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  1. Visual Skin Bug

    I have noticed this the past few weeks to. It was happening this morning. Good report.
  2. Then make it so it is a Traitor only tool, ya dingus.
  3. I like a lot of the suggestions you have and want to thank you for offering them. Not many people want to play as detective, and you’re right - those who get selected don’t often do their job. I think it’s a great idea to give incentives for placing health stations or getting DNA. Armor would be a give-away for Traitors - unless we create a system where players who kill a Traitor are given 1 credit. That credit can be used to buy or “repair” armor. That would be the only way to make it fair. I think that would be a neat idea. Shotguns are fine in the game as is. Some players are good with shotguns, but others can’t aim to save their lives. Shotguns are great at close range, but not so much with long range. Perhaps lower the range for this weapon. Snipers are powerful, but require more skill. I see these every match. Most people get the M16 - since there are more of these on the map. The other weapons are not used as often. I would like to see the H.U.G.E have increased damage. It is a hard weapon to control and fires a much larger round (in real life) and it should reflect that in the damage logs. It is also very loud and should make an innocent player a target. My favorite suggestion you had was a ranking structure - where players get rank the more they are on the server and the better they play. Class (such as silver, gold, diamond) is a pretty good idea too and I am sure could be tied together with rank. I would say players should also be able to lose rank based on RDM’ing etc (but not something an Admin can modify). - REVIVE / DEFIBRILLATOR- Personally, I would love to see a revive / defib added to the game. The detective can buy it for 1 credit, and detective can buy it for 3 credits. I say that because detectives are given very limited credits, where as Traitors can acquire more - furthermore, Traitors are far more powerful than innocents. It should cost more credits to bring them back. (Additional Idea to the above) Let’s talk about the identity of a Traitor who has just been revived. Should MilkMan come back as MilkMan? Let’s say he went guns blazing in front of an audience - everyone saw, and there were multiple KOS put on him.. You could argue that even if he came back as MilkMan, that is still giving the Traitor team a generous advantage and would force MilkMan to either try and be sneaky or say f*ck it and get whatever kills he can. (Continued) Or we can have a system in place where a Traitor's revive / defib once purchased must be “loaded” with an identity (much like the DNA scanner). Once you collect an identity (preferably from an unidentified body of someone who was "missing in action") - the Traitor can then go to their Traitor buddy’s body and revive them. That Traitor buddy will then come back to life as the person who was “missing in action”. If we were to use this system it would make revival much harder and I would ague that the revive / defib could then be lowered to 1-2 credits. (Continued) Additionally, we could limit the use of the revive / defib to the last Traitor, making it a “hail marry” item, where it can only be purchased if the Traitor is in-fact the last Traitor alive and has saved up the required 1-3 credits required to purchase it or force them to try and scrounge up those credits. (Continued) The “missing in action” body who’s identify was stolen can either be: 1. - Left as is (risking being discovered and the identity being compromised). 2. - Hidden or destroyed by the Traitor to prevent discovery. 3. - Disappear once the identity is collected for the revive / defib. Perhaps if the unidentified body is discovered, the Traitor using that identity has their original name displayed. Just some ideas. - TESTER ROOM TRAP- My proposed change to the Tester is that it become automated. If the light turns RED it automatically drops a player and the player who dies is notified, “You were killed by an activated T-trap” so they know it is not RDM. We could also make it so that players/detectives do not drop those being tested and instead the system is all automated. However, I think the Traitor should be able to trap the tester so if a Traitor were to go into a trapped tester instead of an Innocent it would appear to be GREEN.
  4. Welcome back, stranger. 🦑
  5. I know this is 2.5 years late, but members can now buy skins. MilkMan just added them. Also, Happy New Year 😉 #DeadPost
  6. I gotta get my numbers up. . . Quality over quantity. 🦑 Not bad considering I’ve only been an admin for like 2 months realistically. Fucking deployments. Projected: 114 x 6 = 684 bans 🤣
  7. Many mistakes were made 😂
  8. Now it is! Happy New Year @Zer0!
  9. Name: SkydivingSquid 🦑 Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:81405515 Banned by: CONSOLE Ban reason: Low Karma Why you should be unbanned: Ever watch a lobby systematically screw you? Like an idiot, I disarmed a C4 and since it was close to the end of the round set it for 10 minutes... well... don’t my fun little friends all decide to huddle up and cut a wire randomly killing themselves. Of course this comes with reports and decisions not to forgive the “mean admin” who was “abusing” them because I wouldn’t let them break the rules or say racist things Before I could even react I got karma banned. The irony was, I was warning someone about their karma just as I got kicked. 🦑 Please unban me so I can go back to my job and making sure @Ryann and dixbefloppin behave @MilkMan
  10. The Jihad bomb is a Traitor weapon. The Jihad bomb (unused) is dropped upon Traitor’s death and can then be picked up by anyone. The only way to get rid of a Jihad bomb is to use it or die before using it. You cannot use “Q” to discard a Jihad bomb. You are forced to die a lonely death as a martyr or RDM’ing asshole 🦑
  11. I say we implement a rule where if you falsely accuse someone in a report, the accuser gets a slay. 😏 But I agree with almost everything the other admin’s are saying. A free “T pass” would be abused immediately... it would be nice if there was a way that Admin could refund a “T pass” to members who were RDM’d within 1 minute of their purchased T-round. Perhaps a prompt that shows when a T was RDM’d and if they had purchased a T-pass and whether or not the Admin wants to refund it. !refund_tpass
  12. I was playing the other day and Dixbeflopping threw it at me and it went right through me. Ended up getting himself killed lol Harpoon is also more than single use (or can at least be bought at least a couple times if not more) Finally, it gets put in my 5 slot... which for me, using a trackpad makes it nearly impossible to select since it fights with the magneto stick and I don’t have a mouse wheel... please put it in another slot - like 6. Thank you! 🦑