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  1. Your username: JGuary55 Why do you want to be admin? Since this server is new im trying to be on alot helping out the new players as much as i can i wanna make this server fun, Alot of the players no me by now and they seem tell me stuff and how this server can be better. Discord Tag: JGuary55#3440 Past Experience: Past experience is Head Admin for 1v1 Discord and Forum Mod,
  2. Yesterday we hit 32 iirc i was there playing just forgot
  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
  4. Hello yes please done everything done
  5. Go to console and type: connect (server ip) and it’ll give you the slot iirc @Darkshadow
  6. Ya I completely get what you mean @Big Booty Indian Goddess I’ll tell him to calm it down but ya Nicky is a good friend. Thanks for letting us know about it.
  7. So I only see him doing the slap to 1 person but I see 0 gay and actually Nicky is a good friend with the admins we all do it to him we all have fun. i can see how people might feel like oh those admins are abusing there power but again Nicky is a good friend
  8. Ima chime in on this @sockmonkey please don’t say your hacking or joking about hacks as I do agree with Razz we have no clue if you are joking or not. And we have to take it seriously @Razzation as for razz as much as we want to be strict about people saying there hacking we can’t ban people saying “oh I’m hacking” without evidence especially perma bans
  9. welp

    Is this your account https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[U:1:1018036280]
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