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  1. So I heard you wanted a nice GPU for christmas


    so I ordered this sick GPU and would like to say it is back in stock how ever we are gonna need 20 extra bucks now pay up.


    I almost have mine when you getting yours my guy.


  2. a reddit post from a year ago...
  3. ⠠⠽⠕⠥ ⠺⠑⠗⠑ ⠺⠁⠗⠝⠑⠙ ⠊⠝ ⠠⠠⠛⠋⠇ ⠋⠕⠗⠒ ⠠⠉⠁⠝ ⠽⠕⠥ ⠎⠞⠕⠏ ⠺⠊⠞⠓ ⠎⠏⠁⠍⠍⠊⠝⠛ ⠎⠽⠍⠃⠕⠇⠎ ⠏⠇⠑⠁⠎⠑  @Ben Roy

    1. rapperdan



      he said in braile

      ,you were warned in ,,gfl for3 ,can you stop with spamming symbols please

  4. U big dumb, you shall never take over the GFL power house
  5. P.s. EC is still apart of the media team
  6. Trying to work with me on a csgo event? I have the post where I said hey if u guys wanna do a csgo event I got a server we can use. Then u sending me a template which basically requires the person requesting the event to set it up.
  7. Didn't EC have 2 people on the team? and you got demoted from toxicity in the media team discord, also "Public relations" that means keeping the public happy and improving relationships with them right? So why not throw events in with em?
  8. welcome to the 1v1 team <3