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  1. Because that’s what this post is for, silly.
  2. This was last night (October 27th). The server hadn’t had a restart for a while... this went on for maybe 30 rounds or so. Eventually got used to it
  3. This guy spawn in a while back. This was his actual skin. We ran around like a crazy until he was gunned down. When he was killed, he just stood there like a statue. I want it.
  4. @Franchize wears a wig - confirmed.
  5. I just want you to know... BoxxyBabee (the original version) is like... muh life. 

    I listed to “Love & Trolls” at least once a day ::D:

    Love the profile picture. 

    +1 for being awesome. 

    1. Boxy


      LOOOVEE! Im not trollin!

  6. Spoke too soon? When are we starting the revolution, Vio?
  7. I had the older version of that! I tried to use it on the first version of Aircraft Simulator... back with dial up. Didn't work well. I had that
  8. I would probably be a lot worse with a mouse.
  9. Is there any other way to play TTT? Do people play sober?! Is that a thing?
  10. Can't wait to have you back, Cab. Almost started to think you were, but a dream.
  11. I'm usually pretty drunk when I play this ;-P Not that he helped me change it, but he told me the option exists. Guess I never really looked into it much. Saddest part is I am an IT. . . I get paid to do this shit. . . Face = Palm.
  12. We can't all be you instructor Zero If there were more bodies to slay, perhaps I'd have stayed more bodies. Alas, there were but 9 players I ran into. Poor unfortunate souls.