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  1. imagine still posting on gfl

    1. drunk_zexired


      Shut hte fuck up dont touch my sober friedn

    2. Zexired
    3. Rend


      one of you shouldn't exist.

  2. hns manager when

  3. Map suggestion

    Using the elevator would be like a game of Russian roulette, except you'd have better odds winning Russian roulette than you would entering the elevator as a hider.

    Every time I've played with doggo he's never been obnoxious loud or rude. I believe that the punishment is harsh and unwarranted, I believe it would be best to just warn him and leave him gagged for a day then see how it goes from there.
  5. Discount Zexired? I'll have you know I'm an overpriced Zexired at worst. Didn't expect you to resign so soon, considering how much infighting there's been, it's understandable. at least now you don't have to deal with screaming children. See ya.
  6. Got to the third column down, gave up, too much effort.
  7. @Zexired Funny you should say that, I'm proof reading your entire guide right now.
  8. @Zexired Under Taunting " Taunting can be used for to antagonise, annoy or humiliate or just to mess around with other players. " Taunting can be used to antagonise, annoy, humiliate or mess with other players. antagonize - American pronunciation
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