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  1. Plz unsilence me

    I might be mistaken from what I say but let me say this: Doesn't mean vin issued the mute means he is targeting you, I hope you take it into consideration all actions taken against players are registered on discord for us to go over, and if vin was abusing, it would've been clear from the start. and perm silences/bans don't just happen without admin discussion about it. If you don't get what I'm saying, (we all voted for you to get perm silenced and it doesn't help your appeal in anyway if you say that vin targeted you), also I was the one that put you on the cancer list. If you'd like to actually appeal then talk about your side, if you wish for an admin to be demoted as stated above, you PM leks privately on the forums with the evidence. oh and for my vote, no I believe you shouldn't be unmuted as this is barely an appeal
  2. So I kill the green guys, got it ty vin
  3. No need to repeat what others have said and I'll +1 this as well, and I won't hesitate to perm CT ban you if you're still cancer as a CT. Good luck and don't let us down.
  4. Hi!

    Hi, sim For some reason I can't remember anything about the past server but I do kinda remember you. Also we were all toxic once, on the old community (when i was a squeeker too lol) I MFK'd cause someone made me mad but we all improve eventually. Great to have you back, hope to see you on sometime.
  5. Thank you for reporting Beanz for aimbot. With your provided proof, Beanz has been banned permenantly for aimbot.
  6. Ban Appeal

    Firstly, I would like to point out this is (I'M GAY)'s ban appeal. If you have any input on it you direct it to our DMs not in here. Secondly, Pointing fingers at admins isn't the way to get yourself unbanned, I've been on the server when @Vin administrates, and I see NOTHING wrong with him. and if I had to decide who would be toxic it would be you. You're the one that came to my DMs saying "I'm gonna do something he doesn't like" and I have proof of it, you don't seem like the type of person I would allow an unintentional "MFK" to pass by. In my opinion, you don't know your ways of talking to other people and you cause enough chaos to the server and the admin team. I don't think you deserve a second chance out of everything we've told you and warned you about. Thanks
  7. Time has passed and you're unbanned now. @JGuary551, do ur job retard ❤️
  8. Unban?

    There were NO orders given, the next round started / someone opened cells and started killing everyone and you showed up in the kill feed killing a ton of players as well. If you wanna continue this further contact me on discord Unzo#5744
  9. Unban?

    Hey, So the video I was provided with showed 2 players MFKing round after round, the players names were "zuhn's kid" and the other one had no name, me and vin looked into it and saw that the steam ids that were provided matched you and nector's steam profiles, also looking on your profile the recent changes to your name had "zuhn's kid" as one of them so I can confirm it was you MFKing. Nothing else much to say other than that you should just wait out your week ban as most likely it won't be removed.
  10. CTs should keep the armor to not die easily from a normal pistol without them having time to react. If we are about to have Ts be able to shoot from stack they might as well kill half the CT team (if they have good aim lmfao) before the warden could make them unstack. The only problem I really see with CTs having armor, is with knife fights. For CTs they can do two left-clicks and a right-click to kill off a T, while the T would have to either do two right-clicks or three left-clicks and one right-click to finish them off. Also for the Ts to rush CTs all of a sudden while following orders, I find it easy to hit one left click and one back stab left-click to kill the CT fast so it wouldn't really make a difference.
  11. I agree with you. I hate having to wait until either one team scores 11 rounds first or for Ts and CTs to tie ( 10 - 10), it gets boring so quickly and I don't wanna have to always play the same games over and over again. The timeleft command shows you a certain amount of time that's left until map change, but I don't think it really worked. If it can be fixed and put at 60 mins, I feel like that's enough for a map time.
  12. instructions not clear, choked on a hot dog im out of jokes stfu
  13. The only good things about this is what you've stated, prisoners get to use something new, something a lot of the jailbreak servers have never seen. Only downside is the shaky screen which can kill off a prisoner while they are doing climb (moving their screen as soon as they jump causing them to fall), also it deals less damage than the knife so a lot of the players won't ever use them. and fist fight to death a lot of wardens won't really do that considering it will take ages for them to kill each other while dead people are waiting. I don't see any good point of having them, they just ruin the game mode for people. Also: I would like to point out the fact that CT's can damage each other with fists when friendly fire is turned on.
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