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  1. I know you can build your own base but like if people are like fully dedicated they can build there base once then pay 5$ to keep it there for a week
  2. I know you can copy your base but i was thinking if you could buy a base, what i mean by that is if i pay 5$ (it can be any price you guys want/ purge admins) I get to keep my base for a week (again it can be however many days you guys want/ admins) and if i pay 10 dollars i get it for two weeks so i can log off and back on anytime i want and my base will still be there its basically like a rent thing and they can renew it after there time is up. Again admins can choose how much they have to pay and how many days they get to keep it
  3. NOOO YOU 14 Year old smh lol and UNZO Colonized Eygpt BUT bye Chef
  4. as long as im playing with people i dont care what mode we play, but if im alone multiplayer
  5. stop being toxic lol

    1. Chef.
    2. JGuary551


      It’s ok it’s a +1 from me 

  6. I want people to play with on black ops 4. If you do have it add me on discord: JGuary55#3440 and blizard: JGuary55#1257
  7. Oh yu can do a marbel race I saw this streamer play it and it’s really easy to be honest and very exciting. Here’s a link to like it basically
  8. I’m dumb lol thank you
  9. I still feel like there should be an overall one cuz yu still have to do individual