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  5. Your In-Game Name: never eat yellow snow Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:130787408 Reason for punishment: Duplicate Account Admin: Console Why the punishment should be revoked: Hi! I'm glad to see that there are still some active tf2 servers. Upon trying to join for my first time, the server instantly banned me, for no reason. I'm currently trying to connect from university through their student wifi access, if that may help you guys. I have done literally nothing to deserve this ban. Please get back to me.
  6. Love this community, Just getting back to this game in years

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  7. Your In-Game Name: chef - 14 days Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:63347575 Reason for punishment: VPN ban, again Admin: ??? Why the punishment should be revoked: Second time this week I have been banned, apparently for my use of a VPN. I've heard rumblings of there being fear of IPs being stolen, so i find it weird that im being banned for using a VPN to protect my IP. My VPN autoconnects, so it'll be annoying to constantly turn it off just to play the game, and I cant guarantee I wont end up forgetting. Would prefer some kind of change to the current system, but if not I'll have to make due with trying to remember to disable it.
  8. Your In-Game Name: Gr8 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88789943 Reason for punishment: Too Low Karma Admin: The Server Why the punishment show be revoked: I got banned from the server because of "Too Low Karma" but in every round it was not KOS Like last 2 rounds I played, Innocent shot oil barrel next to me, it exploded got me low and I thought he was T Another round is an Innocent shot another Innocent so I assumed he was T All times I killed it was justified with reason.
  9. Name: Aphex Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:108979175 Admin who banned you: I really don't remember it's been years What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Don't remember Why should you be unbanned? Don't remember Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban? I enjoy your server and I've changed since then.
  10. Name: JohnDoe1799 Steam ID: 76561198324171133 Admin who banned you: Starfox What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): server ban Why should you be unbanned? server ban Why should we reduce or undo the mute/ban? There was no investigation into the claim of spec burning and was immediately banned with no word of warning or the opportunity to get a word in explaining that I do not know how to code correctly and cannot successfully pull off something of that magnitude.
  11. Your In-Game Name: Assholedust Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:59934564 Reason for punishment: [SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Admin: CONSOLE Why the punishment should be revoked: I don't know what a duplicate account even means. I use Nvidia GeForceNOW, could that possibly be a reason? It's a cloud based gaming program that allows me to play games with higher graphics. I tried joining the server but couldn't even get in and was shown a message saying I was permanently banned. This is literally the only server/reason I get on csgo, how do I fix this?
  12. Your In-Game Name: sniperpro562 Your SteamID: bignate_o13 Reason for punishment: teaming Admin: Clueless Why the punishment should be revoked: There probably was a misunderstanding and the admin thought I was teaming which in hindsight might have seemed like it but that wasn't the intention. The event where I think it took place was when I was a traitor and was with TigerCat in the traitor tester building. I was trying to kill myself with the lava traitor trap but for some reason I couldn't activate it so I asked TigerCat to kill me. I wasn't intentionally trying to delay the game or team with anyone, I was trying to have a good time. Some of the people I was playing with can vouch for me also. BigDaddy, LawMyl Meow, TigerCat, RandyButternubs are some of the people I was playing with during the time of the ban. The reason I keep bringing up TigerCat mainly is because I saw that he was also banned from the server (my guess for the reason being teaming also). Neither me nor TigerCat had the intention of teaming, I was just trying to go out in a funny way. Please take this into consideration when looking at this, I have almost 200 hours in Garry's mod and I really enjoyed playing on the GFL servers. Thank you for your consideration, Sniperpro562
  13. Your In-Game Name: Zunn Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54319573 Reason for punishment: a 2 week ban and because of a duplicate account Admin: CONSOLE Why the punishment should be revoked: There was never a duplicate account. I've been banned on this server for a duplicate account once before again by the console and i'm fed up with it. There is no duplicate account, please fix your console.
  14. Your In-Game Name: Teas Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40454030 Reason for punishment: Permanent Ban and Duplicate Accounts Admin: N/A, Console Ban Why the punishment should be revoked: It banned me permanently for duplicate accounts. I don't know why I got banned for this, I'm not duplicating anything or even attempted to. I just went into the TF2 server and before I could even do anything it banned me. I mostly play ZE so this didn't affect me but when I tried to get into the CS ZE server the banned extended to there.
  15. Your In-Game Name: cheks Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:70256485 Reason for punishment: 3 day for "hyperscroll/macro" Admin: console Why the punishment should be revoked: i dont have these, this is the second time this happened im terrible at bhopping and it keeps banning me for supposedly having hyperscroll/macro. my equipment is too cheap for this. idk if it is because i scroll too fast??? but its infuriating when im just having fun and i get banned constantly for something I don't have.
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