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  1. Yes, I absolutely skydive. I'm also in the Navy, hence "squid".
    This is a picture of me skydiving at my home DZ at Dillingham airfield in Hawaii. ๐Ÿฆ‘

    Thanks for being so awesome, VilhjalmrF.ย 


  2. Hello, friends. This breaks my heart, but I am resigning from GFL all together. I'd like to explain why. Though I am sure this is going to upset a lot of people. It only goes to prove my point. I can only speak for GFL TTT Gmod, but here goes. . . Essentially, despite GFL entering a golden-age from a technical standpoint, we're in the dark ages regarding staff and drama. Over the last 7 years, TTT MC b5 has stood as a staple of GFL's success. It's unchanging, reliable, and simple layout brought dedicated return players who built up an incredible community. You could log on and always find memorable players online having fun. The staff were awesome and they put players first. But over the last year... most of the experienced Admin have resigned, and for good reason. The maturity of the Admin team has absolutely plummeted, but not in a good way... The humor is gone and the discord is dead...It's all drama and discontent... the feeling of close knit family isn't there anymore. Not even close... And online Admin are more focused on getting high ban numbers than actually caring about the community they are supposed to serve.. The b5 map that we counted on to be unchanging and reliable, started to get a lot of unnecessary changes. b5 was all but phased out and replaced with a rotational slew of congested, hard to navigate, maps... Shiny "new features" were added that makes it basically unappealing to a large demographic of players. It's not simple and clean anymore...it's clustered and cringey. Roy created GFL TTT Rotation specifically for a rotation of maps and to leave TTT MC b5 unchanged. Think of TTT MC like a historical land mark. It was meant to be untouched.... But that history, that respect, that understanding of what made GFL and GFL TTT MC so successful was blatantly disregarded by new Server Managers and new Admin who ran rampant with "great new ideas" that would have been better suited on Rotation or another TTT server. Throughout the last year I've seen Admin fighting with one another, disrespecting one another, back stabbing each other... I personally have been deeply disrespected as a previous Server Manager and loyal member of GFL for 3+ years by new Admin, an inexperienced Server Manager, and a Division Leader.. as if I was less than a nobody... A lot more has happened, but that's left to a more selective audience.. I've seen a severe lack of training and confusion. Admin applicants are somehow accepted with virtually no experience in record time which allows players with a desire for power and authority to "flex" and abuse, but also resign shortly there after because they didn't have to really work for it. They didn't REALLY like the idea of work; they liked the idea of power. Instead of getting quality Admin who stick around for years, we get what we have right now... With that being said, after looking at the state of our once beloved server, the TTT MC "community", the Admin we have now, the staff discord, the void of any resemblance of family of belonging, and the mindless changes being applied to a "historical" server.. I no longer want to be a part of the community. I feel phased out and left behind. I don't feel that belonging I once did. It doesn't bring me happiness... it makes me sad... and the Admin now just made me frustrated. There's only so much someone can do before they realize it's fruitless... I wish you all the best of luck. Some of my most cherished memories will be with GFL. Early 2017 to early 2020. ๐Ÿฆ‘ @Roy, you have done a hell of a job building up this incredible business. What I imagine was this tiny dream has blossomed into something well beyond anything I bet you could have ever imagined. You're the man! There's a reason other communities try to imitate your servers and why the original of TTT MC b5 24/7 is copied by others and so successful. @Liloz01, I appreciate all the time you spent listening to me and for always taking the time to actually take my concerns seriously. Thank you for all the times you had my back and for entertaining the idea of sponsoring me for bigger and better things before the Navy decided to change my life. @MilkMan, bro I seriously wish we could turn back the hands of time to 2017 and do it all over again. It's been a heck of a ride and I wish we could have gone out with a bang instead of a whimper. It's been so anticlimactic and sadly quite painful, especially with all the good times and the highest of highs we had. @TheSadBandit, without your support, I probably would have never got the chance to be an Admin. You're absolutely the worst and I can't thank you enough for it. Don't ever do that again. ๐Ÿ˜… @Violator isn't here anymore, but god damnit, he is a legend in his own right and his iconic "Apply for Member today" will always be forever engrained in my memory. @Jerry Hat Trick, I imagine you've left the community for good with all these tasteless changes, but I've had a lot of fun playing with you online. @motorsteak you've put an absurd amount of time, effort, and dedication into GFL and I don't think it get's recognized nearly as much as it should. It's never gone unnoticed to me. @JadedJade you're the cornerstone.
  3. I missed this.... I am heart broken.
  4. I would love to be a Community Representative (CR) for GFL TTT, unfortunately I don't have the time because of commitments. I wish you the best of luck with whomever you pick! ๐Ÿฆ‘
  5. @Joe with the numbers 2020 claims yet another victim. I have to agree with just about everything you said though. I hope to see you back in the future. I've taken an extended hiatus as well. College is kicking my ass and because I am in the Navy's college program, I have no choice, but to excel. They want a 3.75... Which is hard to maintain with a family. Either way. Hope you get your head on straight and can find some inner peace. TTT MC once was a place where everyone got along and came to escape the drama of the real world, but lately it's been more of a source of drama that drives people away. Hopefully that changes in the future. Thank's for the shout out, bub. Take care of yourself. Hit me up on discord if you ever need anything.
  6. @Roy you are a fucking SAVAGE! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Oh just you wait! @Pyros promote me right now so I can fight this man! Lol
  8. First of all, @MilkMan and @Violator aren't included so this is clearly an incomplete list. Couldn't find @Liloz01 or @SkydivingSquid either so quite concerned. It's like you didn't even try. Lol @Roy is the ULTIMATE best. No contest.
  9. Holy shit. ๐Ÿฆ‘ 2020 claims yet another great.
  10. Not sure where he's been the last week or so, but he's fairly active and knows the rules. Never had an issue with him. +1.
  11. He's fairly active. Never had a real issue with him and he's been around long enough to know the rules and understand the dynamic of the server and community. I'll give him the +1.
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