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  1. It's been a fun ride, @MilkMan. We both knew this day was coming, but it doesn't stop it from feeling foreign. Seeing the name color change takes a little getting used to. Both you and Vio were staples of TTT MC. The last of the greatest have fallen and now a new era begins. Welcome back to the other side. Hope to see you online from time to time. 🦑
  2. I've been to Tokyo and Singapore. I've always wanted to go to Sydney, but the Navy wasn't cool enough to make that port call. Either way, good update, Roy!
  3. I'd have to say the following: @Violator - "Apply for Member today". He was my first GMOD TTT Division Leader, "the voice" of TTT, and had one of the most chaotic bloody resignations I've ever seen (just as I got trial admin). I still think his voice should be played every 15 minutes on GFL TTT saying "Apply for Member today." @TheLastBee - The first Admin on TTT I ever met. He took the time to explain to me how to play TTT because I had no idea what I was doing. This was in 2017. @MilkMan - My first ServerManager. Cancerous gay boi who accepted me as Trial Admin (after eternity) and taught me how to be a Server Manager. Outstanding co-manager and rightful heir to the title. Love this guy. "Okayyyyyyy broooo." @TheSadBandit - My admin sponsor. We've had each other's back through some tough times. He gave me the benefit of the doubt when I was a newbie and I've put my neck out for him too. Definitely a controversial name in GFL, but I love him to death anyway. @EmoBrony38 - the only Admin to say, "I don't want to read reports anymore so Im just going to slay you." Absolutely terrible XD @Jerry Hat Trick - I've liked this guy from day one despite how much rage there can be at times. H's definitely found his niche in GFL.
  4. I think something has gone terribly wrong here. @motorsteak
  5. This is such an awesome achievement! Thanks for everything, @Roy! GFL Forever!
  6. I would need to look at the !motd for rotation, but on TTT MC, traps must be called out in text chat. The reason for this was not only so that it could potentially be verified, but we do have several members in our community (and staff) that are hearing impaired. It's also very easy for someone to either claim they called it out when they didn't, call it out softly and have it muffled by other people screaming, or for someone not to have a working or calibrated mic. Like I said, check the !motd to be sure it's not already included, but it should definitely be called out in text chat. 🙂 It might take a second or two longer, but it's safer. Edit: As of 25APR20, it is not included in the TTT Rotation !motd. @Duck. @JadedJade @MilkMan is this something we want to include/add to Rotation?
  7. A fond memory. 

    Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 4.17.15 PM.png

  8. Hello friends, After spending the last 8 weeks in Officer training, I've put a lot of thought into this decision and looking at my life, habits, and future, must resign my position and step down from being a Server Manager. I cannot in good conscious remain a Server Manager when I am no longer doing what is needed and/or expected of someone with that title. Though I would love to remain an active participant in this community, I cannot in good faith do so as a Server Manager, as I feel it would be both dishonest and a disservice to the community and my staff who expect more from someone fulfilling that role. I no longer manage server files and I no longer find the idea of answering dozens of reports per game appealing as I once did and as we expect our Admin to do. I can honestly say giving up the community will be the hardest part. I have come to enjoy my staff more than anything. Being a part of the discussions, being a guiding voice and sometimes the voice of reason, and managing new applications has been tremendously rewarding, as has managing the forums on GFL (I am OCD and like to keep forums clean). I've loved every second of it. My fear is that if I remain a Server Manager, I may become as addicted as I was prior to Officer training, which may in turn lead to me putting on the weight I've worked so hard to lose and procrastinating on running, reading, homework, and family. Before I went to Officer Training, I was easily spending more than 10 hours a day or more on the server and forums. It is incredibly fun, but the happiness is shallow and short lived. I don't see how it can possibly benefit me in my career as a Naval Officer or my life goals, and staying a Server Manager just to keep my spot in the discord is dishonest and does everyone here a disservice.. As I said, this is an incredibly hard decision, as I will be giving up the one thing I've always loved more than anything in GFL, and that is the staff and teams discord, but that is the price I am willing to pay to remain honest with myself, my team, and the community in that, as a Server Manager, I am no longer fulfilling the role that the GFL Directorate or my Division Leader would expect of me. As an aside, having two Server Managers at the same time was never a good idea. Though @MilkMan and I did work well together, and I would back him up every step of the way, our staff often would "mom and pop" us to get their way, which is not the right way to go about things. I will look back fondly on the memories I've had with GFL TTT. I've had more fun here than I could have ever imagined (even if I am still absolutely horrible at the game and still play on a MacBook Pro using a trackpad). I've loved working beside each of you as a part of the team. I've loved our discussions, our memes, and even our overly heated emotional team wide debates about rules, other Admin, and that infuriating hacker we have all come to love and hate. Promoting and training new Admin has always been tremendously rewarding and watching new additions to the server crash and burn as we try to fix the bugs only to destroy the server (on several occasions) has been more than a good time I hope you can reflect as positively on your time on the server and in this community as I can, and I hope my being here as helped influence your experience in a positive way! I believe I will still hop on from time to time and may very well continue to frequent the discord. If I could do so in another way, I absolutely would, but as I have already said, I simply cannot as a Server Manager. I have a really hard time accepting the idea of stepping out of the staff and team discords which have afforded me by far the most entertainment you could ever imagine. You guys are outstanding and I love each of you! But believe me, this is the right thing to do. I wish each and every one of you the very best and nothing, but the brightest future for GFL! Thank you for affording me this outstanding opportunity and many of the best memories! 🦑
  9. Jesus, I'm gone for 2 months and you go off and do something like this?! Man... You leave your kids at home for just a few weeks and they end up getting into more trouble than you could have ever imagined! 😅 Just kidding. Congrats, @Pyros.
  10. @Geass321123 next time, please appeal in the forum that you were originally banned for. I took the liberty of investigating your ban. Seeing as this ban was 5 years ago and was only for Mass RDM (we don't perm ban for that), I have unbanned you. Enjoy playing in the GFL community once more! I hope to see you around! 🦑
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