? Where will the teams; D-Class, Researchers, MTF and SCP's spawn? Or will they not be present at all? More details on what your idea is will help greatly with the understanding of what you wish to see.
  5. Special Round Suggestions

    Similar to TTT but disable RDM if possible. CI can only show themselves after they've killed someone or have them spawn in a different place and give them weapons that the CI normally spawn with; for example slams and M249's. They wear MTF uniforms and the only thing that separates them is either their action or the weapons they carry. Maybe give it some thought? Play test it?
  6. Special Round Suggestions

    I thought it'd be nice if I shared some of my own ideas for you all to see! Have a read at these and let me know if they sound good ^^ Round suggestion: Ghostbusters Idea/How it plays: A group of SCP 966's have escaped containment and the site is in danger! Dispatch every available MTF to deal with this threat, but the NVG's are locked in an armory somewhere in Heavy Containment (049's room in Site 19 could be a good spot for example) with a few ones scattered around the site! The MTF must get to it without losing too many of their numbers, researchers must either escape or assist the MTF. The D class have fend for themselves or trust a Reasearcher and reach the NVG room before the MTF do The D class will do what they always do; Find a way to arm themselves, avoid MTF and/or Researchers and work together with other D Class to escape or kill every MTF and SCP or escape. No NTF/CI reinforcements will spawn in this round 6 or 9 SCP 966's (depending on how populated the server is, otherwise decrease the number based on how many players are online) will spawn randomly behind a locked door except 049's room where the NVG's will be spawned. The room where the NVG's will be stored is accessible to everybody with Level 3 clearance. MTF: Work together and get to the NVG room and minimize casualties! Researchers: Work together to acquire Level 3 Keycards or escape the facility! D Class: Trust a Researcher or kill either MTF or Researchers who have Level 3 keycards or find a way out of of the facility! Every D Class, Reasearcher and MTF and SCP's will spawn in their usual spots but all doors will be locked to prevent players from having a head start, so when the countdown hits zero, players will be able to roam freely around the map to scramble for resources, arm themselves and face the SCP's and other players. ------------------------------- Round suggestion: Who's the CI?! Idea: Everybody loves SLAMS, right? What better way to have fun than to blow up an entire squad of MTF firing at SCP's by planting SLAMS everywhere? Well in this round, there will be no D class or Researchers spawning in but instead there will only be you, a large portion of MTF and SCP's, and to top it all off; A small team of CI disguised as MTF. Who will you trust? Who will you kill? Time's running out. Make. Your. Choice.
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