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  1. I approve of 3660 due to the poison being potent if used properly to work as some sort of deterrent as well as the scp being a snake just to keep it intresting.
  2. I'm posting all these friendlies in blue just fyi. 3033-2 great to have a non scp sided infector for variety. Also adds ci and who doesnt love ci. +1 212-1 wont be too effective against scp but is still none the less intresting. I'd suggest a larger range for basic attack so it can do somthing against touch range scp. +1 3143 fun, maybe give it 2 random d class as detectives armed with Tommy guns to assist it. +1 3660-1 good to add variations to reasurchers. Should be able to use VC cuz players will bitch if they cant. +1 4210 probably the most intresting of the list, it's a bit risky though cuz it will breed many afkscp situations. +1 055 I was thinking of a way to suggest this myself. Although intresting we have too many people that just randomly shoot when seeing a diffrent model than the basic (happens to me all the time) +1
  3. Reading this is hell I'd suggest a separate post for the diffrent category of the suggestion. I'm going to make each category a separate post so I can repost them if you do make separate posts. 2999-b is fine, I'm always up for more respawning types. The ability is useful but could be a way to trap its fellow scp in rather than helping them, and its a bitch to get a level 5 door open as we have no respawn class that starts with a level 5. +1 093-1 I've always liked this scp lore wise but it's pretty huge. I'd suggest the 093-2 do a bit more since 093 is so slow. +1 1504 probably the most intresting one I see in this list for hostile scp. I'd suggest a respawn system similar to scp 076, but with a 1-2 min delay +1 016 is good with the rage mode, maybe make the charge only stop when hitting a wall and have a 1 second stunned phase to balance it. +1 4725 seems enjoyable, perhaps give it a bit more hp. +1 527 is a good meme scp. It can serve the opposite role as scp 035 trying to get scp out. +1 1507 maybe make it a respawn or special round as it's a lot of scp to spawn at once and would take too many scp slots. Other than that it seems fine. +1 020 fun to have an scp against mtf that spawns with them, but to prevent all the mtf being instantly infected I'd suggest a 15-30 second second infections +1 Any not listed I'm either neutral on or already commented on the original post
  4. First one is fine but respawning spectators is usually a recipe for delaying scps since most people are afk
  5. Why not all snipers, and give cain an awp
  6. Bugs Thread

    Er-1 and all the other old guns were removed, bug is invalid
  7. +1 Doesnt really seem too overpowered and I'm always up for support oriented scps
  8. +1 Both suggestions are good, but ntf would be really nice since I'm not sure the players are ready for a new map
  9. +1 Could be intresting, but on the other hand some people would intentionally get infected to make the game easier for themselves concidering they can still pick up everything.
  10. These could be intresting but seem to give to much extra, especially to some respawns thatbwe already had to heavily nerf.
  11. No one would want to play it due to lack of abilities, just sounds like a worse 035
  12. Site 02 thing

    That just ruins the fun of searching, and tells everyone where my precious level 4 spawns are
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