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  1. Happy Birthday~

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    I'll finish the final draft when @motorsteak sends me the first draft
  3. glad you liked it. any changes you would like to be made to it?
  4. Hope you like it.
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    i like where you're going with this but needs some edits. when you finish with the final draft, if you want, i can help you edit it and make it look semi-professional.
  6. im back from bootcamp, long story short. im here for only 6-8 more months and going back, but i'll take up on this request @TheJitFace
  7. As you all may know, I've been enlisted into the military. I will be leaving to bootcamp 7/17/18. I still wanna be in the media team as a graphic designer, however i don't want to resign, so i guess ya'll can put me off on hold that be great. Well ima miss yall, ill see you in a few months. Signing off
  8. So I made a loading screen on Photoshop for a prop hunt server but how do I get the index.html file/ how do i make one so the server information can change per load?
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    thats a nice signature xD
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    Not sure if this is an on-going project, I'm cleaning up this section and am giving old posts 2 days to be answered or I'm closing them. Tagging the people who took up the request to decide: @TheSadBandit
  11. Art request

    @GOKU update?