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  1. You can do multiple things with shoutbox, I wouldn’t say remove it but only let TTT admins see the calladmin but no one else can see it or, make a hide option so people can hide it. but yes I do agree it spams chat box and it’s annoying
  2. ya true it is just another way of saying it with ER, but id 1000 percent would rather people say it with a "A" then "ER", its just my opinion cuz i am black and i hate the "ER" but i always say "Nigga"thats just me the other way i take in offense.
  3. I dont think thats the secondary context ? "buddy" if they say "nigga" then i see it as a buddy/pal but with ER at the end its not the same as buddy/pal. IMO
  4. horny nigga laundry basket

  5. Guacamole nigga penis

  6. Guacamole nigga penis

  7. Guacamole nigga penis

  8. VW is abusable i seen 2 people get warden and everyone thought it would be funny to VW them so nun could get it and for VG hes saying when ADMINS are on its going to be disable so its going to be the ADMINS that switch them, other than that itll still be there
  9. Guacamole nigga penis @Remuchu @Korowa @Aurelien
  10. Ban Appeal

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