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  1. where do i apply (grats @Pyros @Skittlez)
  2. name: astro u have penis: yes roblox division leader: no want to be roblox division leader: yes anything else yes give me dl
  3. wtf where my director @ this is discrimination just cuz I’m roblox divison leader I can’t be promoted smh (gratz)
  4. Thank you for taking the time to fill out your resignation. Sadly, we are going to have to Deny it, as you don't reach the recommended amount of hours we advise to resign. Thanks, Astro P.S. ❤️ goodluck with your future endeavours [I CANT/LOCK THREADS]
  5. its the weekend before summer in 2009. you've just downloaded the new DLC for call of duty waw. there are new weapons, the map is called 'shi no numa', and you are your buddies are trying to get to a high round. you hit round 5 and hear 'fetch me their souls'. wyd

  6. welcome back brother
  7. silly kite oh yeah site 61 sexy asf +1
  8. This is not something that's effective unless you have a solid playerbase (which i'll bring up a lot). If the server is currently a survival/skyblock server where we prioritize servers that are long-term where you play to build and create with friends. Skywars and Bedwars are something that people hop on, play a few games, and leave. The Hypixel Network can do it with very big success because they have that 20-40 thousand players a day, and the server is mainly mini-game prioritized.
  9. I think a prison server as a starter to gain players, and then once we get a solid playerbase we could expand into Factions. If we try and make a factions server in our current state, it'll be dead before it starts due to the amount of people that are currently active, so opening it would have a low playercount therefore a monopoly of high ranking factions (again, killing it before it starts)
  10. i wake up and realized i snoozed my alarm 20 times. i run to my dad and wake him up. i say 'dad, im late for school'. he looks at me and says 'hi, im dad'


    and then i die

  11. I was 9 5 years ago this is not fair I am calling a recount see y’all in the Supreme Court (idk could be cool but it’s not necessary)
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