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  1. I thought that was for everyone?
  2. Make an actual appeal with detail and actual effort if you even want to be considered. You've been e-banned MULTIPLE times for purposely trolling and killing teams, which has made them lose rounds. Griefing is NOT allowed. You were INTENTIONALLY AWPing zombies into humans. And since this was your 4th offence with progressive bans it makes sense for it to be permanent. If your appeal does get accepted our rule of an instant permanent ban will ensue if you break another rule.
  3. I'd like you to be significantly more mature, there's times to joke and times to be serious. I've heard about your multiple alts for rep on discord. this is unacceptable action for any person let alone admin to do. Until you can prove to the team that you can control your impulses/ immaturity I'm going to say No. And I'm not talking about the joke of me being an inflator, you just need to learn how to act at certain times and not abuse systems that are there for quality of life.
  4. I think it's this guy's birthday. He told me like 20 times and I forgot so, happy birthday.

    1. Syrus


      Thanks nerd.

  5. I'm actually going to give you a +1 Whenever I see you you're friendly and helpful to the server I'd just like you to be more active in either teamspeak or discord.
  6. Denied, for obvious reasons, check block's quote.
  7. cs:go

    Added @DarkHeroz To the Admin team ze_destruction_of_exorath_v4_lite ze_serpentis_temple_b3
  8. Denied due to not enough information.
  9. Please move your applications to the Admin Applications sub forum, this one is no longer valid and will be locked. Just copy and paste it into a topic. Thank you, and have a good day!
  10. Hello everyone, We seek players with good knowledge of the game mode and good communication skills. It's important to know the current admin team, as they are the ones to decide where your application will go. Any questions can be sent privately to @Deltacommander or @xSnowyAngel PLEASE NOTE: Admin apps take more than 1-2 weeks to be accepted or denied, please be patient. Also note: any off-topic/Troll applications will get hidden. If your application gets accepted, you will be contacted by either @Deltacommander or @xSnowyAngel. COPY EVERYTHING INSIDE THE BOX BELOW Application Form MEMBERS (who are NOT the ones applying): DO NOT POST RESPONSES IN HERE, IT WILL BE HIDDEN. This is for Admins+ to post their opinions in. Name: Steam ID: Age: Server playtime: Time you can be on & Timezone: Why do you want to become an admin?: Reason for accepting: Requirements: 100 hours on CS:GO GFL ZE (Check VIA: Gametracker) An able microphone The ability and willingness to join Teamspeak Age must be over 16 Must be able to play at least 3-4 days of the week For Admins (Template): The Good: Where you can improve: The Bad: Overall:
  11. cs:go

    Added @xSnowyAngel To Manager of ZE @kikofly to T3 of the admin team
  12. Looks like you were banned on GMOD, HERE, bans from other GFL Servers carry over to all servers. I do see your ban protest though so I will forward it to someone from our GMOD division. As a side note don't just assume reasons why the admin banned you it makes your appeal informal and less likely to get a good response.
  13. You Posted twice.
  14. Nice, it's a great server to get into! Remember you can edit your posts instead of posting again.