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  1. you mentioned you're a streamer; what do you stream and where do you stream on?
  2. do you want anything else for the banner? maybe like a collage of batgirl renders?
  3. my man @TheSadBandit behold penguin abbey road wallpaper
  4. wow this is a lot (but none the less, pretty easy) ; i'll start it when i can. do you need an exact date for the project to be finished?
  5. alright, took a bit of time with this one
  6. @LLJ Lemme know if it needs updating: Mortis Bull
  7. who can help with loading screens?
  8. if no one takes this up / responds to this message by the end of the day; i'll do it for ya
  9. well, im not sure if my opinion is valid but, this new change kinda sucks, it was good how it was in the past, no need for changes. (i'll go more into detail when i come back from work)
  10. good luck brodie, college aint no joke
  11. no problem broski, lemme know if you need more work done. (i do overlays too) side note: we have the same panels in twitch lmao, didnt even see that, they just fit so well with my aesthetic screens