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  1. (Discord) Neutral to -1 For most of the reasons listed above by other moderation members, i'll have to warrant this vote - You simply have little to no activity in both the Expanded Division, having only a join message in your message history, as well as a lack of consistent messaging in the CS:GO division, even though it is quite inactive as a server itself. Alongside this, you aren't in either of our most active discords - Official and Gmod - which is pretty much a requirement for a valid mod app, leading me to believe you wouldn't understand how things are handled in each in relation to leniency, what's acceptable, and what's not. I'd recommend actually joining both of these discords and actively trying to take part in conversations in each. Although, if you do try, you may not live this down among chat members taking the piss. Still, if you really do want to become a moderator, persevere and make yourself more known to the Discord community. That's as much advice as i can give, good luck. (You're gonna need it)
  2. This is getting out of hand, now there are 1..2..3...4...5...6!?...7!!!!!...EIGHT?!?!?!... AND NINE!?
  3. Can you provide a link to the map? I can't seem to find it (might just be my internet) (Thanks Xy) +1 +Good Map +Has many spots of both hiding, parkour, and a chasing aspect. -Is a little big in some areas, but i'm certain that won't really be a problem
  4. Good Map

    +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 I don't need to say anything else, just +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
  5. +1 Good map that's relatively well sized with both hiding, parkour at a push and run around areas.
  6. Gonna lay a solid +1 for this, the map's past its best; despite my screeching at Zex to add it a month ago
  7. This... Has turned into a difficult situation
  8. Sorry, i did forget about those spots, that's on me, and i do agree they're more difficult. However, removing mad parkour spots from maps doesn't make them obsolete. You bring up Tulip, but i know three off the top of my head spots that require minimal effort to achieve, and can win super easy without mad strafes and jumps only achievable by a narrow few. These include the bushes outside the church which you can get in behind, a fake wall above one of the trains and the water - which has worked a surprising amount of times. Removing these rooftop spots not only balances out the map giving new players a CHANCE, but makes hiders much smarter in their choice of spots - instead of spending a minute strafing around to sit practically AFK for 4 minutes. This will still occur as some spots are generally like this without parkour. I don't like this, I really don't. The concept of "get good or get out" is possibly one of the worst justifications i could hear. It takes time, a LOT of time just to learn how to strafe jump; and for new players and your expectation of them to learn within a few days playtime is harsh, very harsh. Personally, i can do most of the spots without issue, this isn't me speaking my mind because i can't do them, it's because so few outside of us can. Which leads me to- Currently, your opinion branches on the fact that "If they can do it they're good enough for me". Ironically, this is a play on dystopian elitism as you're exlcuding the majority of our user base in favor of your skillset. Which as i've said before, is not common. This isn't about you - it's about the LARGE, VERY Large amount of people who can't do things like that. I don't have issues like this, and nobody has approached me about them. Lag due to player-count is inevitable due to Gmods poor optimization. This idea of elitism in favor of those who can do spots is not a desirable trait for the server. It drives away people because people are "too good" and they're "too bad". They're intimidated by their inability and it works to make them leave. Prioritizing our attention to skilled players diverts our attention to maybe 10% tops of the server's players - instead of the 90% who don't know how to do spots that require hundreds of hours of experience to do.
  9. Recently i've been thinking about how the server appeals to new players - and how it draws in and keeps regulars beyond a playtime of one or two days. Which brought me to the idea, albeit rough and poorly sounding, of removing spots that only a tiny minority of players can accomplish. Before people say "That's completely ludicrous" etc, i'd like to explain what exactly i mean. What i'd like to see is a fair and balanced game, one where hiders and seekers have an equal chance of winning regardless of who's on each side. Unfortunately this is practically impossible currently, mostly due to the fact that many regular players simply band together and go to ridiculous un-achievable spots, which for the vast majority of players is quite unfair. Which leads me to my proposition - removing some of these spots or possibly blacklisting them if nobody else can do them. If another user on the server (provided they're seeker) can do the spot, i'd be perfectly fine allowing it as they could then tag them and it wouldn't be outrageously unfair. Some of the spots that catch my attention guilty of being completely impossible for the everyday players include: The Hallway spot on museum - This is by far one of the most unfair spots in the server, due to its notorious use as a "gg" spot. It is possibly the single hardest spot on the server, leading to its use by admins and skilled regulars as a sure-fire way to win. No matter the odds. The rafters in ttt_waterworld - Similarly to the Museum spot, however slightly easier, it still provides a heavy challenge to would be newbie players. I'm guilty of this spot myself and can say it's basically a guaranteed win as it's hard to see people there in certain places. Which if i'm to be honest, isn't really fair at all. The "window jump" spot in Desert Atrocity - Much easier but still difficult to master, this spot isn't exactly impossible for new members, more-so excessively difficult. However, it is still a formidable challenge for most players. The post-skybox roof spot - this spot is quite easy to get to initially through the skybox teleport and the broken teleport box, which i can say is rather acceptable. However, the parkour afterwards leading to the invisible platform roof above the teleport isn't exactly fair. Due to its difficult strafe jumps. Basically most roofs of Tulip - This is a personal irk of mine, pretty much 90% of all spots used by regulars on Tulip are only at threat by other regulars - who all happen to be in similar styled spots. There's absolutely no chance anyone new or even slightly aged on the server has a way of tagging them. Just today, i was playing with some staff and regulars who were doing this and i watched the player-count go down a few because of the impossibility of the spots. As it stands, the use of these spots do affect the player-count of the server in a negative fashion, which isn't a good thing for the servers viability in competition with others - it's quite important now considering the fad of Vanoss gaming has considerable reduced the amount of younger people playing Gmod in most gamemodes. More importantly still, the use of these spots actively deters people from playing, and more often i see people leaving out of annoyance or anger due to spots used by many staff and regulars. I'm putting this out for both regulars and staff to comment on - although they'll all probably say no because they like winning , So feel free to criticize or offer alternatives of this.
  10. This is so sad, can we hit one like?
  11. Sadly, Mister Thompson will not be able to take our class today, due to having an unfortunate encounter with a double barrel shotgun.

  12. @Fafy Happy birthday, apparently

    1. Fafy


      Gracias ❤️

  13. Well this may come as an surprise to some, and others not, I believe it's my time to stand down as one of the 3 Team Leader's of moderation. I'd like to start off this with a few honest, and not watered down, points about what's happening and what's happened within GFL revolving around me, from past and present to choices being made for the future. A good place to start i guess, as i've rattled on about for months and months, what i've repeatedly tagged Directors, former Council member's, Team Leaders, and my own fellow moderators for again and again; a lack of transparency. So many negative situations, much backlash and much annoyance could have been simply avoided with some forewarning of plans or events. It might be old news by now, but the Discord purge was a prime example of this, where the Directors on a whim without consulting the users, did a full blown purge of all channels, blocked any use of slurs, AND split the mod team down the middle. Again, a similar situation happened when the directors "snapped", and purged council without warning, but don't get me wrong, i support this move to remove the "chaff" in-the-way ranks, what i was not a fan of, was the way in which it was done, the sudden un-warned mass purge of council was not a necessary action. It could have taken it's time and it would've gone much, MUCH more smoothly, but instead they were ousted while half of the members were offline - But this isn't the reason i'm resigning, something much worse came to my attention that really irks me. Here's a direct quote from Roy himself, shortly after the purge; Pay attention to the end of the second paragraph, for those with TL:DR syndrome, it states the following - "Ban all toxic people". This was the final straw, i wasn't considering a resignation until i saw this. The directors, sick with a dissenting opinion who are unfortunately championed by those they deem "Toxic", have created an impromptu reason to remove any opposition. Yes, you heard me, they want to ban people for disagreeing with them, and by looking at back and forth chatter of how people have talked about in internal over weeks and weeks, there are a LOT of possible targets for this. However, to not outright slander by cherry-picking, i will give credit to Roy and the other Directors for attempting this push, even if it wasn't the best implementation or process to do so. Included within this is a shift of attention to a more serverside approach, which is how it should be, and to quote what a numerable amount of people have said, the "player-base is our backbone" Now that my main reason is out of the way, i'll talk about less important reasons why I no longer wish to be a Moderation Team leader. Firstly, the return of @Kite9867, alongside the continued support @Ben Roy and @Liloz01, although Ben Roy is now a Director, gives me faith in the future of the moderation team and how it will be pushed forward. I feel like i am no longer needed in a sense to fulfill my role as is, and that these blokes can handle anything fired their way. Secondly, @eueuq's constant peer pressure and actions have made me reconsider the value of being in the higher up positions of GFL, although he may be rash and unruly at times, he has both ascended, and descended the ranks for his goals, which were honorable intentions of bringing more attention to the lower echelons and getting the Directors thumbs out of their asses and start talking to the user/player-base. As of his actions I no longer see fulfillment in the role, in addition to the push of a more user based approach from the Directors as of very recently. Thirdly, surprisingly least important of my lesser reasons are exams Now for an obligatory mention list. Leader Gang; @Ben Roy Thanks for being a great Team leader for so long, as well as not demoting me in my shaky periods lol @Kite9867 As above, although a little more activity would've been nice ; ) @Liloz01 Keep up the good work or whatever you do, you're more deserving of the rank than me so good luck. Director Gang; @Roy Thanks for making this community and sticking with it, even in recent times, (oh p.s don't ban 1/4 of the userbase lol ) @Ralsei One of the most talkative directors outwith of the "inner circle" I've never really had anything against you but, as above^ @X2D The most active director convening with us lesser ones, sorry for the constant back and forth in the feedback channel, did occasionally get out of hand @Rick "Purge when?" Moderation Lords; @Korowa One of the better mods imo, just stop going AWOL every few weeks lol @eueuq Did you actually do anything as mod in the first place lmao? @WigglesWorth At first wasn't a fan. I mean my first impression was being called a faggot , Nonetheless, keep up that abuse work in the Gmod Discord @motorsteak There have been disagreements, agreements, quarrels and civil wars where we were joined and opposite, and if i'm too be honest, you've got a solid head on your shoulders - for a TTT admin >:) Oh also, stop shittalking peeps all the time lmao, insulting people doesn't exactly work. @RockRoyce Mister innocent mod, keep up that semi active state ❤️ @Pyros Similarly with motorstreak you have a solid head on your shoulders, except you don't insult everyone you don't like ; ) @flyingjoe32 Kite Wannabe pfp looking ass Internal "VirusKing's Reason" Cunts @Syntax Tone down on calling people retarded all the time lol, but keep doing what you're doing events wise. I look forward to participating in Kareoke as a puny member. @eueuq and the award for the most tagged goes too Was fun bashing Synny boy and Council lords in internal for a while, thanks for being there i guess @Worgee "CrItIciSm Is nOt HArAssMenT" Jokes aside, you did relatively alright as a TL for PR, and securing partnerships, although sometimes mocked for. Good luck with what you do, and you didn't deserve that sudden demotion without warning. @Joel As above with Worgee, your plans were good but i don't think telling people to "Be Nice" really works @Liloz01 Bully Syntax hours Special Mentions @eueuq Thanks for almost everything, you're the reason i pushed to change mod team, you've done so much for the discord that'll be undoubtedly forgotten and washed away, and probably one the ten people who actually cared about what happened to the discord users. Not to sound too soppy but, I consider you a friend i would've been lost without. Really, thanks, Weeb Leader (Add me on steam grr) @Liloz01 pseudo-mod-then-actual-mod-after-promotion-looking-ass. Keep up what you're doing and try not to destroy half the discord @Eucalyptus imagine being named after a tree, this post was made by eat my massive haggis pp gang. @Zexired lmao, made you look @rapperdan please stop messaging me lmao, and you being ignored isn't the reason everything was "falling apart" (it isn't) behind the scenes Discord Gang; @Toni Bamanaboni You dare stand against my superior German Kruppstahl? Doomkopf! @Aurelien Auroojean Aurelion Aurelia Aurel Aureljil @harry restrain your woman @Amelie restrain your man @Chewie2k Kepp trying your advances with @Kite9867, they'll work someday @Jat @A Lost Puppy where's your forum profile smh @JerryBomb CSS > CS:GO ; ) @Finnick epic @Soviet epic weeb time @Bigtime388 oh oh oh-oh ooooooooooooh Gmod Discord Gang; @Pancake Jenkins Here ya go pp head, all alone because i couldn't find the one other persons forum account lmaO @Zer0 Imagine being named after a number, this post was made by not named after a number gang That's pretty much all i wanted to say, so peace out higher ups. Also i'll still be in the discord and shit i ain't leaving (For clarification i am resigning from moderator completely)
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