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  1. 3-Months VIP

    Me want vip so i come here to get it even tho I’m admin I want to look cool and Oreo cookie n cream
  2. Ban Appeal

    Ya so a guy name raccs got banned on the 1v1 server and you guys share the same ip so you got banned for duplicate account so I’ll tag @CrusTi @FrenZy
  3. So it looks like Mello tried to join and got banned again and then you tried to join with this account and it banned you for dup
  4. ya you got banned for Dup account as you can see, so basically someone else got banned from your ip and now you cant join ill tag @Leks so he can do what he does
  5. MLB: SF Giants NFL: Raiders NBA: Golden State Warriors NHL: Sharks
  6. Hello Santos thanks for applying, I have a couple things we have no clue who you are We have no clue who you are You need to have 50 post and have at least member for 3 months, You've had it for an hour and have 3 post which all are on this one. For discord you joined the main discord an hour ago, which means your not active and no one in the community knows who you are. You said you have been playing on the Minigames server for awhile but you only have 134 min=2 hours which isnt that much on the server so i can see your behavior being 100% (this is from gametracker) In all im going to have to give a -1 as i think you should get involved more into the community like getting your forum post way up same as joining all the discords ans talking in them. You seem like a nice guy and everything and i do believe that you know what your doing but the cons weigh out the pros for this one. GoodLuck on rest of app!
  7. Gotta love the shit post
  8. if you could follow this format it would be great, and you can appeal anytime you want...
  9. Sounds amazing will definitely play it. sign me up bb ohhh for a power give me Dual wield no one else can get, like my boy Kirito
  10. event type: Players vs Players what kind of event is it: hunger games (i did this as admin where i would drop guns in a room and they run into it and find a gun and kill each other... i guess just free for all What kind of rewards would you like to see for the events: maybe credits, event winner tag, a cool skin for a week or until the new event When do you think the events should be made: Saturday or Sunday How often should we have events: lets say Bi weekly
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