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  1. Congratulations. Not only did you admit to RDMing and leaving, but you also just admitted to having an alt.
  2. Posting a ban appeal in the wrong subsection? Big brain plays right there.
  3. Yeetus fetus, commit self deletus. thanks for the giveaway!
  4. You were banned for 1wk by @everlasting365 for mass RDM. Tagged him so he can respond.
  5. Skins for Members

    Smells like a necro post here...
  6. The admin who banned you is no longer admin, so I'll be tagging @MilkMan to review this appeal.
  7. You were banned because you modified something in your lua console (A.K.A. hacks/cheats). It’s only possible to get banned by console by attempting to join the server, then having the system’s anti-cheat system ban you. You know exactly how and why you were banned.
  8. Lol, I’m back to full admin nerd. Hope to see you around.
  9. I remember it being 25 or 50 posts minimum before the new forums came out? (Spamming wasn’t allowed either)
  10. Ban appeal

    Can we get this moved to the proper subsection please? And tagging @MilkMan to review your appeal.
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