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  1. CTs should keep the armor to not die easily from a normal pistol without them having time to react. If we are about to have Ts be able to shoot from stack they might as well kill half the CT team (if they have good aim lmfao) before the warden could make them unstack. The only problem I really see with CTs having armor, is with knife fights. For CTs they can do two left-clicks and a right-click to kill off a T, while the T would have to either do two right-clicks or three left-clicks and one right-click to finish them off. Also for the Ts to rush CTs all of a sudden while following orders, I find it easy to hit one left click and one back stab left-click to kill the CT fast so it wouldn't really make a difference.
  2. I agree with you. I hate having to wait until either one team scores 11 rounds first or for Ts and CTs to tie ( 10 - 10), it gets boring so quickly and I don't wanna have to always play the same games over and over again. The timeleft command shows you a certain amount of time that's left until map change, but I don't think it really worked. If it can be fixed and put at 60 mins, I feel like that's enough for a map time.
  3. instructions not clear, choked on a hot dog im out of jokes stfu
  4. [VOTE] Keep Fists?

    The only good things about this is what you've stated, prisoners get to use something new, something a lot of the jailbreak servers have never seen. Only downside is the shaky screen which can kill off a prisoner while they are doing climb (moving their screen as soon as they jump causing them to fall), also it deals less damage than the knife so a lot of the players won't ever use them. and fist fight to death a lot of wardens won't really do that considering it will take ages for them to kill each other while dead people are waiting. I don't see any good point of having them, they just ruin the game mode for people. Also: I would like to point out the fact that CT's can damage each other with fists when friendly fire is turned on.
  5. Tf ya doing i was 12 when i posted that shit im 14 late af
  6. still useless nobody's gonna use them, knife deals way more damage, basically the same speed. also whats the point of the !knife command then, if its just for the looks then ig it looks kinda cool and more realistic lul
  7. tf is the point of them, they deal less damage than the knife so you can't really kill the cts with it, each time you hit somebody with it. it shakes their screen and I know one day a new user is gonna shoot someone that is supposed to be "afk frozen" i heard someone say they make you run faster but that seems uselss unless there are some stuff im missing here
  8. how is that my house if im african and richer than your entire family combined @turkish
  9. This is gonna keep going forever huh?
  10. I'm pretty sure they already exist but I'm givin a +1 on playing different games, it would be a fun way to get the community together, not to mention we aren't always gonna have a jailbreak tournament so it's a nice way to change it up.
  11. I asked where i should post it all i heard is Member Activity so i decided to post it here
  12. Hello, My name is Unzo My real name is Omar i Live in Egypt, Cairo Im 12 years old, yup young but not annoying atleast I only play CS:GO At the moment as i don't have anything else to play I found the Jailbreak server when i was looking for 1 since recently the server i used to play on got shutdown cause everyone stopped playing on it i found this server really cool and fun, and i play it in my freetime when im bored Also, My cat gave birth to 3 Kittys i don't know the Genders yet but feel free to suggest names as i don't know what to name them Im still getting used to the server rules at the moment, So don't expect me to know everyone on the server Im on the jailbreak server everyday so its easy to find me Thanks for Reading My Introduction!
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