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  1. Hi everyone I made a new track recently and would appreciate if you could listen to it, thanks 🥰 https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/white-web I also made a little 80s EP (which isn't very well mixed) if you'd like to listen to that: https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/intro https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/gum-pond https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/to-the-mall Feedback is appreciated as well, thank you
  2. new track

    hey so i've been working on making this track; https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/idfa it would mean a lot if you could like the track or just give feedback, thanks
  3. hi i made music

    yeah sure
  4. hi i made music

    check it out https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/nvm https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/weather https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/doubt https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/atomic https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/human https://soundcloud.com/purpnat/eightfiveo
  5. hi

    hi, my name is nat. i'm an admin on skynet gaming. nice to meet everyone!
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