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  1. Heres the sig: use this website to resize to your liking: https://ezgif.com/resize
  2. Banner portion done: 1 - png file 2 - jpeg file
  3. No problem. Glad you liked it. This request can be closed now
  4. sorry for the delay, i applaud you for being so patient. i shall finish working on it today in the afternoon. might be able to finish either the banner or signature. hopefully both 🙂
  5. i been really busy with school and work; i'll see who can finish it up for ya
  6. just got back from vacation, sorry its taking so long
  7. working on em now; my only off day this week
  8. i actually forgot about this im sorry; i'll finish it by this week (Work has been hectic. My shifts are usually 9-1am or 9-6am)
  9. sorry for the wait; after i finish class *this week* i should be able to finish your request
  10. My Artwork 🙏

    I did mention Google gave me renders. Just saying. And yes it's my work. Done by me on my pc
  11. My Artwork 🙏

    ight lmk when, you know where to find me
  12. Bae's Gallery

    you shall make me a signature; i'll slide in them dms later (update: still working on your banner and signature. been crazy with school + work)
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