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  1. He’s just trying to get promoted. Isn’t going to work, @UnknownTimes! Wiggles left and got Director. I said I never wanted SM and got SM. You have to try something different. 😉 🦑
  2. @Ben you are well aware of the maps I think will generate the most traffic and keep our community happy. I think if we include several of the best minecraft and regular maps, we will get the best outcome. However, again, I recommend on limiting our map selection to approximately 8 maps. I think this will limit our players selection and increase their satisfaction with our server and product. Let me know if you’d like me to list the maps again. Cheers! 🦑
  3. ban appeal

    I moved your appeal to the correct server. You were banned on GFL TTT Rotation. I will be tagging @Zero since he was the Admin who administered the ban. He should be responding to your appeal shortly. 🦑
  4. STOP. I want to remind everyone that this is not the forum to discus individual wrong doings, nor was it ever intended to call anyone out. There are different forums for that, such as appeals etc. Let’s focus on the matter at hand and try not to deviate from what this topic is bringing to light. Do not let this devolve into a shit show. Squid 🦑
  5. Honestly, with having a 1w ban on your record for att mass + leave within the last year and an RDMx2 and leave within the last couple months, I think you should serve this one out. I appreciate the honesty in your report, but you clearly RDM’d at least twice - (killing someone, even if they dared you, is still RDM). Take this time to familiarize yourself with the rules. When your 24 hour ban expires, pay more attention to your karma. If your karma is low, you can always ask an Admin to give you a karma reset. Most will be happy to help you out. 🦑
  6. I know I’m late to the party, but 10/05/19 is definitely October 5th, 2019... This is why we dumped your tea into the ocean.
  7. Kos Squid he has one huge harpoon! 😮

  8. Get your activity up, fool! 

    1. Muse


      Sorry dad i was at the bank

  9. 1. Bringing everyone back without changing anything from the last 5 years is bound to have some shit consequences. Husbands, wives getting remarried - how complicated. Loved ones having died in those 5 years - so you get brought back to life and your loved one is dead. That sucks. Getting brought back as a kid and realizing your class (well... half your class) aged 5 years and are way ahead of you. That sucks. That high school crush is now way out of your league. . . // OR what if you “respawn” in a location that had something in the way? Like what if they built a building over you, or a car, or something like that? Do you “respawn” and “glitch die?”. // What happened to pregnant mothers who were ash’d away, but their fetus wasn't selected? Did they both get ashed, do they count as one, does the fetus get left behind and die? And finally, what if you were at home mid-shit when you got snapped away - but in those 5 years your house was destroyed and they built a pre-school over it, and you get snapped back, only to realize you are now taking a massive hanging dump in front of 30 pre-school children with your pants around your ankles... do you go to prison? 2. Why didn’t another hero pick up the glove and snap to return Iron Man, Hulk, and themselves to full health. I mean, if it can do anything, couldn’t it also grant them protection from the stones’ power? - Why not have Nebula do it? 3. Totally called it that Black Widow was going to take the fall and that they’d go back for more particles to time travel more. I’m a little upset that I didn’t call Captain America going back and staying. 4. How in the ever living f*ck are they going to return the Soul Stone. Red skull dude is going to be one confused mother f*cker.
  10. As @TheSadBandit mentioned, aimbotting is a permanent ban which can be appealed after 1 year from the time of ban. @MilkMan would be the only person who would have the authority to overrule this decision, however considering you admitted to aimbotting, it is unlikely the decision will be overturned. If you are still interested in being a part of the GFL community, you may submit an appeal on April 7th, 2020. The Senior Admin and Server Manager will search you history to validate that you have not been caught or banned from cheating/hacking in that year timeframe. If your record comes back clean, you may be allowed access to our servers again. Squid 🦑
  11. I’ve never played breach or even know the first thing about it. . . but this looks fun. May have to give it go someday.
  12. @kebablove, please edit your original post to match the format required. See @nblockbuster’s post under yours with the format. You were banned by @Zero for att mass. You killed the Detective, an Inno, and damaged another Inno before dying. You also have a recent karma ban in your history for RDM. Once you edit your post at the top, give Zero a reason why you think you should be unbanned. The decision is ultimately up to him.
  13. @Qasem / @Liloz01 I have since improved my activity on the forums and discord.
  14. Attached is a screenshot of your ban history. You have [3] week bannable offenses on your account. October 7th - targeting October 25h - targeting November 3rd - mass ^ All three of these offenses occurred in a span of less than a month. . . @motorsteak should have ban you for 1 month back in October, but you got off easy on that. @TheSadBandit upgraded your ban per Admin ban guidance to permaban since it was your 3rd offense. Guidance on 1w bannable offenses - (att mass, mass, ghosting, targeting, etc.) 1st offense: 1 week ban 2nd offense: 1 month ban 3rd offense: Permaban In regards to your appeal, you didn’t give an explanation, offer an apology, or give a sincere plea asking for an Admin to unban you. Instead, you essentially said the ban was uncalled for and unjustified. . . Permabans are typically appealable after 1 year from the date of the permaban.
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