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  1. Journey comes to an End

  2. so this is what i get emailed about every single day
  3. Is It Worth It to Buy GMOD On Steam

    wait a minute...
  4. Operators -> Server Admins

    we don’t ask questions here, we only get answers.
  5. gfl official mascot

    they also do recycling
  6. Latest Thread/Post - Remove Applications

    Maybe add a box below it that says “x amount of Pending Membership Applications” and removing them from the list?
  7. Who's Better~? Violator or Milk Man~?

    There is one word. 1. Single. Word. A word used, in the brightest of moments. The darkest of days. A word, so powerful, that it cannot he stopped.
  8. Dm me your local ice cream place (hopefully accepts PayPal) and favorite flavor
  9. Goodbye GFL.

    Ill miss you. I’ll never forgot the first time we met on TTT, and turned the nether into our base.
  10. Discord Test Guide

    3/5 I feel like the backstory needed some work.
  11. Cheerio, GFL.

    Sad to see you go, Lynx. If you ever want to play, just pm me on steam. Also, if you ever needs some good memes, I’ve got you
  12. Senior-Admin Role for the Public Discord.

    Personally, I love the idea. the issue is, senior admins don’t have their own group on the forums, just a badge and advanced permission in their servers category (depending on the manager), and the bot requires to check what groups you are under to set the role. It would require whoever does the groups (probably @Xy_ or @Nick) to create an entire group for it, and assign it to ever senior admin, also requiring them to add it to the bot, etc. etc. Not a bad idea, just takes time. (Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any of this)
  13. Roblox

    are you not in the roblox division discord?????