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  1. *the provided link leads to a ZS (Zombie Survival) Version, but there's actually a sandbox version which isn't 130Mb and only 30: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1760802807 +1 It's actually a pretty good map, lots of hiding spots, many areas and a decent size. There's a fair few juking places to and a couple really nasty hiding spots
  2. Name: Cityruins map Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=151539013 Rank(s): N/A Cost: Description: This is quite an old map, but a very good one. After playtesting recently and having it installed and a goto for about 3 odd years, i can thoroughly say this is a good map for HnS. It's about the size of rp_bangclaw, with less/about the same interiors if not slightly more. The map hosts not only parkpour, but runaround and hiding spots to boot, and has it's own similar underground system, which also does not loop. (however, the underside is entirely dark, needing flashlight / nightvision) I'd recommend it for a server pop of 15+ at least, any less and it's basically an easy hider win map. Attached screenshots of certain areas: Plaza area with 4 enterable buildings (only one has a door): Main street which is at the start of the map: The underground metro station tunnel, which leads to a "central station" dead end: (It's lit up because it's darker than Zexired's pfp) As far as i know, it may need HL2 ep1 and/or HL2 ep2, but i'm not sure as i played this map fine before i had them mounted.
  3. This is so sad. Alexa, play oh danny boy
  4. Before this thread gets buried i'll give it some attention
  5. Name: The Sit Anywhere Script Type: a super nifty thrifty epic thing Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108176967 Rank(s): N/A Cost: Description: This deadass epic thingo makes you able to sit on any flat surface with an edge. I originally suggested it as a meme for the test server, until it actually worked REALLY well. It's REALLY really REALLY hard to exploit and when i tested it (in an hour of testing for exploits such as using it for pseudo-unstuck abuse etc) nothing exploitable could be done. It's use is the walk bind + the use key, sor for most people alt + e It can also be used for some sneaky ledge hiding spots (your legs are near always visible so it can't be abused to hide through walls ceilings) Deadass me in deadass funny positions (I didn't screenshot any good places lmao)
  6. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Harakoni#3459 Which platforms are you applying for? All GFL Official Discords How would you describe your activity there? I'm pretty active within Official, being listed as number 4 in message score. I constantly check the Gmod discord, but due to their being nothing really there, i don't exactly talk. Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? I want to become a moderator, again, for the third time (woohoo), to make sure the official discord is brought back to its former use and glory - i've suggested several times ways to improve goings-on and chatting within the discord, such as tightening moderation, rule additions/challenges, and moderator etiquette. So far i've seen some of it happen, which i am happy with at least, i can somewhat enjoy the discord again - and i hope others do too. I'm there everyday, talking or ghosting, and i haven't gotten any chat muted and actively browse each and every one whenever a new message appears. Yikes that's sad to read. I was also told to explain myself around my previous resignation, if it could be called one, and it boils down unsurprisingly to what i've suggested and talked about above. A month ago, basic needs weren't being up-kept within the moderation team- and no i'm not pointing names just saying what happened. Moderators had little to no authority in trying to discipline chat members, and official was slowly turning into a 4 person chatroom. I gave up, effectively - nothing was being done and with what little to no sway i had i couldn't do anything as is, i was useless. So i quit, and half heatedly hoped it would change. Don't know why because me leaving didn't even do anything lol, i wasn't feeling personally good about myself at the time as well, so that did come into sway in my brash and pretty foolhardy decision. Then the chat degraded even more and i'm sure everyone knows the story of what happened afterwards. Additionally I'm knowledgeable on the rules, and to a few moderators annoyances have corrected or added input into decisions and punishments that were done incorrectly/didn't specify enough. I'd make it part of my duty to ensure every punishment is double checked, not due to lack of faith in other moderators, but to ensure they get things right and done well. Also, recently, there's been a lack of moderators - which was meant to be resolved by the addition of new mods... but... they haven't exactly done too much and aren't as active as i would hope - sorry lol >:) So i believe i could fill the missing gaps. To add, i'm pretty much done with school, so now i have a relatively long 5 month free period to do whatever i want, so i'll be free a LOT. I've said this in every app, but people ignore it sometimes, so here's a list of previous experiences: - Was moderator previously for 7 months, as well as being deemed worthy in some way of being a Mod TL for a little less than a month. -I've worked in a server with 1,000 more people than the GFL Official discord in early 2018, and was one of the "head moderators" there for 5 months. -As well as the larger server, i've been a frequent moderator of smaller scale servers numbering from 100-500 people. -I've been a relatively long standing Senior Admin on our servers, for about 10 months since mid 2018 + an extra 4 month chunk of "Normal" Admin from late 2017 to early 2018. -I can get along with everyone, which some people may doubt, but when conflict arises it's never taken personally or held as a grudge. I go day by day, i don't really care what x person said beforehand - unless of course it's a big issue or causing a large problem. I've been with the discord for almost a year and a half now, i'd rather not see it wasted any longer. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Verbal warning first, as always, before following whatever rule it may fall under - such as "spam" due to a repetitive nature, or private matters if it's solely between two members and doesn't involve the discord. Once that's done, i'd proceed to gather as much info as they are willing to tell me and attempt to mediate in some way. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Once in the very beginning of 2018, a dispute with another user who's now long gone anyway. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  7. I'm sorry but you need to be more considerate towards your keyboards feelings, it's bad enough that it's buttons are pressed all the time - metaphorically and literally - so you should be sure to give your keyboard the fair treatment it deserves. Make sure to : - Water its roots, keep it growing nice and healthy - Kiss it goodnight, Keyboards love attention - Create a shrine to your keyboard, pray to it before, during, and after use for the Keyboard gods to bless your gamer time. - Ensure proper keyboard maintenance is performed - even between the keys - to allow your keyboard to feel fresh and happy. However, improper cleaning techniques can summon B̵̫̩̘͚̟͔̼̟͓͎͂̀͊̋̋́̽̇͒̄͝͠i̸̫͖̙̭̜̬͉̹̾̐͛́̏͑̎͜ͅl̷̢̮̼̯̟̣̔̑͌̔ĺ̶̖͙̠͖̜̟̏̅̆̍̾͗̒͘ ̴̢̧̢̫̗̺͕͕̭͔̆͜͜G̸̥͈̮͓͇͙̠͓͖͆̈́́͛̆̔͑̍̀͝͠ä̷͚͙̥̫̏̓̆̎́̉̕͠t̸̢̢̗̪̩̺̘̆́͂̂̄̀̓ę̴͇̩̐̿̑̄́̑͠ṡ̶̡͔̯̥͔ - be careful! Once these steps have been completed, your keyboard will be glad to have lived with you. Hope this helps!
  8. Neutral to +1 Click tagging is an integral part of Hide and Seek, it gives seekers the ability to tag people in hard spots without having to do 5 minute parkour to get there. I believe it plays an important role in game-balance, especially when the experienced player-gang is on and pulling off Warcrime worthy parkour spots. The Geneva Convention is watching you However, i also understand that people hate its range, which is a fair point, It is slightly too long to be truly fair - In the end i'd have to say i'm willing to see what happens if it's reduced, but if it makes things harder for the seekers i'll have to say no. A slight problem, i think the Hide and Seek SWEP range is taken from the HL2 Crowbar range so i'm not sure if editing it will require a new player SWEP to be made. no u
  9. @Fafy Feet is multiple foot, a foot is 12 inches, an inch is about 3cm. So 10 feet would be 10 "foots" = 120 inches or 360cm. Quik maffs
  10. Time to toss in my reigns: Currently, i'm split on this. As much as there is good within the post, there is also an element of bad - for example, the good element would be the "forced" (lack of a better term) friendliness for new people so they do actually stay and aren't driven away. I wholeheartedly support this. Not only does it allow the inclusion of new members but makes the official server a much, much nicer place to actually be in, the idea itself is a great one in my eyes. However, i have a few additional concerns alongside my praise and it's mostly about the nitty gritty parts and the implementation. I don't support the blanket ban of slurs, and before people jump to the conclusion that i'm one of those "immature kids saying nigger and faggot every 2 seconds", let me stop you. I prefer not to use such words, i find them watered down and pointless, they have little or no meaning to me in the context that they are used. The context they are often used within the discord holds little impact to their intended victims; shitposts and friend to friend interactions are the most common use of the "dreaded" N word, it just exists, the word's given so much power and attention that it slips the mind about what it really is, a word. If you don't agree, try to understand where i come from. The use of the N word requires a background for it be hateful, you have to use it aggressively for it be to violent and racist. The uses within the discord barely meet this threshold, which is why i say i rebuke its blanket censorship. "Faggot" within the context of the discord often comes with a heavier package, most of you will have seen what, and who, it's associated with, which is where my proposition of "aggressive context" (^which is what the whole part above is about^) should be taken into account. It's also important to remember that excessive use can be warranted as spam within the channel - so if you really hate the words that much you can argue for it's inclusion under the rule for unnecessary use. TL:DR - Context should be taken into account and how the word echoes to members of the chat (It's a bad TL:DR please read the post)
  11. It's been said before, it'll probably be said again, but nearly everyone remaining who frequents the Official Discord has seen it - a lack of activity, or to put it in more commonly seen terms "This server's dead". It's irked me and a few others that have bothered to say anything about it, and i think it's time something finally be done and considered to up the use and appeal of the Official Discord - Hell, it's now nearly overshadowed by the Prop hunt server. So, i'm here today to propose some issues and how to solve them, as well as suggestions for upping the activity, appeal, and use of our under-maintained and under-loved main discord. Issue 1 - Shitposting: Recently, a considerable portion of the server's downfall can be attributed by what goes on in the chats; especially general and off topic. The general "conversations" - they don't even deserve to be described as such half the time - often comprise of senseless, uninteresting repetitive posts. Many are at fault for this, but it can't be attributed as a fault for everyone to be punished. It's happened because of a general progression of what has slowly been exempted and ignored from the rules, now some of the rules aren't even enforced in these chats. (No this is not a callout saying "mods are shit xDDD" - it's the truth and i'm fed up of it) Over the past few weeks it's worse than ever, near everytime someone talks it's always the same barrage of stale, unfunny inside jokes between one or two people or general shitposting that stifles and kills off any attempt of ordinary human conversation, only yesterday did i have my first meaningful conversation about anything in over a month - and it was ended by guess how? A barrage of shitposts and meaningless messages between 2 or 3 people. I've often taken reflection on last years chat's, and how they were much more meaningful and enjoyable to many - now more than ever is this a contrast to the chat's current state. It's time for a change, which leads me to; Solutions: Harsher, legitimate moderation on such messages - This isn't something i'd like to suggest, but now it's a reasonable way to curb the endless spam and crap spouted in the chats. This would involve mods encouraging, or forcing, users attributed to be spamming and shitposting to move into other chats such as off topic if a conversation is occurring, or if it's just a chain of, i quote myself here, "eye cancer" the outright deletion of such messages and possibly warnings and mutes. I would lie and say i dislike this approach, but at this point, it's one of the few ways to approach the situation. Training of what is spam and what is not for the mod team - I'm often confronted or asked in my complaints about what constitutes spam. In summary, it's a chain or repetition of senseless, unneeded messages serving no purpose or little purpose to any context at all, and/or jokes long since stale or deceased which provides no benefit. The removal of images and embeds appearing in general - I don't like this approach, but it does a very good job of curbing image and link shitposts. However, it also creates a vacuum for a place to post images, and may just relocate the posting to other chats. Issue 2 - Image Contents: It's a shame i've had to echo this for probably the 30th time, but here it is - Double Standards. It's more often and often that i see this enacted, and relates somewhat to my previous mention of exempting things from the rules, for example, many jump the gun to delete a lewd pic in #memes, #anime, or many other interest channels, and sadly ignore General and Off topic. Since yesterday, a near full 24 hours, a gif of a dancing midget stripper has sat untouched in off topic. It's time for things to be dealt with and not purposely ignored. Solutions: Similarly as above, training of what exactly qualifies as NSFW, Minor or Major, Lewd content, and acceptable content - This isn't a call to change the rules, this is a call to give mods limits as to what is, and is NOT acceptable, because the rules are not universally applied fairly - and sometimes at all. Ensure mods pay attention to every chat - There is the possibility that such content was missed, but due to mods often talking almost right after many of these posts... not likely. Now that the two massive issues are out of the way, i'd like to talk about incentives to be added to the official discord to increase population and user-activity. Incentive 1 - Points Rewards: I have already approached people with this idea, and it is under current discussion to my knowledge. Basically, this involves giving the player a reward in-game (Like GFL Prop hunt's 10,000 in-game point reward for joining their discord) for joining the official discord. It is under scrutiny for it's implementation, due to say, CS:GO's server not having a point-shop, as well as separate point economies each requiring different reward values - it's quite hard to standardise across so many different servers. This in itself would not be the 100% final solution chat's active again hooray plan, but it would allow fresh faces to join, and possibly stay in the server and talk which leads me to - Incentive 2 - Message Score Rankings: This would work using a bots message recording scoreboard (The multiple bots have different ones but can be accessed with t!top for Tatsumaki, !xplb for Gearbot [i believe]) Tastumaki, for example, has a built in plugin that awards a rank upon a message score. (A previous server i frequented had two chats, 2 globals and yet had a HEAVILY active user base of nearly 300 people, most talking to get message score roles displaying their name higher on the task bar.) This creates another issue however - how would it be implemented? The server's version displayed each role separately (tiny, small, big, huge, titanic) on the sidebar below the moderators and above, which gave incentive for many people to compete there as a badge of pride. If it got too full at the top ranks? The scores were reset and chat became very active once again. In the same server, the owner trialed un-hoisting the roles so it was just placed under your profile name. This was still an incentive, but wasn't as popular and resulted in a lot less activity than before (about 50ish people max then). Incentive 2 - More Frequent Events: This would have two sides, the first being non-GFL server related (Town of Salem events, Cards against Humanity, Karaoke) and GFL server related events - for example, a Friday night TTT event hosted in the official discord - this could both increase population within official AND the server. Leading to a great opportunity. The server's current events, albeit sparse and short, are VERY popular - especially Karaoke events with it's Hoisted role reward (cough cough as above with message score rewards), and one of these a week - of any kind - could result in quite the boost in activity. The days hosted could even alternate to accommodate people who couldn't attend on the regular Friday/Sunday events that occur now. I hope this is actually considered as viable options, i don't want to see the discord die. Sincerely, Harakoni, that bloke that complains too much.
  12. Grimdark thought of the day;
    "It is better to die for the Emperor, than to live for yourself"

  13. A horse walks into a bar.
    Everyone leaves seeing the danger in this situation.

  14. (Discord) -1 You have 4 message results in the official discord, and are in neither the CS:GO, Expanded Division, and Gmod discords - which is what the role's for. I think that kind of explains itself lol. I don't know who you are, your background, or your interaction with the community - so i can't put any semblance of trust or faith into this application or you at the moment. However, If you try and rapidly up your message score, a month or two of talking in chat should do it more or less, and definitely prove your activity on the forums, you'll have a better chance for this than... well... nothing lol. I'd recommend asking for the app to be closed and trying again at a later time where you're more well known and accepted. I hope this doesn't deter you from trying again at a later point. Good Luck.
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