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  1. @Geass321123 next time, please appeal in the forum that you were originally banned for. I took the liberty of investigating your ban. Seeing as this ban was 5 years ago and was only for Mass RDM (we don't perm ban for that), I have unbanned you. Enjoy playing in the GFL community once more! I hope to see you around! πŸ¦‘
  2. Unbanned regardless. πŸ¦‘
  3. Aloha, everyone. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I must say..... I'll be gone for a couple months πŸ˜‚ I am shipping out to Rhode Island for Naval officer school and won't be able to get until sometime late April early May once I move from Hawaii to Alabama, where I will living for the next 3 years. To be honest, after living in Hawaii for 6 years, it's going to be hard to live anywhere else. Being able to go to the beach every day, wake up to warm sunshine and a breeze that kept everything cool, or just living a simple quiet life where the air is clean and the people are happy. But here I am rambling. I just wanted to make sure the TTT MC 24/7 and TTT Rotation communities (and staff) knew where I've disappeared to. I wish you all the very best and can't wait to see you all again in a couple months. πŸ¦‘
  4. Your appeal has been accepted. Make sure you pay more attention to your karma next time! πŸ¦‘
  5. Updated: Added Royal back as Admin.. πŸ¦‘
  6. I like it, but I am not sure how difficult that would be to code/implement. We will definitely take a look into it.
  7. πŸ¦‘ @Liloz01 would it be considered abuse if I locked this?
  8. @Fetus your appeal has been accepted. Welcome back! πŸ¦‘
  9. @blakeggg3 your appeal has been accepted. πŸ¦‘ Only the fastest service on TTT MC. Lol Sorry I didn't check this earlier!
  10. Before you begin a player report, please try to reach an Admin first on steam, GFL discord, or through private message on the forums. You will need strong evidence to support your report. Screenshots, demos, videos etc. If you do not have any proof, please do not make a report. Typically reports should be on players for violating rules that would result in a 1w ban or more. Behavior to report includes Mass RDM, Targeting, Ghosting, Aimbot, Hacking, Advertising, Extreme Racism (mute/gag) and prohibited sprays. **Note, if a spray contains an illegal image, do not screen shot the image. Do not post the image on this forum. Contact an Admin immediately using the discord link by clicking here and gather as much information on the player as possible. USING THIS LINK, COPY AND PASTE THE TEXT BELOW TO SUBMIT A REPORT Your Information: Name(ingame): Steam ID: Their Information: Name(s): Steam ID(s): Additional Information: Time of incident(include timezone and date): What happened: Proof:
  11. Updated: Removed Duc2000 and Royal from staff after formal resignation. πŸ¦‘ Formally removed Pancake Jenkins for inactivity and resigning from GFL.
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