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  1. You need to make sure that there's a part where you can't dodge any lasers and it insta kills everyone. Lufferan.
  2. Rip I forgot to say happy birthday when I joined TS. :shrug:

  3. Congratulations Rick. Best of luck!
  4. Damn, I thought I went under the radar.
  5. We had this server before, it didn't work. At most it had 15-20 players but due to ZE being itself it would require another team to keep the order and help it rise and a dedicated player base.
  6. Waited until I resigned to make your move I see, well played. But I have the high ground.
  7. That would be up to Snowy.
  8. No this is real, I'm not managing ZE at all aside from DL management. So I wont be stalking these forums as hard anymore.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm officially stepping down as ZE Manager as I've been moving away from playing on the server and directly doing manager duties in ZE. I'm still going to be one of the CS:GO Division leaders and help @xSnowyAngel if needed, but I wont do things such as map adding, admin applications, or demotions, unless @xSnowyAngel requests me to do so. PS: this is not an April Fools joke.
  10. Constant trolling, it's a literal troll fest and people always shoot key parts to the map so others couldn't move forward without being infected.
  11. We do it after too many hardcore maps get played to let some of the easy fun parts of ZE happen. Also most DE maps crash the server.
  12. Noob down.
  13. 100 hours on CS:GO GFL ZE (Check VIA: Gametracker)
  14. I just won an award in an art show for this piece: 

    Leonardo DiCaprio vector art.


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    2. Syrus


      this is indeed gorgeous

    3. Wilford_brimleyy


      Wait, that isn't a tank....

    4. PB-n-J


      I feel like I just got clickbaited.