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  1. Texture glitch

    Yeah, i have been noticing a few glitches with the standard player model, it appears that they sometimes go invisible for certain people. im not sure why this happens, but it can get a bit problematic when the player who is invisible is actually a T, or an rdmer, and some players can not see them at all.
  2. Skins for general weapons, such as the shotgun etc... possibly even a vip weapon, like the MP5 or something that can only be bought in the shop by VIPS.
  3. The poison dart only has 3 shots and a HP station can antidote it.
  4. The holy hand grenade is more like an incendiary that does more damage, it's explosive power is limited as it is not always a 1 hit kill.
  5. Mostly NZ/AUS players, possibly a few Indians, syrlankans, English speakers.
  6. @rapperdan I'm very sorry to say, and I mean no offense by this at all, but you are not the best player I have ever seen, although you have Manny more games than I do. Anyway, I have also been on the world map before, and think the WOT clan/s would be better as propaganda mechanisms rather than large competitorson the global map, but if the name does become known, then it is possible for the clan to join the likes of Crown, or Pyro(Asia servers best clans, I don't know much of the NA server).
  7. yes, i can see that an NA clan is the most likely option, with an Eu clan as secondary, but unlikely. But, @Violator has been saying that the server is low on money, and i believe that an attempt at gaining supporters in SE Asia, may be worth while.
  8. I do not believe that GFL Clan has ever branched out into the games produced by "War Gaming", which include World of Tanks, World of Warships, and a couple others. i would like to ask if it could be beneficial to branch out into a free to play game with its on clan system involved. i have determined that running costs of such a an operation would be small, as the only requirements that cost any money, is the initial creation of the clan, and possibly the existence of a clan run Team Speak server, as discord can create lag issues. Total running costs would be probably $10 (US) for initial setup, and whatever it costs to run a team speak. of course World of tanks has many servers around the world, in Europe, Asia, and in the central US, as well as i think 3 Russian servers. a GFL clan could be setup in each of these servers, and as Violator says, the GFL clan needs more money to continue running in the next few months, and this may well generate a larger donating community, as once the clans are larger, those who participate in clan activities, and those who donate, have first dibs on gold and in game currencies given out by War Gaming, for clan war participation. of course i am happy to Spear Head the operations of the Asia Region, as i already have a well established account, and a long friends list which i may be able to recruit some of. I am a Member of a current clan in the server, which could play to our advantage, as they could easily become an allied clan on the global map. (which is a competition between the larger clans)
  9. i think extra models... better ones, as well as maybe a special game mode, like a pinball/upgraded betting system for supporters and up.
  10. Un identified bodeys.

    yes that oud be more practicle. however it should be suspicious rather that kosabel. when i lagged i was looking at the body and trying too but LAG. so someone else did it and another person killed me even tough i was trying to explain myself.
  11. why is it a rule that walking past an un identified body is kosable. i was lagging while trying to id the body and was killed because i couldnt possibly do it. i have also been killed because of not identifieing a body i couldnt even see. of for deliberately ignoring one so that i could chase a T. is there something similar about all these examples? yes. im innocent every single time. it is a stupid rule and should be removed. it is not a Traitorus act. more often than not innocent are the ones walking past bodies. it just leads to a lot of rdming and otherwise pointless karma loss. i have also been on the other end and been karma banned because of people who just wander around the map ignoring bodies. it is a bad rule im sorry. and it doesnt work.
  12. rule issues.

    I mean that people kill others. And it's perfectly within the rules, but are killed themselves for it. People should have to give time for someone to explain their actions.
  13. rule issues.

    I think that some of the rules on the TTT servers need tweaking, or new ones need to be added becaue there are entire areas that are not specifically targeted, and people tend to get away with things that they shouldnt be able to. like, if someone is shooting or T baiting, like i just witnessed, and they are killed. the killer ids the body, it says"... was Innocent" and anyone who has just seen this murder instantly kills the person who actually didnt rdm or break any rules. this is extremely annoying because i have been killed many times for killing rdmers or detectives who have broken the rules.