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    is this a way to be able to mass tag if so it’s working @Xy /roll
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    I mean, is it Aravia or Lapis or? What’s the name of the custom F4 menu ;~;
  3. Clone Wars RP - Suggestions

    Which F4 menu are you using? That should be an easy fix for most unless you have a completely custom menu
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    bet it’ll be atleast one of the 8
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    no @Astro? Ok i understand
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  8. so this is what i get emailed about every single day
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    wait a minute...
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    we don’t ask questions here, we only get answers.
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    they also do recycling
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    Maybe add a box below it that says “x amount of Pending Membership Applications” and removing them from the list?
  13. Who's Better~? Violator or Milk Man~?

    There is one word. 1. Single. Word. A word used, in the brightest of moments. The darkest of days. A word, so powerful, that it cannot he stopped.