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  1. @VirusKing I'll be honest, a little surprised at this move to be honest, but equally as expectant. I can't help but feel like i was one of the 10 odd cunts who smashed again and again in internal, and for that i'm truly sorry, sorry for making you lose faith in GFL and sorry for making you lose faith in your role. It's a shame you're leaving, and i hope you do choose to come back, be it sooner or later.
  2. Imagine being called ember. this post was made by Spark gang
  3. Happy birthday 😏

  4. @cancerous_cunt oi u got yer profile viewing loiscence 

  5. "#Harakoni4Rennadai, two traps are better than one"
  6. @consolepleb Yeah would be best if you followed the appeal format, and if you want i can find out who banned you
  7. I spend most of my time either with School, where i barely do anything as is, or volunteering as an assistant park ranger throughout the year
  8. Fentimans Curiosity Cola isn't on the list, grrr
  9. I'm sorry to say your request of resignation has been formally declined. Please try again at a later date where termination is better suited. Thank you for your co-operation Zimbabwe
  10. Where's the @ saying how shit each mod is?
  11. @Nap14hockey smh my damn head what are you doing on my profile eeeeeeee