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  1. i'm 14 tomorrow do you guys love me yet

  2. VIP not working

    I don't have an exact time for when the map will restart, so when it does if you could notify me if it works or not, and if not, I'll tag a Council member to help assist.
  3. VIP not working

    You said CSS, so I wouldn't be exactly sure. Which CSS server are you on? If it's one that changes maps frequently, then it should be soon.
  4. VIP not working

    You still have the permanent tag on your account, so I believe it should still be active for you? Maybe since you just recreated your account ~35 minutes ago, and the server needs the map change to log it into the rank system.
  5. VIP not working

    Did you give it time for the donation to set in? I believe the server requires a restart before ranks are assigned via the donation store.
  6. You can’t guarentee it won’t die / have a low population
  7. /roll game

    is this a way to be able to mass tag if so it’s working @Xy /roll
  8. I mean, is it Aravia or Lapis or? What’s the name of the custom F4 menu ;~;
  9. Which F4 menu are you using? That should be an easy fix for most unless you have a completely custom menu
  10. bet it’ll be atleast one of the 8
  11. so this is what i get emailed about every single day