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  1. I also hate being long knifed... especially by someone with the same ping as me 🙂 on a side note, anime skins when??????
  2. awww did i hit a hurt your wittle fweelings? lmfao
  3. lmfaooo white people are funny af
  4. I think its mostly players that dont actually shoot, alot of players just knife out during boss fights either because they are scared or just dont care enough to shoot. Cause tbh most bosses are self explanatory on what/where you need to shoot.
  5. lmfao how old are you, you act like a 13 year old kid
  6. I think it is, im pretty sure its like that on another server
  7. I agree, the faster person should be the one getting the item not the guy behind spamming E
  8. Then why continue to have the plugin on the server if you're just going to give people a crown...
  9. So ever since GFL has added the "Top Defender" plugin I feel like its just been a useless plugin and has no real reward for becoming "Top Defender" Also I feel like with the negev being a laser beam its too easy for people to sit back and doorhug and still get top defender without really defending. So what I was thinking to make it actually meaningful, if you get top defender (The top 3) you should be able to have mother zombie protection, but with this being a thing, the negev should be removed so those who are actually in the front defending are the ones who are rewarded instead of the negev users who sit back not really helping the team. Also removing the negev could help alot of those users who usually use the negev at the boss stop dying because they don't know to switch to their knife on certain attacks (Pull/Push) Your argument to this could be "Well, its good for holds" well yes but its not needed if everyone is shooting, also this could possibly lead to making more people to step up and help the team defend because they cant really sit back and laser beam the zombies from the door.
  10. There are some maps that give you points for winning the level as a human, I dont see why zombies need points for winning though (Only like on minas or skyrim where there are zm level items)
  11. Ping Comparison

    Yeah but, your looked at as a somewhat better player if you can do lasers with high ping, it also means you have fast hand-eye coordination
  12. This is what I was thinking but I was told they get on usually when NA is sleep
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