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  1. Yes it’s really fun
  2. Ark

    For anyone who is interested in buying Ark its 65% off for 35 more hours (before price 50$) for the next 35 hours its (17.50$) go get it while you can
  3. @Drgucci thats the guidebook^ Go here for the rules-
  4. I got into videos games when the first “Gears of War” came out which was in November 7, 2006 and I was like 5. That was the first ever video game I played and got introduce to by my older brothers
  5. @latrinamor your appeal has been Denied, appeal in about a year! If you have any questions or concerns you can PM @Mamoru, @Angry or me, Thank you!
  6. Ok never mind all this let’s get back to the topic of your appeal, us admins are currently watching the demo we will have a answer soon!
  7. Ure? But how it works is he was watching you play so you’re innocent correct? And then stuff happened that he started recording? Correct? (Still innocent) Then he banned you so your guilty. Soo making it you were innocent then became guilty
  8. This is your steam id: STEAM_0:0:504000954 and the phrase is: innocent until proven guilty lol
  9. do you have any other accounts, that you played on with GFL?
  10. Can you send that account?
  11. Do you have any other accounts you played on the server with?
  12. You were banned by console, @Cobra
  13. Unban?

    Hello can you follow this template @Donkey Kong. and @Unzo was the one who banned you! Ps. moving to correct place
  14. Moved to TTT and tagging @SkydivingSquid And @WigglesWorth
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