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  1. Rest In Peace Dream, she was truly one of the friendliest staff members in our affiliates. She created many programs since 2016 that still shine today, her hard-working and dedication allowed me to keep her memorable in my collection of thoughts. God bless her mother and brother for experiencing such tragic event in front of them. We love you, Dream, you'll always be missed ;(
  2. Today, we reminisce about Minecraft, a game that is now ten years old. It is a decennial. This post will be a tribute to Minecraft with my reflection. How a stupidly simple sandbox became my favourite game, where I think it took a turn in the wrong direction and why even with all of its new changes still holds dear to my heart. Minecraft was released to the public in development in May 2009, and the first version was officially released on November 18th, 2011. Minecraft was charmingly simple, dropping you into a world with no real instructions or goals. Combat was straightforward and fun, especially with a group of friends, building creations were almost therapeutic, and the peaceful time spent mining in preparation for what was to come, that space to organize and plan your next movement, all while being serenaded by those faint piano melodies in the background. That was the final piece of the puzzle, and it allowed you to be adventurous and creative, you could do many things you please in this game. I am currently 16 years old, but every time I open Minecraft, I get this fantastic nostalgic feeling, I feel like I’m an adolescent-minded boy again. When I was young, I couldn't afford a game like Minecraft, and I recollected the moments where I would arrive home every day from school and ravage myself by getting indulged with Minecraft videos, and yes, part of the reason why my name is Butter is from those videos. I would consistency watch them, and it didn't make me despair and impuissant with my grudges in life, it outshines the tenebrosity of my past, it was like it healed me to continue on my journey. I received Minecraft around the age of ten. The number of times I have been begging to get this game was uncountable. I immediately created my first ever world, and I named it "Butter World." My first experience with Minecraft was enjoyable. I had little to no knowledge of how to play the game. I wasn't like most people who made dirt houses, but perhaps, I built an 8x8x4 wooden house, my first creation. I was too scared to leave my house and go to far away distances, so I would always place some blocks down every time I travel. I had no friends, so I had to proceed with my peregrination solely. My next movement was when I was mining, and I encountered a ravine and a mineshaft, I wasn't mining straight down because I heard many senses of humour that it's dangerous to dig straight down. I deemed that ravine to be a jackpot because I saw many ores, but no signs of diamonds. Later on, I started to leave that world because it began to get a bit monotonous since I saw many YouTube videos of people reviewing mods and playing multiplayer, but even then, I know that I didn't get any diamonds or defeated the ender dragon, but it was still my first ever world. Recently, I returned into my world once again and figured that it would be more exciting than I thought it was and I was almost disappointed. I’d see my poor wooden house and think it was terrible. I’d explore my baffling tunnel in about half an hour, finding my way around it with ease; a stark contrast to the endless labyrinth I remember now. My perception has changed over the years, but as I can’t ever explore these old worlds, I will continue to perceive them the way I did when I first played them. With the confusion of how to install mods, I decided to play multiplayer a lot more, I wasn’t that type of person who would play competitively, but I would stay passive in game modes like Turf War, Paintball, and Draw My Thing. Many of my classmates at school would play servers like Hypixel, but I would stick to Mineplex. Funnily, I met one of my classmates in a game without approaching them in school. Since then, we played a lot together. But sadly, He later shifted to a different school. After his disappearance, I was alone once again, and I started to perceive how to install mods optically. After my attempt and unintentionally getting it to work, I was pretty happy at first glance, but I later lost interest. I began to watch modded survival videos, and if I’m not mistaken, this was the time when the Minecraft community became extremely upset because Mojang sold Minecraft to Microsoft, and how Microsoft was importing fruitless items into Minecraft as their updates. This was the downfall of Minecraft, but my perspective didn’t change, I was too satisfied at the gameplay and didn’t bother about anything that transpired. As I keep watching these videos and endeavouring to play these modded survivals for myself, my boredom rose. To me, it didn’t feel like Minecraft anymore, and it became too complicated, I guess I just prefer the simplicity of Minecraft. Until in a moment of reflection and tranquillity, that soft piano and warm melodies fade in. C418’s Minecraft: Volume Alpha. I know nothing about music theory and how music touches your soul, and I’m not going to pretend like I do, but there’s something unique about it. When I first heard these tracks, I didn't care about aurally perceiving them. However, this soundtrack was the only thing that remained unchanged since I loaded up the game for the first time; these songs are endless, which makes that nostalgic vibe to touch my soul. The music brings back all those memories. It brings back Minecraft. And then, I started tearing up for no reason. All I knew is that this game was just a cleverly constructed sequence of ones and zeros, but I knew that in a way, it’s a part of me. It’s a reflection into the past, and the little boy that I was. Minecraft, the game, is changing. Minecraft’s audience transmuted a while ago. The only thing that stayed static about it has been the calming and enjoyable music. Thank you, Notch, Mojang, 4J Studios, and the rest of those responsible. Your dedication to the creation led not to only a fun game, but to unforgettable memories to reminisce, which I couldn’t be more thankful of, happy 10th anniversary, Minecraft - wish to see what outcomes happen in the future.
  3. Unban me

    Hey looks like i've been karma banned from the MC TTT server. pls unban me, I was killing a bunch of rdmers Steamid: STEAM_0:1:93810553 Ingame name: T.w² | Butter
  4. Alright thanks, I play the server in a week.
  5. Hey admins, I just let you know that I picked a Jhad from a T and I misclicked with this equipment and killed 3 players (mass rdm). May I please get unban from this server, I promise I will try my best to not do that ever again...Thank you
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