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  1. Need a banner

    It looks good but yea 😂 I want the dipshitz bigger cuz I want it to be a lot more bigger than the podcast
  2. Need a banner

    Can you make the podcast all in caps and make DIPSHITZ bigger other than that it looks great
  3. Need a banner

    Profile Banner: Size: idc but not to small Render, Image, or Theme: Text (Place in spoiler): Instead of saying misfits can it say DIPSHITZ Color Scheme/Style/Effect: make the color of dipshitz just be Green and podcast be more bold text and have a blue outline thanks Example/Reference: if u could get rid of the play button in the left thanks
  4. At least I can eat beef
  5. Me crushing my girlfriend skull for being disobedient.
  6. I was only in that discord and I apologize that expressing my opinion makes it look like I don’t deserve a second chance
  7. Well I think I got banned cuz it’s not popping up and I never broke any rules to get banned. But if ur mad that someone tries to give there opinion that’s pretty dumb.
  8. Badges

    I like them good job @queue and @Korowa
  9. Knew cap was gonna pick up the hammer ngl predicted most of the movie really good movie still hurts man
  10. Just because it started off good doesn’t mean it will stay that way take a look at purge for an example it started off great then died quickly when new servers come out people flock to them then get bored and return to there old servers.
  11. Something I can play wish there was a Saxton Hale server tho
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