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  1. Though you left my off your list like a big jerk, I will say this - I will miss you @WigglesWorth. You've been a great Admin to look up to as a role model and I appreciate the help you gave as I learned more about the Admin role. Thank you for your service to the TTT team. I wish you well in your new ventures. 🙂 🦑
  2. For future reference, there is an EDIT option available in each post. Please use this option instead of posting multiple posts. Cheers, Squid.
  3. My ban

    Let’s ask your history why you have a permaban on your account.. Considering that you could have been permabanned after 3 one-week ban offenses, I would say you’ve had more than double the leniency that the Admin rules have put into place... that and your karma bans are ridiculous, which tells me you were probably massing a lot more when Admin were not online.
  4. My ban

    Next 1w offense will be a permaban. Not sure how you’ve made it this far without getting one, but consider this fair warning.
  5. I wasn’t mentioned... though, I don’t think we were ever really on at the same time! Take care, my dude 🦑
  6. Tagging @Pancake Jenkins as the Admin who perma_gagged you. Including screenshot of !comms history. Additionally posting Admin guidance on gag times. With the above guidance and your !comms history, you could have and likely should have earned a perma gag a long time ago. Many Admin have just been too lazy to check into the history. Lately we have been checking ban history and gag history. // What I will say however, is that I do like you as a player and haven’t had an issue with you in the past. The majority of the time, players get gagged for just being obnoxious and don’t usually get warned like they should. However, your history does show that you would receive multiple gags per day... so this does seem to be a habit.. // Tagging @MilkMan as the SM.
  7. History: 1 - Ghosting Perma May 2018 1 - “Consistent” 1 day Mar 2018 1 - RDM 12hr Aug 2017 1 - Mass 1 week Jul 2017 1 - Att Mass 1 week Jun 2017 1 - RDM/Leave 1 day Oct 2016 @MilkMan, based on the length between incidents and that the Admin who banned him isn’t an Admin anymore (at least from what I can see) I would recommend unbanning him with the understanding that another 1w bannable offense (Mass RDM, Targeting, Ghosting) will result in a Perma_ban that cannot be appealed.
  8. Hi, Nick

    ❤️ 🦑

    1. Nick


      Hi, Squidy. 😄

  9. @CurrencyMAC (i.e McLovin) Your ban expires tomorrow night. You were upset that you had a KOS on you and upset someone followed that KOS. You demanded I add slays to both and upon checking the logs I verified that neither player did anything wrong. You then got upset and said that I was letting players control me and that I wasn’t doing my job.. Additionally, since you believed I wasn’t doing my job and you felt both players should have been slain, you threatened them saying you would RDM them yourself. The very next round you found and followed ConMan (the player who followed the KOS) and killed him immediately at the start of the round - despite you being innocent and ConMan being the detective... I originally ban for targeting since I warned you not to RDM either of them at the start of the round and you did anyway. I changed the 1w targeting ban to a 2d ban instead. I feel this is more than fair. TLDR: 2 day ban for: -Arguing with Admin -Disobeying Admin -Threatening 2 Players -Revenge RDM (detective) +Att Revenge RDM (innocent) You will lose out on this weekend, but if you choose to come back on Monday, I hope you do so with intentions on following the rules. Do not take matters into your own hands. Admin carefully review the reports and make informed, unbiased decisions.
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