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  1. i have one and i have ps plus but id buy bo4 and bo3 for the zombies and infamous, journey
  2. you should watch luke cage its a great show
  3. The thing is this shouldnt happen in the first place so if we make like an age restriction or a quiz maybe it might prevent it from happening in the first place
  4. okay maybe not an age restriction but a ct quiz maybe like tango world wide has and if you dont get it correct u can get ct banned for a certain amount of time
  5. As you know, We have a lot of younger people on this server who don't know what they are doing [I was one of these people before] so I was thinking instead of letting these younger people get themselves ct banned we should let the elder more mature you could say demonstrate how to play ct and when they are ready they can get on ct and have some fun let me know what you guys think
  6. I like this one said thor
  7. Hi!

    nice to see a familiar face thanks!
  8. im into 80s pop so probably boney m
  9. Hi!

    Hey guys i would like to re introduce myself since the new server has opened. My name is Sim and i know i have not been the most friendly person in the past when i was a squeaker but I do want to change that and start over with all of you great people. Thanks!
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