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  1. This topic can be closed. I'll finish dealing with it in a pm.
  2. Communism will follow you. You will never hide from me. :ninja:

  3. moving forward

    Oh, I see, that makes sense. Thank you.
  4. moving forward

    So, is this for a specific game? Or is it for a certain set of servers? Or is it just a complete merge of that division with said game?
  5. Welcome to the Bastion main club, there's dozens of us DOZENS!
  6. CS:GO has better custom games, but Overwatch has better competitive play. I like both for those reasons.
  7. idk man I just play here I guess.
  8. No bamboozle guarantee, definitely not rigged, I wont win somehow.
  9. You need to make sure that there's a part where you can't dodge any lasers and it insta kills everyone. Lufferan.
  10. Rip I forgot to say happy birthday when I joined TS. :shrug:

  11. Congratulations Rick. Best of luck!
  12. Damn, I thought I went under the radar.