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  1. another april fools day another year without roblox division leader 

  2. im going to win the day

  3. its been almost 4 years and i havent won the day



  4. what

    hmm thats odd.
  5. bruh https://genius.com/a/juice-wrld-has-reportedly-died-at-21 https://t.co/OKxXR8HfiT that’s it idk what else to say don’t so drugs kids fuck
  6. I’m more excited for Team Fortress 2.
  7. this is impossible this is me @motorsteak
  8. Hello, I am admin. Thanks, Admin.
  9. it was me im sorry guys but i called the ceo of racism and he said it was a no go : (
  10. just got off the phone with joe

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