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  1. ban appeal

    I can't say y/n to an unban for obvious reasons but i can throw in a more thorough explanation of each ban reason. 1 - Trolling I applied this to your ban reason for a couple reasons, mostly from watching you myself with some added bits from reportees/players/staff. You are known to push and edge rules to the extent where just before you'll get punished you will quickly stop. You've been known to egg on or encourage other players to rule break and act negatively towards staff, AND you have a history of pushing text spam warnings and spray warnings to the point of them almost being given but to then stop altogether. If i hand't taken the initiative of perma-spray banning you when i got the first bit of solid evidence after you'd avoided it for so long, you would have continued to probably this very day. 3 - Encouraging rule breaking This has come from multiple people to me now, including 2Koreds who i will talk about below about how i was both wrong to believe CERTAIN things he said about you. I have been told that you encourage people to unstuck abuse, prop block and door spam when no staff are on. I do know you have encouraged unstuck abuse before, but i am unsure on the other two which was told to me with no evidence. I decided i was more likely to believe what people who had no warns/misunderstanding of rules after being told by people than someone with a known history of fucking around, and i carried the reasoning here. 4 - Consistent rule breaking when no staff are on This in itself is actually wrong, one of the few aspects that are about the ban reason - 2Koreds did in fact lie to me about you also breaking rules when no staff were on. (afaik this aspect of the ban reason can be removed due to lack of evidence) However, there are other aspects and reports of you negatively interacting with players that have come of this explained in point 5 - 5 - Toxic attitude towards players This was lumped onto the ban reason for your never ending stream of casual annoying and toxic comments towards people reported to me. You have a long history of being toxic to new players who don't know any better, other regular members in the spur of the moment or for a joke, and even some staff members. I have been told many times that you seek to troll and torment anyone who has wronged you, often following another hider to their spot and spamming taunt in order for them to be found, or stealing boxes and pushing people off of ledges when they do even the smallest amount of parkour. (The last two are usually allowed in moderation, but you do it non-stop)
  2. Kinda dispersed from manager unannounced and thought i should explain why. I fucking hate the playerbase lmao. I've been playing since the middle of 2017 and i've never seen it any worse than it is now, it's in a complete state and as a result the server has become unfun to play on. The server has had something that had made it survive for so long, something very few other servers had; considering HnS as a game-mode gets less than 35 players peak - It had a chill playerbase. Often, people would join HnS not to play but just to talk, joke around and have fun. Recently however, those players have disappeared and have been replaced with toxic, cancerous players who take joy in fucking with people and killing the server. Tryharding, encouraging people to rulebreak and no sense of being nice has brought the server from an average of an off-peak-time 20 players to sometimes less than 10. I've been an admin for almost a year and a half, and the manager for 3 months, and i've enjoyed near every second of it. Well, except for being manager to such a toxic and shitty playerbase, fuck you guys you know who you are. Here's a thank you list to people who actually deserve recognition over the years. If you're not in it well... that answers itself : ) The originals; @Mr. Bones I love you. Never change. @cancerous_cunt M O O N @Jat One of the first admins and someone who still tries to be chill @GARYBANAPPEAL (I couldn't find your current profile lol) My first sponsor, a good friend and a great guy. RIP that you got caught-up in this whole toxic shit. @mbs l a z y b o y The Collgate kids club members list; @Clufyretard @Clueless C. What did you DO to City 8 @Rennadai UwU @Superden30 I miss you buddy Doink Furry trash <o/ @BlockHero Chill boy, where did you GOOOOO @nblock ShootnSuch I miss you're very deep, alluring, sexual, commentator worthy voice. @CheesyFishBitz ERUGHHGHGH @nelso531 h e n t a i s p r a y s Ember h e n t a i s p r a y s 2 e l e c t r i c b o o g a l o o Eternal Chill boy, where did you go @MB101 Get trumboned @shelby Women on HnS don't exist @DethZoro Stop being so annoyingly depressed, it's depressing! @littleshake serbia_gang.mp4 @Musical Hi Dad, i'm Dad, Dad. @bnewton Spiders are cute and all but please don't lewd them Viper ICH LEIBE SPRACKEN HUNTZ @Zexired Who is sex and why did i offend them!!!1!1!1! @Fafy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @PsquawOsaurus get active sooooooon maaaaaaaaaaaaan @Diablodoggy28 you should kiss Prodigy @NaratoHeHeXD What is a bhop and why did i script it Smoreswaffles Why did you disappear : ( @Symba Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye I'll still be a chode around the discord and maybe play if certain... others don't exist. Cya gents, was a blast.
  3. Sorry about this, for some reason players like yourself are having issues downloading workshop items when joining the server, but it's fine to download them manually through workshop. I recently compiled a link with roughly every addon you need - here's the link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408986079 If you find anyone else with a similar issue please do pass them this link, which is also in the announcements channel of the HnS discord (here's the link for that - https://discord.gg/umv3eNf )
  4. You didn't hear it from me, but Obama's last name is- wait hold on who are AH get off MMPHPH PMHPPH HMMMM MMMPHHH-

  5. 6/4/19 - 21/10/2019 Additions; Maps - hns_halfdocks - hns_offshore - ttt_plaza_b3 - de_rimini - gm_csgotulip - ttt_relay - za_yzarc_station - ttt_amsterville_2015 Player-models - Big Smoke Hats - Obamium Other - Simplified Colours to be easier to use and take up less character space. - Cleaned up HnS discord. Removed; Maps; - zs_subway - gm_floatingcity - ttt_eek - gm_concrete - rp_coastalcity_v3 - gm_bricolage - gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 Other; - My will to live - Herobrine I probably missed a couple things but i can't remember any more at the moment
  6. lol ur computer bad git good n00b

    1. Harakoni


      Pls bro revive I have raygun

  7. You have the best computer information section on GFL

    1. Harakoni


      Thanks lol, i'm pretty sure one or two might actually be the case

    2. _Rocket_


      Where can I find 1 rem?

  8. As a side note, it does say in the rules (type !motd) that other languages are allowed in text chat, not voice. Do keep that in mind if you are ungagged in future.
  9. Sorry, i actually completely forgot you had an application open +1 Lunar Blade is probably one of the friendliest people i have ever met on any GFL discord, and as a result has basically no conflict or user on user issues. The only problem i see is your lack of more frequent messaging in servers aside from GFL Gmod. However, you are exceptionally active within the Gmod server, and are always there when needed most of the time. We do also have a lot of mods for the gmod discord (A few set themselves to offline mode often so they don't frequently appear) so you may be conscripted into other servers I'll get other mods to respond soon!
  10. Appeal Denied You were caught both; Ban Evading AND Wall Hacking This is alongside; Threatening to hack on the server before you were banned. This is no unlucky coincidence that you happened on an alt with hacks on. Both of these on their own result in a denied appeal, and/or a 'super'-permanent ban of sorts. If you're still persistent, you may appeal again in 6 months.
  11. Ban appeal

    Appeal Denied I don't think i've ever dealt with someone as annoying as you lol. So far, you've shown an inability to acknowledge you were wrong, you can't seem to take this as anything more than a joke (I hate saying be serious, but when even i need to say it, you've fucked up), you've harassed staff members and users persistently in past and present, and have been a cancer cell incarnate in the discord. I'm done with your constant pings and how you act. Appeal in a month if you want, but good riddance for now.
  12. Me, Gary, mbs, and a few others are gonna do a dub of this soon after we watched mbs stream it last night And yes, GOTY 100%. I crave fried chicken...
  13. - Not entirely unrelated but i felt like i should say this - I think there might be an issue here. Not to sound condescending, which this may be taken as, but i don't think a post like this was a good idea. The people you speak of often don't follow through with what they say and do online, they're just being edgy for the sake of being edgy - they probably aren't even from 4Chan - and are just kids spitting out random garbage in hopes of provoking a reaction, such as this post. The best course of action is to employ an 'ignorance is bliss' approach to them. They want a reaction, and getting one will make them continue to do what they do. However ignoring them usually will lead to them stopping. If you feel like this doesn't make sense and want them brought to justice for whatever they're saying, do private message the manager (found in the Rust Discord mentioned below) instead of making a public post like this. - Official advice - I'd recommend joining the GFL Rust Discord which has the manager so you can ask a question like this; here's the link - https://discord.gg/Tka6pGR You'll get a much faster response and avoid possibly spurning the edgy kids on more : ) (tagging the manager here too @ACanadianAsian)
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