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  1. Happy birthday!!!❤️

  2. Okay. What in the goddamn. "Harakoni x Sister" Oh shit oh fu- "#Harakoni4Retard" "#HarakoniIsGay" Love you too nblock!!!1!1!! But seriously - What the fuck is wrong with you, like, seriously, kill yourself... : )
  3. lɐǝddɐ uɐq

    I believe it's been long enough of a ban for you to be excused and let back in, and i'm trusting you that you will behave better in future. Unbanned
  4. What. That's not what i was meaning lol, i just clarified that you could get out of the map in multiple places really easily. Not that it's a bad thing. Also What. The post posted halfway through this so le edit; "not overly aggressive admins enforcing rules that don't even mAKE SENSE excuse me.. " - sounds like you have another issue with something 🤔 "Also this has never stopped past managers from adding maps because they have VERY SLIGHT out of map spots." - I know, i was the manager for a while, and one or two parkour featuring maps were added by me "Also consider updating the HnS Map list." - This i can do
  5. Ahem; All of these were accomplished with under two crouch jumps excluding one, which was a click to break a window and then a normal jump. You didn't look over the map, did you?
  6. Ban Appeal

    Soooo, let me get this right - You want unbanned after lying multiple time in the mentioned abuse report, repeatedly straw-manning what i've said in order to gain your preferred meaning for statements i've said (which you're still doing case and point ; "Then because I reported Harakoni he perma banned me from GFL (his words)."), being a shitstain unable to comprehend when people are being asses or not when their message is calling me a retard repeatedly, pushing people on who are pissing off me and other staff in your private Blueberry Discord circlejerks, and that you think i banned you for asking a question? Did you even read the response to the report? - actually a better question, Are you alright?... Denied. Appeal in 6 months if you wish.
  7. EASY Die Hard Die Hard 2 - Die Harder Die Hard with a Vengeance (Don't lie to yourself you've heard the christmas jingle and jokes)
  8. Unfortunately, you only have a total message result of 60 across GFL Official servers that i am in (Gmod, Official, TF2) This is not enough to actually meet the minimum requirements that were found here; This states a loose guide of 2000+ messages, daily activity in one or more official branded Discords (CS:GO, TF2, GMOD, Rust, Minecraft) - which you currently don't match with your activity. Sorry, but do feel free to apply later on if you still have interest!
  9. ban appeal

    So apparently it is still my role to accept/deny this Denied For reasons stated above in responses, and due to the consensus of myself and several admins with the new server "manager" in agreement. You can appeal whenever you feel suitable, but a personal and preferred recommendation would be after roughly a month has passed. Thanks.
  10. I'm sorry but they've both been outclassed by the new icon of the generation Doctor Freeeeman...
  11. ban appeal

    I can't say y/n to an unban for obvious reasons but i can throw in a more thorough explanation of each ban reason. 1 - Trolling I applied this to your ban reason for a couple reasons, mostly from watching you myself with some added bits from reportees/players/staff. You are known to push and edge rules to the extent where just before you'll get punished you will quickly stop. You've been known to egg on or encourage other players to rule break and act negatively towards staff, AND you have a history of pushing text spam warnings and spray warnings to the point of them almost being given but to then stop altogether. If i hand't taken the initiative of perma-spray banning you when i got the first bit of solid evidence after you'd avoided it for so long, you would have continued to probably this very day. 3 - Encouraging rule breaking This has come from multiple people to me now, including 2Koreds who i will talk about below about how i was both wrong to believe CERTAIN things he said about you. I have been told that you encourage people to unstuck abuse, prop block and door spam when no staff are on. I do know you have encouraged unstuck abuse before, but i am unsure on the other two which was told to me with no evidence. I decided i was more likely to believe what people who had no warns/misunderstanding of rules after being told by people than someone with a known history of fucking around, and i carried the reasoning here. 4 - Consistent rule breaking when no staff are on This in itself is actually wrong, one of the few aspects that are about the ban reason - 2Koreds did in fact lie to me about you also breaking rules when no staff were on. (afaik this aspect of the ban reason can be removed due to lack of evidence) However, there are other aspects and reports of you negatively interacting with players that have come of this explained in point 5 - 5 - Toxic attitude towards players This was lumped onto the ban reason for your never ending stream of casual annoying and toxic comments towards people reported to me. You have a long history of being toxic to new players who don't know any better, other regular members in the spur of the moment or for a joke, and even some staff members. I have been told many times that you seek to troll and torment anyone who has wronged you, often following another hider to their spot and spamming taunt in order for them to be found, or stealing boxes and pushing people off of ledges when they do even the smallest amount of parkour. (The last two are usually allowed in moderation, but you do it non-stop)
  12. Kinda dispersed from manager unannounced and thought i should explain why. I fucking hate the playerbase lmao. I've been playing since the middle of 2017 and i've never seen it any worse than it is now, it's in a complete state and as a result the server has become unfun to play on. The server has had something that had made it survive for so long, something very few other servers had; considering HnS as a game-mode gets less than 35 players peak - It had a chill playerbase. Often, people would join HnS not to play but just to talk, joke around and have fun. Recently however, those players have disappeared and have been replaced with toxic, cancerous players who take joy in fucking with people and killing the server. Tryharding, encouraging people to rulebreak and no sense of being nice has brought the server from an average of an off-peak-time 20 players to sometimes less than 10. I've been an admin for almost a year and a half, and the manager for 3 months, and i've enjoyed near every second of it. Well, except for being manager to such a toxic and shitty playerbase, fuck you guys you know who you are. Here's a thank you list to people who actually deserve recognition over the years. If you're not in it well... that answers itself : ) The originals; @Mr. Bones I love you. Never change. @cancerous_cunt M O O N @Jat One of the first admins and someone who still tries to be chill @GARYBANAPPEAL (I couldn't find your current profile lol) My first sponsor, a good friend and a great guy. RIP that you got caught-up in this whole toxic shit. @mbs l a z y b o y The Collgate kids club members list; @Clufyretard @Clueless C. What did you DO to City 8 @Rennadai UwU @Superden30 I miss you buddy Doink Furry trash <o/ @BlockHero Chill boy, where did you GOOOOO @nblock ShootnSuch I miss you're very deep, alluring, sexual, commentator worthy voice. @CheesyFishBitz ERUGHHGHGH @nelso531 h e n t a i s p r a y s Ember h e n t a i s p r a y s 2 e l e c t r i c b o o g a l o o Eternal Chill boy, where did you go @MB101 Get trumboned @shelby Women on HnS don't exist @DethZoro Stop being so annoyingly depressed, it's depressing! @littleshake serbia_gang.mp4 @Musical Hi Dad, i'm Dad, Dad. @bnewton Spiders are cute and all but please don't lewd them Viper ICH LEIBE SPRACKEN HUNTZ @Zexired Who is sex and why did i offend them!!!1!1!1! @Fafy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @PsquawOsaurus get active sooooooon maaaaaaaaaaaaan @Diablodoggy28 you should kiss Prodigy @NaratoHeHeXD What is a bhop and why did i script it Smoreswaffles Why did you disappear : ( @Symba Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye I'll still be a chode around the discord and maybe play if certain... others don't exist. Cya gents, was a blast.
  13. Sorry about this, for some reason players like yourself are having issues downloading workshop items when joining the server, but it's fine to download them manually through workshop. I recently compiled a link with roughly every addon you need - here's the link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1408986079 If you find anyone else with a similar issue please do pass them this link, which is also in the announcements channel of the HnS discord (here's the link for that - https://discord.gg/umv3eNf )
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