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  1. Right lets get down to it. This ban was done when i gave the go ahead after being linked 4 separate videos involving Drew, and you. Within these four videos contained what people thought to be scripting. At first i was sceptical, after all, the two i watched first had moves i had done beforehand and hit a similar amount of hops to. They are attached below; (Excuse the quality it's someone's "recording software hardware") https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/317054320325558293/612394373858066433/video0.mov https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/317054320325558293/612394531081552043/video0.mov However, i noticed something rather odd within the third - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/317054320325558293/612395761275240488/video0.mov This shows Drew launching out of a cannon to bhop over a fence, but instead running into it; and, very interestingly, didn't stop bhopping along it's length. I quite literally have never seen anything as sus as that in my time of playing Gmod. What didn't help with the case, was that afterwards, another video was recorded on Clocktown, in which drew somehow manages to hit over 900 speed while "slope hopping" and maintaining this speed for up to 30+ hops. This is where i drew my conclusions. In my months total playtime on the server, seeing many, MANY bhoppers come and go, i have never, EVER, seen anything like that. I myself, as have numerous others, staff and players alike, have actually attempted to pull something like that off, and not once have i ever gone past 5 myself - and I believe the record from memory was only 7 before they lost their speed. Both server lag, ping and human error are to blame for this, and you somehow manage to think i, or any of the staff, would willingly believe Drew could hit that speed consistently without mishap, using only a scrollwheel bind, which almost all of our staff and experienced players use? Yeah, i don't think so. As you were with him and in active conversation - and already under suspicion from staff members and experienced bhopping members alike, i made the decision to have you banned alongside Drew. I'll let @BrotherWolf accept/deny this appeal, but i'm pretty sure i know how it's gonna end.
  2. Jfc this turned messy. Please keep this to admin only responses and the OP, even if you have something to add just ask an admin to say it to save like 40 messages as above^ Thanks.
  3. All y'all ever just be like *aaaaac-* and then wait 5 minutes be like *ee-ee-ee-* and then hit it like *choo*? But like you go for the *aaaaac- and then it be like *aaaaaaac-ee-ee-ee-chooo* and you sit there like hey that's cool and all but it's not really a sneeze more like a long-sneeze. Like a short bow, bow, longbow, and crossbow kinda thing yknow? But like it's not long enough to be a long-sneeze and too long to be a sneeze-sneeze and it's just like *aaaaaa--eeeee--choo* and you sit there like wow, that's cool!!! All in all like I have had this moment and more with anti-histamines so yeah chief I'm in with the whole iffy iffy kinds flique
  4. A couple of these maps are nice, such as Plaza - which was actually previously on the server and quite fun - and ttt_Ouhhh. I'd love to see these in, +1 Howevvvvver, we have previously tested forest for the server and well, it was a mess. With it's need for CSS textures - even if it is a must for gmod - anyone without it can see where anyone is hiding EASILY. There's no challenging parkour (not a bad thing tbh) but it's basically a hide and then run for 3 minutes map, except there's nowhere to run too and you collide with every tree/rock/hill/slope just trying to walk forward. Gm_adventure, while I was looking at the workshop page, has an issue with a new Gmod update and can't actually load the map. It just boots you back to the main menu. ouch
  5. Just study on these haters ease to the pease
  6. What The FUCK Is going on here and why is it so entertaining. Should've made the vote have multiple vote options tbh >:)
  7. What's a Canada?
  8. I suppose ghosts could exist - could, but not in a real sense. Often i've found myself alone, midday or midnight, outside or inside, City or Grassland; and i find my mind wondering. I suppose it could be explained by inbuilt genetic paranoia from ages long past, that incessant anxiety that tugs when you stare at a closed door, the behavioral imprint that somethings around the corner, around the tree, behind the streetlamp. There's always that feeling, always when someone is alone, that you can't help but start noticing things, the subtle movement of a branch, the minute rustlings of leaves, shadows moving inexplicably in and out of vision. Your mind, in the sense of a coping mechanism, i'd guess keeps itself calm by picturing something to fill these unexplained voids - the wanderings of the subconscious. The faint halo of a figurine metamorphosing into a contorted human shape. A sound akin to footsteps, drawing closer to only fade away. The creaking of a floorboard, no more than a heating pipe groaning, slightly too heavy to be just what it is. The human mind is a powerful thing, personally i wouldn't doubt that the imagination - not the active, but the subconscious, is the most powerful part of our being. Willing things, maybe just for a second, into existence. Who knows, maybe that shadow is just of a keepsake after all; until your attention wavers once more, and the shadows begin quivering again.
  9. Gonna be real with ya chief, we had this map before, and it's only fair if there's over 20+ people on the server. Any less and it becomes a really unfair map for seekers. The map itself is huge, genuinely massive, with both out of map and undermap areas adding to the massive outdoor space. Still a good map-ish though, as long as there's 20+ players.
  10. Damn, all your guys introductions are so cute and nostalgic. Me, on the other hand, a bit unorthodox. It started when back in 2006, I overheard one of my parents say a quaint word describing a person, and, as any inquisitive kid would, asked "Mommy, Daddy- Why is Tony Blair a dickhead?". Instead of the usual "kids shouldn't say that" garbage, i was given a baptism of fire into the rather brief political and worldwide events leading up to, and occurring, in the Iraq War- and as extension basically the entire middle east for the last 40 years. This was their first mistake. Soon i was obsessed; they fed me National Geographic's like a machine. Headlines like "Desert Storm", "Desert Thunder", "The UK's inner turmoil", "Saddam's Army" only drove me further into their depths - big words didn't matter when big explosions and cool air strike pictures made my younger self detonate with excitement. My parents probably thought i was gonna be the most politically switched on nursery kid in existence, poor them. My obsession with war-crimes and terrorism only drove my parents to greater concern. Then, my dad being foolish and probably with good intentions, caved in and gave me my first game, Command and Conquer Generals. I spent the next 7 years, and a rough total of 12,000 hours, melting soldiers with Anthrax/toxin spewing tractor flamethrowers, Air-striking civilians, and launching nuclear warheads at United States bases. Great times. Then they gave me the sequel i had missed, and it only got better. I love irresponsible and politically aggravated parents, don't you?
  11. Let's start off with a nice little get the facts straight: - You are not banned, you are permanently gagged. - We did not bunch up on you, i was the one who verbally warned several times to tell you to stop - which you didn't do - so i gagged you. - "extremely friendly" This phrase doesn't sit well with your behavior on the server, having little else to say than shut up to anyone who talks; this not being the first time you've done this. - There was no abuse of power. You broke the rules surrounding micspam by repetitively, after three verbal warnings - which you're not even meant to get - saying shut up to both me and other players on the server. I followed up with a permanent gag after the first 5 minute due to me overlooking two previous recorded warnings for micspam by another admin. Alongside this i have two directions to give you: If you wish to make an official abuse appeal, please use this format - This appeal is also using a wrong format, which can be found here - (replace ban with gagged) Make sure you read and understand the rules before you jump to conclusions, kiddo. @Zexired Deny and move please.
  12. It's a good playermodel with a very small download size, but it's not colourable which is a must have for Hide and Seek so people can see what team they're on. Unless @Fafy wants to volunteer to try and colour it for you (ly Fafy :] )
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