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  1. There are some maps that give you points for winning the level as a human, I dont see why zombies need points for winning though (Only like on minas or skyrim where there are zm level items)
  2. Ping Comparison

    Yeah but, your looked at as a somewhat better player if you can do lasers with high ping, it also means you have fast hand-eye coordination
  3. This is what I was thinking but I was told they get on usually when NA is sleep
  4. Prime example being how we just switched from castlevania on the 2nd to last level to go to tv station
  5. lmao, the only people who really like it are ones who dont even play mm, they need to worry about fixing one of their biggest game modes played rather then giving the game a fucking reskin like thats going to fix game play problems
  6. Rainbow Factory v2 Win Undertale g c7 Win STEAM_0:0:106503949
  7. This is Stage 2 for Rainbow Factory
  8. Is it possible to add a delay before people are actually allowed to vote, like show the nominated maps but make people wait like 5 seconds before they can actually start voting. Yes I can see how for some people this will be annoying since most of them just press a number to get the box off of their screen but this will help by making people actually look at the maps instead of just pressing 4 right away to remove the vote box.
  9. So we just replace the files with the ones copied from your download?
  10. Even if people are allowed to say it they’ll just make an argument on since their allowed to say igga why not be allowed to say igger
  11. I’m just saying about being racist, calling someone gay isn’t racist because being gay is not a race, it’s a sexuality. Me personally if your not black and I know you I kinda don’t mind you saying the n word but it’s still weird when other races say it
  12. I don’t know any black person who wasn’t offended by another race calling them the n word
  13. why do you want to say the word so bad? I don’t understand
  14. Im actually HIGHLY offended right now
  15. Well for ellie, I was hoping maybe delete some other skins that nobody uses like ada wong, and replace them