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  1. yo @1mpact gonna be admin of singapore server? +1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- to be a little more realistic, i would love a gfl server closer to home, however, i am concerned with the 'expectations' for the server. As evidenced with the recent zeddy's server (which i keep promoting everywhere) there is enough people interested to keep a zombie's server up and running and with a functional player base... but because (maybe) you'd be targeting old au, nz communities, and then the zeddy's crowd that it may become a bit of a culture clash with the US style, or the server is looked down on by others because of a less capable player base. Looking forward to whatever you consider. Might be worth getting rid of my microwave for...
  2. basically, @OLIVKA (former admin) 'tried' to hack the server and put weeb skins manually!!! The admins were forced to shut down the server until Olivka had been be taken out and the weeb skins were exterminated from GFL. Permanently Beware former admins young man, they are everywhere
  3. Here, I will prove to all the haters, vegetables and cooking appliances that ping does matter! sometimes :D. In this video i compare 6 laser fag maps to see if higher internet truly restricts my potential. The Low Ping parts were recorded in Dallas, Texas. The High Ping parts were recorded in Sydney, Australia. Looking at a comparison of 50 ping to 240 on a private server. Keep in mind that these results will likely have a more drastic effect when applied with 64 people in the server instead of one. I hope you all enjoy and can now sympathise with the one and only bad player who hides behind his internet. -Sausage P.S. @1mpact wants weeb skins in the server... +1
  4. @1mpact if you are so thankful that GFL has no weeb skins... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Then why do you play on PSE so much? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Just to add further on what maps get which modes. I think that classic spawn may be the odd one out in this equation. Instead of being a feature for the map, mappers deliberately choose either classic spawns or not. When !votemm was successful on dreamin today, we were forced to !undomm almost instantly because everyone converges in the same place in the spawn area. (unless you envision an mape thing where they are frozen) Because of this feature being not suited to most maps, i would recommend a revised list for which maps allow this mode or the removal of this mode. Map's like icecap and Jurassic are great maps for classic spawns as they are made with this thought in mind, however obviously most maps are not and therefore do not cater for it. I would also humbly suggest the lowering of the necessary votes needed for votemm, as i feel the high barriers to entry restrict the true testing of the plugin. I'm not sure how many times the !votemm has been used in the space it has been active but i can say for sure it's very minimalistic. This may be your overall intentions as it can be used to spice maps up and provide relief from "boring hours" however, i believe, at least in the testing phase that the percentage of votes should be reduced slightly. Otherwise, good job 😄
  6. When you vote for mm in a map, is it the desired outcome for players, who received fall nades instead of vip or 50k knife to then spam for the !undomm before voting a different one. I don't know whether you mind this or not, but it was the case on mako earlier today. To combat this you could set one mode for the map, so even if they voted mm again it would be the same as the original. This may be considered exploiting the system, as i said i am unsure of where your opinions lie.
  7. Did you literally ignore my post? U R An Egotistical elephant. Look no one cares. Go MSG him on discord...
  8. U total spuds. Now that the plugin is implemented, let's focus on analysing the actual results of this endeavour instead of arguing about who said what. As much as I hate change, I am encouraged to see management trying new things, which I believe puts the future in good stead. As to what happens? Wait and see... just to add a seperate note: was there any plan to have votes to change to game mode settings? Not to copy pse but they do have different options that admins can call votes on which provide situations such as unlimited or limited ammo, no rebuys and differing zm spawn rates. Looking for thoughts. - Sausage
  9. So does frostdrake, santa and 'insert luff map here.' I fail to see your point.
  10. What about awping boy... Very efficient and effective!
  11. If we're doing classic spawns, how about a mapedor thing, where there is a transition period. This allows groups to move away and 'hopefully' won't instantly kill the round while giving the zms a chance. Note: when the zm are frozen, on some servers they can still store movement from implements, causing them to go flying. i.e. i could knife a frozen zm and it would fly as soon as it was unfrozen, either forwards or backwards. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) As for failnades, they'll add some fun on maps like random where we'll get fked. When do we get to try molys or smokes if you are so keen to spice up the game mode. That being said, i think this will be a nice time to re-affirm why having no failnades is a good idea. Vip i am against. It creates a 'solo' aspect to a map where to win you have to get the 'VIP' to the end. Instead, i propose a needed ratio of humans for the ct's to win. This way any random person can still die whilst putting more emphasis on teamwork (sorely needed in the gfl ze community). Maybe multiple VIP's? who knows... And finally for the 50k knife, i strongly encourage the discontinuation of this plugin. The idea of working together to fight back zombie hordes is severely diminished when a sole survivor can kill off zms because of his better computer and lower ping. It's like getting longknifed but from both sides. I, personally, think this is a poor choice of plugin because of the benefit to only a few as what might seem fun at first will favour those with better machines, albeit coming from a potato pc. (also inflation). Overall, be very sure of what direction you want the community to head when you implement these modes... -Sausage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I exploit as much as the next guy... I just happen to know what im doing
  12. Ban App

    Also I owe Ninja Chris lunch, we had a bet
  13. Ban App

    As for your proof, don't really care but the biohazard one as I found it for a friend and can still be used on most servers. The app nano was also because my particles were bugged, I love how you treat everything I do as a high level bug but I do what I always do, I bluff big. Cheers for putting this much effort into banning me, I sort of feel flattered S