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  1. it was me im sorry guys but i called the ceo of racism and he said it was a no go : (
  2. just got off the phone with joe

  3. i miss everyone ❤️

    1. Duc2000


      miss you too

    2. Hello.


      Who are you again? :lenny: 

    3. Spookchimo


      ur forever 12 but u should come back

  4. RIP Etika


    1. TheJitFace


      Holy shit I just saw it. Rip Etika

  5. i miss my boy spaceman yall dont know him but we played rust and gmod for like a year and then one day he never got back online
  6. @Liloz01 how much money for me to have a fake director tag for a day 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheJitFace
    3. Astro


      @Korowa doesn’t sound that good to me, thanks for the offer tho


      @Liloz01 @TheJitFace ok

    4. TheJitFace


      So when can we make arrangements? 

  7. i lost my direktor tag im absolutely shaking n crying rn

  8. where do i apply (grats @Pyros @Skittlez)
  9. name: astro u have penis: yes roblox division leader: no want to be roblox division leader: yes anything else yes give me dl
  10. wtf where my director @ this is discrimination just cuz I’m roblox divison leader I can’t be promoted smh (gratz)
  11. Thank you for taking the time to fill out your resignation. Sadly, we are going to have to Deny it, as you don't reach the recommended amount of hours we advise to resign. Thanks, Astro P.S. ❤️ goodluck with your future endeavours [I CANT/LOCK THREADS]
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