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  1. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? Harakoni#3459 Which platforms are you applying for? All GFL Official Discords How would you describe your activity there? Exceptional in CWRP, which is what i'm applying for. Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? CWRP needs active and server knowledgeable mods in our discord, we've currently been placed with the overarching mod team for every discord who do not have the best response times or overall activity in the discord. I personally do not trust some members in areas of conflict resolution, and have witnessed them spur and refuse to react and watch stuff go down to only act when something is done towards themselves. I'd rather not place my faith for these reasons and more, so this application is to make the distance and do it myself. Also have previous experience on the mod team, which i'm sure everyone will be sick to death of reading; Year and a bit as former discord mod, a month and a bit as Forum TL, continuously active and reliable across all GFL discords i was moderating in. over 2 years as a HnS Admin overall, of this a year and a bit as senior and 2 months as Manager roughly 4 months as a CWRP admin and a recent Senior Admin Former discord management experience from servers with heavily active populations to relaxed ones, ranging from 200 - 3000 members. Currently moderate a semi-large and quite active South Park server for a friend. Have former experience with conflict resolution from life issues and people relation courses. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? Dependent on the scenario, ascertain the source of the issue. If it's a simple argument, ask them to stop and move encourage them to move to DMs, should they refuse, mute for allotted amount of time and warn either whoever continued or both. Should the source be between me and a user, for whatever reason, i would encourage going down the right channels such as dms or a ban appeal as those would be the two most featured based on my current position. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Once, 3 years ago in the Official Discord. Tiny Argument. Moderators, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  2. Thanks for the ban appeal. As this was your first ban, and you weren't doing what you were maliciously, you will be unbanned. Appeal Accepted.
  3. Taking to you in Direct Messages previously has given the impression you do genuinely want to play on the server, as a result, this appeal is Accepted. Please however keep in mind you now have 5 FailRP warns in total on the server, as well as 3 RDM warns. remember to behave and obey the server rules, thanks!
  4. : ( ha_ha_ha.mp4 ha_ha_ha.mp4
  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Harakoni


      Thaaank you!!

  6. Happy birthday!!!❤️

  7. Okay. What in the goddamn. "Harakoni x Sister" Oh shit oh fu- "#Harakoni4Retard" "#HarakoniIsGay" Love you too nblock!!!1!1!! But seriously - What the fuck is wrong with you, like, seriously, kill yourself... : )
  8. lɐǝddɐ uɐq

    I believe it's been long enough of a ban for you to be excused and let back in, and i'm trusting you that you will behave better in future. Unbanned
  9. What. That's not what i was meaning lol, i just clarified that you could get out of the map in multiple places really easily. Not that it's a bad thing. Also What. The post posted halfway through this so le edit; "not overly aggressive admins enforcing rules that don't even mAKE SENSE excuse me.. " - sounds like you have another issue with something 🤔 "Also this has never stopped past managers from adding maps because they have VERY SLIGHT out of map spots." - I know, i was the manager for a while, and one or two parkour featuring maps were added by me "Also consider updating the HnS Map list." - This i can do
  10. Ahem; All of these were accomplished with under two crouch jumps excluding one, which was a click to break a window and then a normal jump. You didn't look over the map, did you?
  11. Ban Appeal

    Soooo, let me get this right - You want unbanned after lying multiple time in the mentioned abuse report, repeatedly straw-manning what i've said in order to gain your preferred meaning for statements i've said (which you're still doing case and point ; "Then because I reported Harakoni he perma banned me from GFL (his words)."), being a shitstain unable to comprehend when people are being asses or not when their message is calling me a retard repeatedly, pushing people on who are pissing off me and other staff in your private Blueberry Discord circlejerks, and that you think i banned you for asking a question? Did you even read the response to the report? - actually a better question, Are you alright?... Denied. Appeal in 6 months if you wish.
  12. EASY Die Hard Die Hard 2 - Die Harder Die Hard with a Vengeance (Don't lie to yourself you've heard the christmas jingle and jokes)
  13. Unfortunately, you only have a total message result of 60 across GFL Official servers that i am in (Gmod, Official, TF2) This is not enough to actually meet the minimum requirements that were found here; This states a loose guide of 2000+ messages, daily activity in one or more official branded Discords (CS:GO, TF2, GMOD, Rust, Minecraft) - which you currently don't match with your activity. Sorry, but do feel free to apply later on if you still have interest!
  14. ban appeal

    So apparently it is still my role to accept/deny this Denied For reasons stated above in responses, and due to the consensus of myself and several admins with the new server "manager" in agreement. You can appeal whenever you feel suitable, but a personal and preferred recommendation would be after roughly a month has passed. Thanks.
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