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  1. Go to console and type “connect (then the server ip)
  2. @motorsteak WE MADE IT!!! WERE GONNA BE FAMOUS
  3. easy 3 piece but chocked the 4th https://youtu.be/4-zbwF_Rs70

    happy birthday!

  5. you've barely listen to "lonely" omgggg how old are you ? lol and "last letter" by Witt lowry
  6. Well since I wasn’t here for the ban and I really don’t know you, I’m here to give you a chance +1 to remove the ban.
  7. this is a mini games ban but yes you got banned for duplicate account , ill move to minigames and tag @Vauff
  8. +1 I talk to you alot in discord and you are very nice and you talk in the channels and ping me when needed, you never argue or what not, you can fit right in Forums Neutral As i said you are very nice you just got 50 post I see you make some post but I want just alittle more helping
  9. Modded Kits

    Here are all the kits for modded 10x Basic kits everyone has: (first 3) KIT SCUBA (30 min cooldown)(edited) KIT MEDIC (10 min cooldown)(edited) KIT BUILDER (1 hour cooldown)(edited) Member KIT AKA GFL (24 hour cooldown) (Mute be a member for this Kit) (https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/) member color is (Green)(edited) VIP KITS (VIP color is purple) (Must be a VIP to have these KITS) (https://gflclan.com/donate/) PVP KIT (1 hour cooldown)(edited) CARPENTER KIT ( You can only use this twice for one wipe)(edited)
  10. icu on my application

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