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  1. Radify Here

    As you all may know, I've been enlisted into the military. I will be leaving to bootcamp 7/17/18. I still wanna be in the media team as a graphic designer, however i don't want to resign, so i guess ya'll can put me off on hold that be great. Well ima miss yall, ill see you in a few months. Signing off
  2. Profile Banner

    -.- it was me
  3. So I made a loading screen on Photoshop for a prop hunt server but how do I get the index.html file/ how do i make one so the server information can change per load?
  4. Profile Banner

    thats a nice signature xD
  5. Profile Banner

    Not sure if this is an on-going project, I'm cleaning up this section and am giving old posts 2 days to be answered or I'm closing them. Tagging the people who took up the request to decide: @TheSadBandit
  6. Art request

    @GOKU update?
  7. need any more changes or we are all good?
  8. so do you want the 1st or 2nd design?
  9. Art request

    Here is the banner
  10. Art request

    @GOKU Here are the profile pictures; still working on banner #1 #2 #3
  11. here"s #2: YT banner: twitter banner: profile picture: twitch offline:
  12. @-_Fx_- yooooo its coming out clean, i made you a twitter banner too cuz why not. And i added in a text if that was ok. I made 2 designs cuz i don't know which one was better Design #1: yt banner, twitter header, twitch offline, overlay, profile pic (in order) PNG overlay file
  13. this is actually my favorite type, i love vapor wave. it's gonna look nice