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  1. Hello @Ssmokyy Im sorry but im going to have to Deny this, the reason being is if we unban you then the hacker that got banned gets to come on and hack again, and if he does get banned again that means you to, so this will be an ongoing thing.
  2. You got banned by @MooTheCow and it was only for 6 hours
  3. @TimeForYouToGetAWatch
  4. @Toothless
  5. CS:GO 5v5 Event

    CURRENT ROSTER: Team Name: 1v1 admins Player Name(s): @JGuary551 @Angry @Jensen @Sumnerz @.tr0ns adding sub @GR1FF1N
  6. I agree with all, and if he does mess up again at least we know we can never do this again
  7. I would say buy a house but where i live houses start off at like 1mil soo i would get a mobile home pay it off (there like 200,000) then buy my mom her dream car but a sick ass RV for her then i would go down the line with my family what they want
  8. @Mejilla get rekt this is my 500th post
    1. JGuary551


      not the best shot, but i still like it :) wait till end

    2. Korowa


      naisu, poor dudes trying to get it lol

  9. Closing since its expired
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