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  1. The server has, in my mind, been dead for a while. It's like it's in a coma. It's still kicking, but it's basically dead. Just like Vil said, the playerbase has gotten to be so toxic, immature and just plain stupid. Every time you join you hear either random screeching, racial sluts, or people saying the admins are abusive. Literally nobody who joined for the first time would want to stick around for that. I became an admin to help the server become a bit more tolerable by giving my time when the others couldn't. But when the entire server is the problem and no matter how much effort you put in it doesn't matter, that's when you know it's time to just call it quits. Breach, as it is now, is dead.
  2. Without Joker, Banjo couldn't continue. Fat F.
  3. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I've had a lot of fun with Breach. Being an admin was enjoyable for a while. Lately the server has gotten to be more toxic and it's driven me away. I have no interest in it anymore. Being an admin or even playing Breach is just a chore now. I've made a lot of friends during my time here, and it's been amazing. But it's time to call it quits. Thank you to @VilhjalmrF, @cd326s and @KaitoKiriyama for really sticking with me during the time I was staff here. So, yeah. Seeya later, space cowboy.
  4. This sounds like a really cool idea. +1
  5. I gotta say, some of these are pretty cool. Especially D-11424, GOC, 154 and 3108.
  6. Throwing in my two cents. I honestly feel like without a reporting system, the handling of problems has become a cluttered and messy process. While reporting what happened in admin chat works, I feel like a report system is much more smooth when it comes to getting issues taken care of.
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