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  1. Only through a door so about 1 second and at normal walking speed
  2. SCP-133

    Scp-133: instant hole http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-133 Lore: SCP-133 are a set of six hundred and thirteen (613) black, circular pieces of a waxy, paper-like material 5 cm in diameter. When placed against a solid surface and rubbed, SCP-133 will instantaneously "transfer" to the surface and create a circular hole. Testing has shown that SCP-133 is capable of penetrating up to 61 cm of structural grade steel, though the exact degree of penetration is reduced by extremely smooth or highly dense materials. In game: In game scp-133 would be a usable item that spawns around the map in harder to get spots (like the lcz armory or 079's cell) and can be used once per pickup. Apon use on a door, window, or gate, it will let the player clip through it and come out the other side. This can be used to escape dangerous situations or as a substitute for a key card on some doors.
  3. Item would be simple, i thought it would be more unique for it to be it's own entity and it also fits lore
  4. SCP-069

    Scp-069: second chance http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-069 Lore: Scp-069 is a presumed huminoid entity of variable appearance and gender. Through an unknown ability, whenever SCP-069 is left alone with a recently deceased human body, the body will disappear and SCP-069 will take on the appearance, mannerisms, and knowledge of the recently dead individual.Through extensive experimentation, it has been shown that SCP-069 is completely indistinguishable from the individual it impersonates, matching the original individual's DNA. SCP-069 responds normally to injury and pain, but if killed, will rapidly decay into dust regardless of any preservation attempts. SCP-069 will then re-emerge at the site of the most recent human death. In game: Scp-069 would spawn in as a class D and attempt to escape just like any other d class. However it has the ability to transfer itself into the role of any player (except other scp) when they die, fully healing and assuming the goal of whatever it becomes (For example if it changes to mtf, its goal becomes to contain the scp and d class). It would be able to pick up items and other things similar to any other player but have more health. Other scp would be able to kill scp-069 and vice versa. Stats: 250 hp Full heal when changing roles Special can only be triggered 5 seconds after the target dies, all items are retained. 20 second cooldown. Conclusion: This scp adds a more intresting role for those that always get d class and make a intresting play style similar to 035. Players will need to decide if they should play it safe or see if they can kill someone and switch roles.
  5. Lore wise it appears as white figures when in a active state, but in the game it appears as shadow figures, so either would work fine
  6. When it deactivates it returns to full 250 hp, unless it was killed in an active state. So theoretically you can come close to dying in a deactive state then use the ability to heal the 250 when you become active, however any damage delt while active remains when you activate it again.
  7. The suggestion has been around for a year, but you gotta remind xy or he wont remember it.
  8. SCP-127

    SCP-127: the living gun Lore: SCP-127 appears at first to be an ordinary mp5k sub machine gun, however after further observation, it is 100% organic inside of its metal casing. SCP-127 requires only water, calcium and proteins to survive. SCP-127 is capable of semi-automatic and full auto fire (when switched an audible groan can be heard). The magazine (typically 60 shots) is entirely attached to the gun and can not be removed in any way. After firing all rounds the magizene will "regrow" in 3-5 days. In game: Scp-127 would be available in the LCZ armory and would have 60 rounds as stated with most the same properties of the mp5 already in game. However it would regenerate its 60 rounds every minute, making it valuable to pick up. The player would not be able to pick up ammo for it however, making it only reload when it regrows.
  9. SCP-261

    Just sneaking this back in http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-261 SCP-261 "Pan-Dimensional vending" SCP-261 is a vending machine that is capable of producing any number of random snacks with odd outcomes. This SCP produces different things depending on the amount of currency put in and the amount of times it has been used In-game:  SCP-261 would be treated similar to SCP-294 as it would be a healing machine essentially. SCP-261 however is limited to 10 uses in a 5 minute period, and furthermore not all the items vended will heal or may even slightly damage the player. This is however highly random unless it has been used more than 10 times in the 5 minuets.   Probability: The most likely item is a bag of unbranded chips healing 20 HP The next is slightly rarer as it heals 25 HP, it is a small package of snack cakes. The third rarest item is an unbranded energy drink, restoring 50 HP and giving a slight speed boost On the side of the negatives is package of crackers healing only 5 HP, as the second most common item. Next is a box of "Jacks Tacks" which is just a box of tacks, dealing 10 damage. The second rarest item is a juice pouch of "Mercury Blast" which is just liquid mercury in a pouch, dealing 30 damage. The rarest item in the machine has a much higher chance to spawn if the machine has been used over 10 times. The item is a plastic bottle of "Xtreme Weight Loss", which contains a liquid singularity inside the bottle. After drinking the drinker will implode, instantly dying.
  10. SCP-205

    SCP-205: the shadow lamps Lore: SCP-205 is a pair of anomalis flood lamps casting a mild white light. This light passes through every surface untill it finds a blank, flat, white surface. When the lights are on, a shadow is cast on the wall in the shape of a woman. If left alone it shows what seems to be the story of the woman's life as told through 1 full cycle of 52 days. If this cycle is interrupted by any means during the process, the lights will turn off and after, the lady is replaced by 3 horned figures looking towards whatever interrupted it. These figures will proceed to attack whatever had disrupted it untill the cycle is finished. In game: Scp-205 would spawn in it's original room. It would do minor damage when inactive in a small area but be faster and more resistant to damage. When it uses its ability, it would activate, losing some movement in exchange for more damage and health, but less resistance. after roughly 15-20 seconds it would deactivate again loosing any extra health had when it was active and return to its base hp. Stats: (Inactive) 250 hp Base sprinting speed 30% less damage from most sources. 10 damage per second in a close range (Active) 1000 hp Base walking speed 50 damage per click
  11. The idea to have him be able to disguise again after its removed is good, but too similar to other scp. Other than that it could work
  12. No matter how hard you try, don't forget everyone is just trying to have fun. Some people think it's fun to go out and you can't control what they do, they are also players
  13. Basically, all the researchers bother doing is killing whatever they see and escaping if it feels convenient to them. They should honestly be entirely neutral to each other unless a situation requires violence. Despite what's commonly believed. Reasurchers can escape with D class, They don't need to kill them. Reasurchers should just let mtf do their jobs and focus on escape
  14. I suggested this a long time ago and still completely agree. everyone is too scared to play any map other than site 19 because they know where everything is in site 19. I bet if we littlerly took a new map and called it site 19 everyone would blindly play it and think that it's the same thing. If we could get some variety in the maps it would make actually playing the game for some of us old timers actually fun due to the new challenge.