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  1. ill catch you on the forums kiddo
  2. I was 9 5 years ago this is not fair I am calling a recount see y’all in the Supreme Court (idk could be cool but it’s not necessary)
  3. i am the master at everything and anything i can make a guide
  4. alrighty guys so it appears all my clear attempts to win the day get foiled by a new server coming out and everyone likes the person who posted the MOTD more than my post, or also this emoji which always gets me so im making a guide and im going to follow this guide because its clearly proven and totally not something i wrote on the spot after doing months and months of reading analytics for the community and finding out what gets likes here we go so: step 1) make a big post about something important that a lot of people agree with but ultimately won't change (NOTE: if it doesn't change, that's good because you can maximize profit by reposting it a month later ) [ALTERNATE STEP 1] resign but make sure you are important enough to get likes step 2) reply to it with something else to get even more likes [ALTERNATE STEP 3] make sure to tag the entire community so they feel obligated to like the post step 3) profit [ALTERNATE STEP 3] mega profit i thought of something funnier last night but i forgot it so this'll do guys im running out of ideas
  5. The Director Dilemma

    but but but i can look at the logs of all purchases that is very transparent okay nevermind a director is making me actually read this is not transparent this is very opaque
  6. guys dm me suggestions i need ideas for a new post because my last post didnt win the day :lenny:

    1. motorsteak



    2. Syntax



  7. humble bundle lowkey looking like a snack and im me at 3am checking my fridge
  8. i can make a entire tutorial i am very good at these
  9. that was what the redacted part was i was going to make a part 2 you've discovered the secret
  10. ive made a gif

    1. Duc2000


      sorry this isn't tik tok

  11. Hello GFL Community, You've all probably wondered in the recent months where my shitposts were. After many months of research, time, and dedication into my art, I have discovered something that nobody else has discovered within GFL. GFL's innermost secret. The secret that nobody wanted to hear, but I want you all to hear. So i've looked through the archives of the world, the ancient scrolls. THE ANCIENT TEXTS MY BOYS. My discoveries might as well have an entire episode on the discovery channel, especially for all the good research and PR potent- I mean.. Recently, we've seen a lad emerge to the top of GFL. He has gone through many hardships. Manager, Team Leader, Council, and now, finally, Director. He's been working months to reach this position, but why? Using top secret infiltration powers under Article 25 Section 3 of the GFL Constitution, it states: "Astro may use MTF Beta-1 "Cauterizers" to monitor and retrieve information from the HQ and desk office of GFL HQ" What did they retrieve? Well, you won't believe it. What does this show? - Minecraft Division was the start of it all - Roblox division isn't happening sadly - @rapperdan isn't getting director - Furry RP is a no - @Ben Roy is Director - Redacted things we couldn't retrieve because @Roy grabbed a belt and started beating up the Beta-1 because they are not authorized to have weapons other than a water gun. But the most important thing to take out of all of this Benroy is at the center of this all. He is the root. Root words. Root... The root of Benroy is Ben... Ben... and... Roy... confirmed @Ben Roy is @Roy's alt case solved
  12. virusking. you must not have been here that long but you cannot resign it is impossible the coffee machine still works get a nice cup (didn’t know ya, good luck with your future endeavours)