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  1. Nag tried to teach me this once; it gave him a tumor from how stupid I am.
  2. Halo Coming to PC

    Wasn't it already?
  3. Last Comment; I win.
  4. My mind went to Dunkirk, the way this used "visual storytelling" and how Christopher Nolan implemented that in the other film. The response spoke for itself. Critical darling and definitely a massive hit but his most faithful were left unsure what they just watched. I kinda feel bad knowing that.
  5. I watched it last night. Pretty mind blowing if slightly long winded and fascinating eye candy to engage your mind, but possibly leave others feeling unsure what they just watched. I think the picture below describes accurately how it'd be received today if it was released now; impressive but failed execution. That speaks more for how people see the past though. What did everyone else think?
  6. Help

    Thank you everyone.
  7. Help

    1.) Yes. It goes from okay to crap. 2.) I think about an hour or so. 3.) I only play GMod.
  8. Help

    My computer keeps freezing and GMod keeps crashing on me. How do I stop this from happening? I don't know my specs. My computer is a 4440s ProBook.
  9. Man, I wish I had seen this happen. Excellent story, der mono!
  10. I can get behind that.
  11. Hey Airee; do you have an example of that old Hud? I don't remember it.
  12. HOW TO: Chromium!

    I uploaded it but it says Enter Beta Code to unlock private betas; is there something I'm missing?
  13. Jobs

    +1 for underground killer (Gowther's idea) and the other ones. Especially for the Hobo's being able to piss in public.
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