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  1. I thought a former admin would be smarter than this, on a Completely unrelated note, why can’t I have the nword as my tags? @Harakoni @Zexired
  2. Hey what about liloz, is this going to gain GFL sponsorship?
  3. I joined a csgo surf discord, joined the vc, took me about 10 second to say the nword and another 20 second to Deicide rather I should type it or not(I did)then I got warned, I asked how many more warns I can get, no one answered they only laughed so I typed it again, I got ban. I didn’t even last a minute in that discord l. This just proves how toxic the GFL csgo communities is, its like back then when GFL was trying to get partnerships while you have some mentally challenged people screaming the nword.
  4. How do you cook a potato?
  5. Ban him you won’t pussy @Roy that’s why drunk Roy is better.
  6. @KryptekBlu3 can you ban pigeon before you go out? Jk don’t do it, unless...
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