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  1. did u just like admit to using a vpn to dodge your ban before you were unbanned
  2. ariana grande muy bonita

  3. Good Evening GFLClan. It is with great sadness that I have made my appearance today, for tradegy has struck. Earlier today, Spongebob Creator Stephen Hillenburg has lost his life in a battle to ALS at age 57. Stephen brought upon a show that has lived through many hardships, and inspired many childhoods. He will be remembered as one of the greatest cartoon writers of the century. After the mourning period for Stephen was over, everyone was prepared, and got back into their normal routine, tradegy had struck again. Young Busco (young look in English) has passed away at age 31. Many don’t know who this man was, but he was a master. His legacy will be remembered throughout the meme community, as one of the greatest memers. He was the created of a meme that inspired much literature, and stories to be written. Cars to be flown. Planes to be ridden. Boats to be driven. He created the “WHAT ARE THOSE!!” meme. I thank him for his service to his country. For his work, he will be awarded the Grand Memer Edge, 1st Class. Rest in Paradise my boys. STEPHEN HILLENBURG 1961 - 2018 BRANDON ‘YOUNG BUSCO’ MOORE 1987-2018
  4. hit or miss this post missed the garbage can
  5. @Xy_ send in beta 1, they’ve found us out
  6. i'm 14 tomorrow do you guys love me yet

  7. VIP not working

    I don't have an exact time for when the map will restart, so when it does if you could notify me if it works or not, and if not, I'll tag a Council member to help assist.
  8. VIP not working

    You said CSS, so I wouldn't be exactly sure. Which CSS server are you on? If it's one that changes maps frequently, then it should be soon.
  9. VIP not working

    You still have the permanent tag on your account, so I believe it should still be active for you? Maybe since you just recreated your account ~35 minutes ago, and the server needs the map change to log it into the rank system.