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  1. gfl council darkling

  2. it sucks to see you go, good luck with whatever you do next
  3. Steam Name(s): bowoof @@@@ chilledcupcake Lean etc etc SteamID: (main/mutedSTEAM_1:0:141130857)(altSTEAM_0:0:564661568) Admin that banned you: Brandun What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Perm Silence Why should you be unbanned? I have been muted on gfl since June, and gagged since March. I want to be unsilenced on gfl servers because I think that I have changed, I am not the toxic person that used to harass players on the server that I was, and I think I should have another chance. I also put my alt's steamid because I would like to play on that one on csgo, whether I am unmuted or not, because my main account has a csgo communications mute. So if this appeal doesn't get me unmuted, can you silence the other account so I can use it without evading a punishment.
  4. why are u purple not red

    1. Liloz01


      resigned over a month ago

    2. bowoof


      hey u are red again gratz

  5. u are a gay ❤️

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