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  1. lmao, it;s his Chinese heritage, admins he can't understand english
  2. @Ninja Chris reformed my foot XD rip, i got banned for a week for nothing, so why not a perm for "triggering a boss"
  3. @Vauff Static prop my foot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud58TdmcHTs&feature=youtu.be?&t=4m36s
  4. @Malal get real Wikipedia is a good source, you just should never cite it.
  5. And who chooses to take ones freedom away after what duties? LOL Stop being a stuck up umbrella and understand that we are human. Not everyone can the great syntax! public relations of GFLclan!!!!11!!!!Q
  6. @Syntax I've compiled a quick list of websites detailing why discrimination is bad. Please re-educate yourself you insensitive insect. I can't believe a person on public relations would be so purist lol. Demote this guy. Websites: http://www.jpe.ox.ac.uk/papers/what-makes-discrimination-wrong/ https://www.youthbeyondblue.com/understand-what's-going-on/discrimination https://www.debate.org/opinions/is-discrimination-wrong
  7. @Syntax are you saying that if I was communist that I couldn't join you? but if I was a democrat I could? You discriminatory piece of vegetable clipping :lenny:
  8. @Syntax @Malal correct me if I'm wrong but you guys are just arguing for the sake of arguing. Can I join in? and does it have to be related to the question or can I argue a point that is opposite to the topic because I really hate people who eat with their mouth open?
  9. manually bumping this post, plz pin
  10. fk... @Ninja Chris you've backed me into a corner with your: -remarkable -phenomenal -prodigious -miraculous -formidable arguing... You truly are the master
  11. @lukem5 it is being discussed but from what I can gather the 5 min afk-spec-timer-thing will be reduced thanks for bring this up
  12. @fetty use 50 bullets mP7 That thing is insane Melts boss like ice in a freezer
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