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  1. jailbreak1!1!1!

    can u guys not
  2. Twas fun!

    miss u bb
  3. It’s literally perfect for farming ct kills and that’s bout it. Sometimes I go down the vent that’s supposed to kill me but it doesn’t so I just get stuck there. As for mini games, they aren’t very good and not exactly fun or interesting. Overall bad map.
  4. As much as I like the second design, I prefer the first one because it looks better with the GFL logo and the forums overall in my opinion
  5. I was on when that happened. The other 2 weren’t VWd because the system works and they are actually good wardens
  6. I think the shooting in stack is dumb, and the vg votes are fine because I have been able to rally up the ts to vg a retarded ct on several occasions.
  7. Motorstreak is more fun to ping anyway
  8. Bruh

    1. Leks



    2. Lean



  9. Thank you ace, very cool!
  10. @Leks reported to Portugal police
  11. Leks always seemed to be interested in young boys like chef. I think we got em bois.
  12. $20 Steam Card

    Idc about the giveaway but why aren’t you using obs
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