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  1. fat!!!11111!!111one!1!!
  2. >Blast An exclamation of anger or distress. >Distress
  3. Why in the cock slobbin' ninny-wanking flobbergangy tits-tank am i listed? Again, another certified AIM-9L moment; video0 - 2020-07-05T031038.835.mp4
  4. This is a certified AIM-9L moment video0 - 2020-07-05T031038.835.mp4
  5. No. Your own referenced previous link here ( https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/47/230 ) disproves this, and i assume you've made the mistake of falling for the over-complex legal terminology. This is not a removal of Code 230, but an amendment to the already existing Code 230. I'll copy and paste the policy lines that you may have misinterpreted; "(2)to preserve the vibrant and competitive free market that presently exists for the Internet and other interactive computer services, unfettered by Federal or State regulation;" This spells out the United States most important internet policy for Freedom of Speech and Expression in regards to the Internet. "(3)to encourage the development of technologies which maximize user control over what information is received by individuals, families, and schools who use the Internet and other interactive computer services;" This policy explains that the user must be given the power to filter what content is displayed on their screen to avoid algorithm bias. I mentioned this prior with "Left Leaning people fed more Left news, Right leaning fed Right news". Unless the user dictates that this filtering is to take place, and instead the company or provider automatically filters based on bias or agenda - it violates Code 230. "(4)to remove disincentives for the development and utilization of blocking and filtering technologies that empower parents to restrict their children’s access to objectionable or inappropriate online material;" Allows optional blocking systems to still be designed and implemented for content filtering inappropriate to children. (18+ filters, etc) See additionally this section; (c)Protection for “Good Samaritan” blocking and screening of offensive material "(1)Treatment of publisher or speaker No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider." This over complex statement means that any company or an overarching body (eg Google, Twitter, YouTube) is independent of the users using their platforms to make use of it for opinions. The companies do not take responsibility for what is said on a forum/website/video/tweet. This overall only applies to actions outside of a site's ToS. However; Company's ToS will be amended in order to not violate section 2 of Policies around policing, blocking, and filtering of speech.
  6. Right just read over the full legislative change and nowhere does it prohibit action on people "talking shit". The full legislation, for people who actually want to know it's purpose, is to prevent large overaching bodies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other large sites from doing the following; -Withholding income gain based on the users political opinions -Manufacturing and tailoring of algorithms to present a bias in presented news (left classed people fed more left style news, vice versa) -Performing blacklists, shadowbans, and account suspensions/removals for political opinion on an a company level. (People can still block other people) This does not change legal guidelines or standings on other issues such as lewd, violent or harmful posts as well as filtering for children. TL;DR - You can't de-monitise or remove someone's account/posts for expressing a political opinion unless violating a limit of lewd, violent, or harmful concepts.
  7. This is koni-chan

    Best Koni Chan GIFs | Gfycat

    you're beautiful.

  8. Apologies to the forum mods who are having their inbox and notifications spammed by me rn, ly xoxo

    1. Roy




      Ur gonna make me have to disable email notifications on one of my alt administrator accounts xd

  9. This is in reference to me and nblock alts, I know. I'll explain my process of action if it clarifies anything as to how exactly i make the final decision to confirm it's an nblock alt. It's not a guessing game - it's getting as close to confirming every option as possible Usually what happens is an account will catch my eye - I do not actively look or sort through every account that passes my screen - it can do this in multiple ways; - The account is new to discord - The profile name is a play on something i know has happened nblock, or between me and him personally, he has very easy to identify mannerisms - I'm informed an admin on HnS has a DM or knows he's alting (Screensharing in another disc, direct confirmation from him to the admin to annoy them deliberately, - The profile picture is roughly associated or closely related to past experiences i've had with nblock and recent ones A single one of these is not definitive proof - it just means i know move to a secondary stage of investigation; - Speech format - If the account has talked, i will review the messages to my past experience and logs from nblock to match mannerisms, key phrases and words. Yes, i analyse the accounts speech, I'm that dedicated. - Account activity commonalty, Is the account active at the same time as nblock? Does the account go active when he goes idle, vice versa - Meme posts. Nblock will almost always post some sort of meme but has a selective and very similar sense of humour to me. If the account posts something i find funny, me and nblock have remarked upon in the past, or memes I myself and others have posted in shared discords, I tally it to the list. Once i have ran down this list, i will begin a third phase of direct interaction - either with nblock or the account. - I'll post a meme with direct connection or close connection to me and nblock - and see what the account does. If it goes idle or offline, I tally that on again, if it continues seemingly unphased with no stutter or break in talking speed, i don't. At this point, i'll turn to others who may have the same suspicions or been tipped off he's alting, and together we will make a final decision to ban or not. I have ran this process with a total of 12+ account now, in games and discord, and not once has any appealed, gone active in discords i cannot touch the account in after the ban, or attempted to contact me or others. I will repeat what i said at the start; It is not a guessing game. I make sure there's not a mistake. Now for the actual post - I have seen this happen yes, however It is not me. Where i have been involved, I did ping mods for the first instance and it was sorted - my comments about a lack of speed then was frustration due to their being less than 6 mods at the time for a wide range of GFLs discords. This second time, where i banned 4 raiders who were spamming nigger, faggot, and other offensive or annoying stuff in a VC and general chats was pre-emptive to halt it. I then immediately tagged mods explaining i banned 4 people for raiding and directed them to mod logs to administer the correct punishment. The mods are active yes, and my concerns of numbers no longer exist - there's about 9 now in our Discord and of those 4 are heavily involved in the server and subsequently the Discord too, which is a massive benefit compared to the prior 6 with one active within the server. A "Hostile Takeover" is not necessarily hostile; it's exact definition is a deliberate change of management without correct consultation of the companies' (in this case discord) members. We as users and staff felt much too rushed into this and had no say as to what we would keep, lose, or add to our permissions - which is where the framing of this as a hostile takeover came from, but in regards to poor communication and adressing not an actual exchange in discord managing. Thanks for the response and the near immediate integration of the second suggestion. More replies to others will follow soon!
  10. Recently, i've been attempting to explain my grudges against the currently implemented system in the CWRP Discord in regards to moderation and functionality for our staff team, the players, and the mods themselves. I've come to a few ideas, solutions, and pullbacks that can be done to produce a better 'quality of life' and user interfacable environment for everyone. Outlined below will be sub-headings with their own separated issues and functions that can be implemented or worked on. 1 - Restoring powers to those who use and understand the discord - I don't seek to alienate or give the assumption i'm somewhat xenophobic to a mod team the discord doesn't have a say over, but as the current standing sits now the sorting of power between staff and mods is rather poor. When first introduced, the vast majority of the staff team lost all of their moderation abilities for channel management, voice chat tools and kick and ban permissions. These were sold to us to stay once the mod team was moved in - the overall explanation was they were there to help us - however, they overall replaced the staff teams ability to manage their own discords moderation. This actually lessened the effectiveness of our moderation power, as the original permissions were set up admins+ had the ability to mute, ban, and kick people from the discord; At the time, we had about 14 admins in the discord each capable of moderation and user management. This gave the moderation capability of the discord trust among the servers base and higher staff; each was an admin in game and was of little to no risk of lashing out or suddenly maliciously abusing this power. However when the mod team arrived, this community was stripped - which was demoralizing and jarring to members including myself. A built up trust within the mods has still yet to be built up fully, people in the discord aren't used to a majority foreign team telling them what to do. It creates an air of unease and idle distrust about the Discord Mods currently there, even with some of our own admins as members. I propose a solution - albeit undoubtedly unpopular with the mods, and it's restoring moderation capability to the people who interact with the server the most. We hit 50 people + in the gmod server a day and have 500 people in the discord, 4 staff as mods do not make up enough to interact and understand situations with people in discord and on the server. The permissions would be set to the admin rank exclusively, Gamemasters would not get kick or ban perms, maybe voice moderation due to their heavy use of those channels. Trial admins would not get mod permissions until they earn their wings in game - trust is earned through proving themselves, and provides more concrete solidarity than placing an applicant maybe only known to the mod team into our discord server. I personally am entirely unsure where the issue with admins as moderators appears - If I can trust them as people while i'm a Senior Admin, I believe they should be trusted enough to moderate their own home turf. The key issue here is trust. Unfortunately it works in both directions - with the mod team distrusting of the staff as moderators (most of which were before the change to no incident and did a good job), and our staff and players distrusting majority of the mods due to their alienated arrival and status. 2 - Visual Hierarchical Priority in the Roles List - Our discord functions as a separate private entity away from core GFL, and is more akin to an extension of the game server than a communal discord - as such, i believe the moderation role hoist should be modified to display what would be important primarily to the users. Take HnS or Prop Hunt's discords for example, each has discord mod and admin roles given to active, trusted members - and do a great job at moderation. However, hoisted in the sidebar are roles of importance directly related to the server - Manager, Senior Admin, Admin, Gamemaster, Commanders, etc. A good quality of life attribute of a discord designed for a server is it's display of server features. When needed, moderator can still be tagged and requested, and it can remain how it is in the list as it is now - it would simply not be locked onto the sidebar location. This would avoid issues for people going to mods for server issues, which has happened prior, and give users joining a better and more direct idea of what the server is used for - as mentioned previously, less of a general discord chatroom and more an extension of the server itself. 3 - Removing our "Official" Designation - This will most likely be the least popular of the suggestions, but i'll do my best to explain why removing this designation is more beneficial to us than a negative. As our server stands, we have not gained anything while switching to an Official GFL discord. We have simply changed Discord Management, which is neither positive or negative. We have lost a larger, trusted moderator body in place of an alienated and unfamiliar team. We've replaced our smooth, fast, and simple system for a clunky and slow one involving bot command moderation. Additionally, some community members have less reason to talk as they would due to an unknown moderator team sitting in the sidebar who the majority of they will not have seen on the server. For clarification, this would not be an independent transferal, HnS's discord is entirely independent from outside moderation but is owned by Benroy or Zebra (Don't know which, but it is one), and operates under it's own server related rules. This same format would work well within the discord, considering we are a semi-serious server a more jokey lax approach can be taken - presenting a better welcoming and fun oriented approach. This also allows more freedom for our server to change and adapt if need be. Our current rules actually break the implementation order of official discords, as these discords operate under a universal ruleset - thankfully it was not as the server would probably not enjoy more stricter rule enforcement - this current ruleset would persist, meaning no slurs, offensive content, NSFW, etc. This would avoid any exterior conflict with broader GFL discords and still keep our rules related and consistent. As a final note for this point this is a process of reversal not complete change. I am not asking for less stringent overall rules or for more serious rules. These are suggestions, so if anyone wants to suggest a change, update or an addition - please give a response. Thanks!
  11. There's a local mute option through the tab menu, if you don't want to hear them use that.
  12. Ups and downs... lefts and rights... good and bad... none of it would've been the same without you, mate. Life comes first - and you're gonna need to dedicate that idea for the long term. Be it sooner or later, and for as much as we've all teased and slandered, if you need someone to talk to we'll all be back here waiting for you. Stay safe man, and good luck; genuinely sad to see you have to go.
  13. That's fair. I as well as a few other staff were annoyed at a sudden arrival we had little to no say in for how you would appear, as were many others in the discord userbase who were not publically told of your arrival until after it occurred. It was a poor implementation. I'm allowed to complain about that i'd hope. The staff were given a vote about adding you in, a couple days after the vote was announced you were already in and nobody had actually explained how, where, and when you'd do stuff. Some of our vital permissions for operating the Gmod Server to Discord Server content was stripped without warning, and we could not operate in any moderation capacity to react to events. I'd mentioned a checklist i created multiple times right when you guys were implemented about issues that would occur that would not have if we were left to moderate ourselves. Within 24 hours, 5 of the 7 listed concerns had already happened. I don't know about you, but if 5 of 7 were checked i'm pretty sure something's not working right. Which further escalated the rate at which i observed your downfalls after arrival. This also came at a time of high stress for me especially, having to effectively shoulder the responsibility and weight with Wailord just returning, and two other Senior Admins who unfortunately could not reliably help or perform their duties for their own reasons. I personally have been sandwiched between two massive schisms with the server, and as a result it has been a heavy week for me and others - which additionally is why there was such a heated backlash. If you would like to see this checklist, i can provide evidence for each concern and where they occurred in dms to save any potential drama from cycling here that does need to be. Ask me on discord or forums and i will happily provide them.
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