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  1. I can't I don't even work here anymore.
  2. God no. Just to see Niederzier troll. Lol, no problem.
  3. Me too thanks.
  4. I'm resigning. That's it.
  5. Eyyy what's up 

    1. Monsoon


      Fuckin silently roasting me like honestly we go way back like I’m talking 60s like omg man how’s Sarah doing? Is she still a douche? She kicked my dog and shit haha 😆 Also love the new wallpaper in your bathroom hit me up later over a pumpkin spice latte alright?

  6. Happy B-Day!! <3 <3

  7. so seeing how it's your B-day and all I've been thinking what better day to do all these great stressfull projects other then today so ya hmu and I'll try and think of some dope things to bother you with that pretty much have no effect on anything but can be fixed so ya we will have a fun time fixing stuff.

  8. Happy Birthday Delta! I have a present for ready, you just need to come on over to my place and head upstairs :lenny:


    Hope you have a good day dude!

  9. 19?


    rip jailbait status.



    Happy birthday, cuck.



  10. Communism will follow you. You will never hide from me. :ninja:

  11. moving forward

    Oh, I see, that makes sense. Thank you.
  12. moving forward

    So, is this for a specific game? Or is it for a certain set of servers? Or is it just a complete merge of that division with said game?
  13. Welcome to the Bastion main club, there's dozens of us DOZENS!
  14. CS:GO has better custom games, but Overwatch has better competitive play. I like both for those reasons.