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  1. Sad to see you step down. Much love my nigga. ❤️
  2. Ball yoinked

    He has dans hair.
  3. Just because someone says "Monkey noises" doesn't make it a racist statement. It becomes a racist statement only if the admin makes it racist. I see where it could fall under disrespect but if there are no racism rules then it shouldn't be enforced imo.
  4. Hey I was a nice CP Xy, I gave you a soda.
  5. 10/10

    I was FBI with Shuruia and I broke NLR. Thanks for the warning Adam. 😄
  6. ur 24, 24 is the number of gay people, ur gay therefore 

    1. Korowa


      It's no secret that Crusty is gay

  7. I don't even want to listen to it again.
  8. Locked per request.
  9. /roll game

    /roll @King_Wailord bring me a beer peasant
  10. I just want you to know


    Edited by rapperdan
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