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  1. Cya my guy! thank you for bringing me back to cwrp (even tho I didnt last long) ❤️
  2. Thank you bb, and yes I’m back I got the time I’m ready
  3. Basically what it means is you either joined with another account trying to evade OR someone with the same IP as you tried got banned which banned you. @Leks
  4. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? JGuary55#3440 Which platforms are you applying for? All GFL Official Discords How would you describe your activity there? I’m active in main discord csgo discord rust discord not so much gmod, I am not in TF2 or cwrp but will join and get back into them, my activity before I left was great I was active everyday helping a lot, till i resigned ( I needed time off and to get away get better in life) and now I’m back getting my activity up a lot. Here are my numbers as of rn (csgo 3175) (main discord 9800) (rust 3250) (gmod 930) Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? I want to be a moderator because I do help a lot of people out I am active a lot basically all day and Untill I go to sleep at whatever time late at night, I have been a mod before so I know my way around, I would love to come back and help again. Like I said I was mod before so I guess you could say I am trusted to withhold this position, I know all the m till I resigned and left for a m a break from everything, and now I’m back, my activity is starting to go up again I’m talking more in the main GFL discord in the rust and csgo, I am also very helpful, done a lot to help out with discord for liloz and Ben. I know all the mods very well so there’s no “weird lining between us, all on good terms, How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Well first I would see what’s wrong, try and get both sides of things maybe give some input of my own try and de escalate everything if that doesn’t work warn them then mute them for appropriate time. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Nope not that I know of. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  5. Hi ❤️

    1. flyingjoe32


      hi dad how r u ❤️

    2. JGuary551


      I am good my son how are you  this fine day 

    3. flyingjoe32


      i'm gr8, still miss u tho 😭

  6. REM!?!?!!? Is that you!?!?!!?!? Hi
  7. Its not a job no one ever said it was a job (if people say its a job then welp), your helping out your "volunteering" BUT we have activity requirements bc some people only want positions just bc, yes we want people to volunteer but we also want them to be an admin for a reason not just cuz "i want power" I wanna abuse" " or if there toxic" blah blah blah if we just said yes we want people to help out and we get a bunch of people and those people arent taking it seriously like talking shit to kids, not making the game fun. abusing then whats the point, so it makes sense that theres a requirement and all that, Also if you read one of Roys post (cant find it or I would sent it) he said he would wanna turn this community into a learning thing for Developers or whatever, ( not those specific words) and he would wanna help people if they wanna get into the technical side of things as a career so No hes not "siphoning" for free labor if anything hes making it "educational" or a learning thing. Feel free to hide this mods, as I know its for Roy.
  8. Hello! if you ever need anything feel free to pm! I hope you enjoy GFL
  9. Happy Birthday bb ❤️ best admin 🤫 don’t tell the others I said that 

  10. OOMGGG you actually opened the MG server, might have to hop on to smack you again like the test server
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