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  1. Um jat baby why didn’t you do this for me Friday in my birthday 😞
  2. I know this is a old post but why do you look just like fitz 😂
  3. Taking pictures for photography which I was forced to take.
  4. Pedro you just made me shit my pants I love you now
  5. Don’t worry since you’re a ninja u can just kill him
  6. Please saxton Hale or freak fortress that’s the only thing I play on tf2 and I will come back just to play please oh god please
  7. I admit there is some favoritism in GFL but not in the way you’re saying a lot of managers that were chosen were the only people that have been able to revive the dead servers and just because you recommend someone doesn’t mean they will get manager as rick said if that would happen I don’t think GFL would be a thing. And last time I checked correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t PVK dead? I mean I managed the server and loved it to death but I personally think it’s time to end it seeing as it has like 40 players monthly.
  8. Did you drop out of high school?
  9. If you meant to apply for member use this link https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/
  10. Jit buddy why do you quote the entire thing just highlight a part and hit “quote selection”
  11. Im Way too Bored

  12. I’m surprised mods didn’t get mad at him saying pornhub
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