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  1. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_v5 ze_ffxii_westersand_v7_z9 Restrictions: No Admin Rules, No Ebans Timing: does not matter Let's do a good event for once yea? I feel like GFL takes the fun away in everything and doesn't let us have fun without people getting punished for the smallest things. Let's see what happens for one day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Map Secrets

    well telling and showing everyone map secrets doesn't make them secrets anymore does it? me personally, i don't mind if everyone knows a map secret as long as it's not an item or something that could impact a round
  3. New Default Map (round 2)

    ze_asiangirl highly most requested map but not on here? P L E A S E
  4. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    Map(s): - ze_luck_matters_v2h - ze_hsc_a4 Event Time preferred: Any Really Underplayed maps so i thought this could be a good event to try to complete them
  5. Zombie Escape Event #26

    STEAM_1:0:156609134 Give me Banana skin instead of supporter tbh ;;;;))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. Fun times in ZE

    uhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyy DEFEND UHHH UHHHHGHGHGHG
  7. New Default Map

    i think ze_asiangirl would be the best option for a default map. We can all wack a quick one while nominating which maps to play next.
  8. Improving for ZE

    I see you constantly talking over the leader when they're trying to lead. Let them lead please I say you learn the map very well before you try leading, it could save time Sometimes I see you using items incorrectly or in the wrong spot. Watch and learn how other players use items on maps Play a lot more and learn from your mistakes if you want to improve. I've seen you improve a lot recently
  9. Zombie Escape Event #24

    I say let VIP keep them perm
  10. I'm not a fish

    Ma boy crawfish on GFL?! Welcome
  11. Zombie Escape Event #22 *UPDATED*

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:156609134 Skin: Banana Joe because i have a big banana. Screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/854982302915024060/F2ED3C7FFD1225F03D4B9555B9DAC6AAC7CD3DD1/
  12. It really is frustrating when you have good players and you're close to beating the map but there is no t3 online. Don't see why we can't make this possible if the majority of the players in the server want to extend for a few more tries.
  13. [CS:GO ZE] Event Suggestions

    Zelda Maps Map(s): ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4, ze_fire_temple_v2_4 Restrictions/Limitations: None Event Time preferred: Doesn't matter Others: Both maps are unbeaten on the server and would love to beat them. I also think fire temple will be getting a boss in the next version so it isn't completed yet.
  14. Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Let's get riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight into the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwws
  15. RuO has applied for member. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198273483996 Steam Check Link: https://steamid.eu/profile/76561198273483996 Why I want to be Member:  I've been playing ZE for 3 years on other servers. I'm not a fan of TTT, JB etc... Recently, I've been losing interest in those servers (Same maps, No Improvements, Lag) so i came onto GFL and really liked the community and how good the players are compared to the other servers. I try my best to lead and help other players and have no problem doing it here as well. Thanks! GFL Bans: 0