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  1. You will be missed. You're in a youtube video I found yesterday, by the way.
  2. @Silverwolff you committed Super Mass RDM (which means you RDM'd 9+ players in a single round) back in December 2017. You have been banned for 19 months. I will accept your appeal and unban you, but I expect that you will both enjoy enhance the gameplay of the community while on GFL servers and follow the rules while you are online. If you have any questions, please type !motd while in game to review the rules or talk to one of the Admin.
  3. That moment you realize you have the ability to lock a thread.
  4. @BraeLyn2212 even if a player tells you that you can shoot them, damaging them is still considered RDM. Having outside knowledge of another players role or intentions is considered ghosting. @pinorska will be able to talk more on your specific ban, but understand that you must be very careful when playing with friends or family in order not to accidentally ghost. If your brother wanted to end his round, he should have used !specme or suicided.
  5. @Mr.Fish567 I have unbanned you, but I will advise you to watch your karma during rounds. Your karma is your responsibility. If it is getting low, I suggest playing a few rounds without shooting anyone or spending some time in spectate mode until it recovers. If an Admin is on, you may want to ask them if they wouldn't mind resetting your karma. Your recent bans are starting to develop a trend. I would avoid getting any more of them.
  6. @ColonyWreck you have been unbanned. Please do not set C4 as an Innocences as the likelihood of you getting karma banned from an Innocent attempting a disarm is high. This actually happened to me on New Years Eve and as an Admin I had to serve it out. RIP. Learn from your mistakes.
  7. I was at work. I am in the Hawaii Standard Timezone, so I just got home. You are unbanned. Though I need to warn you that with your rate of 1d bans over this short period of time, you need to watch your karma more carefully. You have more karma bans this week than I have bans, period. If you're low on karma, play it safe and don't shoot anyone or wait a few rounds in spectate.
  8. Welcome to GFL TTT Minecraft 24/7 The most popular GFL server since 2016 The goal of this server is to provide a fun and friendly gaming environment for all players to enjoy! We hope you enjoy our sever as much as we do and decide to become a part of our community! "Isolated on a small uncharted island, a small group of terrorists find themselves lost and forgotten about. . . However as the days pass bodies start to be discovered along their shorelines, caves, and buildings. . . At least someone amongst them is not telling the truth. . . A dangerous TRAITOR must be amongst them. . . The INNOCENT terrorists must stay vigilant and work together in order to protect themselves from the onslaught. The Traitors have one goal in mind - end the terrorists' reign and seize the island for themselves. With the help of a Detective, will the Innocent Terrorists survive until sundown, or will the Traitors emerge victorious?" New to the server? You can familiarize yourself with the rules by reading the Message of the Day (MOTD) by clicking HERE! Want to become a Member? You can can apply for member by clicking HERE. Get access to cool new perks like Traitor/Detective Passes and player models! Best of all it's totally FREE and most players are accepted instantly! Want to elevate your privileges with Supporter or VIP? You can donate to GFL for Supporter or VIP and get access to everything GFL TTT has to offer by clicking HERE! Get access to premium player models, exclusive weapons, and a 50% discount on everything in the Point Shop! Supporter and VIP status lasts for 30 days and can be manually renewed each month at your discretion. Curious about becoming a GFL Admin? Want to be a a part of a close knit team, answer player reports, and ensure players have fun on the server? You can apply for a position as a GFL Admin by submitting an application HERE. You must meet all the requirements as outlined HERE. Got Discord? Want to engage in relevant topics and explore a diverse community of discord channels? Join our Discord today by clicking HERE! Still have questions? Need help? Get advice or assistance from any staff member. The staff roster can be viewed by clicking HERE. Add our server to your Favorites! Server:
  9. @DecoDelinquent there wasn't any record on SourceBan showing you were ever banned in the first place. Regardless, I accept your appeal considering it was 5 years ago. I have unbanned the provided SteamID. Please follow the GFL rules and familiarize yourself with the new !motd. Welcome back to GFL.
  10. You can't smoke weed in the military @TheSadBandit... not until it is Federally Legalized and the DoD passes a ruling stating we could. The last thing you want to do in the military is smoke weed.
  11. And that kids, is why you don't do drugs.
  12. You brought up some awesome talking points. Sprays were for VIP and above before (like, 6+ months ago), but then the file was changed and everyone was able to spray. This is definitely something I'm sure I could change to restrict to Supporter / VIP. I will discuss this with higher staff. GFL is not hurting for donors. I haven't heard of any of my Admin abusing. However, I do get reports about you almost daily - from staff and members. Not only are you abusing the paintball gun after repeated warnings and bans, including from the Server Manager, but you are fairly toxic and for some reason think your donor status puts you above the rules.. Also, why in the world would I ever make someone PAY to work? If anything, the Admin should be asking why they aren't getting paid .. Admin is a job, not a perk. Most days I can't even get on the server because I'm so busy. We volunteer for this, and when it's not fun anymore, resign. No one would ever pay to keep Admin, because it's not a bonus.. it's a lot of work and stress. My Admin are expected to follow the rules and slay, ban, gag, mute appropriately. Whether they are black and white about it, or choose to be more lenient and warn is their prerogative, but they have a very clear guide to follow. If you feel the GFL rules are preventing you from having fun, or that you can't have fun without breaking the rules, perhaps you should find another server to frequent.
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