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  1. its been almost 4 years and i havent won the day



  2. what

    hmm thats odd.
  3. bruh https://genius.com/a/juice-wrld-has-reportedly-died-at-21 https://t.co/OKxXR8HfiT that’s it idk what else to say don’t so drugs kids fuck
  4. I’m more excited for Team Fortress 2.
  5. this is impossible this is me @motorsteak
  6. Hello, I am admin. Thanks, Admin.
  7. it was me im sorry guys but i called the ceo of racism and he said it was a no go : (
  8. just got off the phone with joe

  9. i miss everyone ❤️

    1. Duc2000


      miss you too

    2. Hello.


      Who are you again? :lenny: 

    3. Pachimo


      ur forever 12 but u should come back

  10. RIP Etika


    1. TheJitFace


      Holy shit I just saw it. Rip Etika

  11. i miss my boy spaceman yall dont know him but we played rust and gmod for like a year and then one day he never got back online
  12. @Liloz01 how much money for me to have a fake director tag for a day 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheJitFace
    3. Astro


      @Korowa doesn’t sound that good to me, thanks for the offer tho


      @Liloz01 @TheJitFace ok

    4. TheJitFace


      So when can we make arrangements? 

  13. i lost my direktor tag im absolutely shaking n crying rn

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