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  1. I hope you learnt something of interest!
  2. I said it on discord, but i guess i can say here too... If anyone entering wants someone to help test their map, i happen to be **ok** at finding glitches. -Sausage Clicker
  3. diddle extreme would be doable but you'd need an insane team and no one to fall asleep... i can see people getting bored easily... Alternativly, what about you just have to beat the 5 stages in one try and the final diddle is seperate? i feel like this is double and would be fun to try! Regardless, lets get this diddle on
  4. Montages are a cool... I hope you enjoy this one
  5. Yeah but the difference is that with laser maps, ill leave at the start and fags will leave at the end killing the server. With maps such as santa and korea they attract people but they dont have the turnover that lsaer maps do. People just fuck around on these maps anyway, when a map is too easy like mako the amount of toxicity that exists is off the charts and admins justify it with the "we already beat the map." That's a good excuse to ruin the experience for others, if you dont tolerate being a dickhead elsewhere why do you tolerate it on the rerun of most ff maps. Double standards are a killer, way to encourage new players to not troll.
  6. petition to ban @BlackDragon and unban @NinjaChris
  7. Map Made by Luffaren... Next time you play this map, hopefully you learnt something and can beat Jar Jar!
  8. yeah but no one answered my question, if there's a time limit on speccing why do we have to have a limit of 3... wait, maybe if we removed bhopping...
  9. @FireStarter i actually wrote an intersting article on gametracker about the speccing rule, it was a good read. However i get the feeling, that GFL admins will pay as much heed to my suggestions here as the GT admins took to my suggestions there. Not that it matters thou, the amount of people i see staying dead is hilarious, and the admins dont really check for it... So that's why i guess nothing is really being done. "How do i spec?" "Just join CT twice" "Ahh! Cheers" Rip that first guy. If he ever gets banned. I can only assume if our lord and saviours want to enforce this regularly, they'd need to make mince meat out of the first guy to justify smaller actions in the future. As it stands now, admins are few and far between, and when they're on they are often sitting in spec, leading, tryharding or chatting and rarely scroll to the bottom of the scoreboard to where these speccers reside. That being said, i would suggest some notice educating players of this change before you start banning people willy-nilly. That being said, you'll probs just ignore it anyway as it doesnt affect the server as a whole. BTW- Zombies cant lead right? or if they can it's pretty hard to, unless you're an xoe legend. So leading from spec was a cool thing people did. I lead as zombie because i have a lot of practice... FUCKIN MICROWAVE Anyway, now teams are less equiped with leaders should they become zombies, or die during the round. Not effecting older players mind you, just the newer ones that will hopefully keep this community ticking. But hey! If you're looking for ways to shoot yourself in the foot i can help!! Yours faithfully, Public Enemy No. 1
  10. @Vanya that time difference thou...i get to choose the difference for an hour, why not make it 10:30 and please everybody
  11. Sooooooo... as of right now, anyone can spec for a short period of time, providing there is less than a max of 3 specs already. if it's not about the game tracker thing, why make it 3 people max, you already have your timer on speccing. Also, the timer in spec is for one minute, before you have to wait 5 minutes to spec again. Can i have suggest a 1 minutes cooldown, to equal the time allowed in spec, reward those who are active sitting in spec for a minute instead of sitting one minute in spec before spending the next 5 afk in the zm tp.
  12. this is a map i would love to beat someday, just gotta start leading it every night i suppose
  13. mini ze event

    That sudden realisation that either gfl admins are bringing spectating back! or that they totally unconscious of the fact that they are incapable to read
  14. wdym it happens like this anyway, admins are sad they get fail nades, redo vote
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