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  1. @Vrain i've heard there was ddos protection currently active on the server due to some attacks it may be that you're ip has been blocked for the moment im sure the team will help you asap
  2. Does it really matter? In all honestly does the 'banning' of one word actually affect your freedom of speech. It's arguing out of principal, arguing for the sake of arguing- which I do a lot of, so i would know. Go say the words in discord, people couldn't care less - the reason it's not allowed on servers is because it's GFL policy. This is why admins happily say it on discords but are forced to police it on the servers. And because it's against GFL policy, this is why it can't be changed, and if you do want it to change, @malal @Citizen... then your talking to the wrong people in the wrong thread. And after all this: If you refuse to say it on private discord servers If you refuse to accept the consequences of your actions If you refuse to actually look at the reason you're arguing for Then you can suggest it in this handy ze thread that the admins will look over and consider. gl
  3. to act. either against your bad management or to get a warmup plugin (i hope they go for the warmup plugin tbh)
  4. @Elemental cheers for looking out for me bud honestly i have nothing against any of the admins, loan and snowy a like, however, i know they're going to ignore me anyway at the end of the day so i have no worries in being ninja chris jnr. just as i got a week ban for the same thing nato got 2 days for, the double standards, the favouritism, these people think they're the be all to end all and cant see past their judgements. as i state here: they wont do anything about it, and because of that i can go all out knowing it will affect no one UNTILL, as snowy said, i move the community. I dont hate any of you, im just trying to get a point across in the clearest way that i can see. No one likes being zm, and you guys spawn in first round no problem, i want an 8 second warmup or a zm protector thing first round so i can not be zombie based on the fact that my internet sucks and you guys have good connections.
  5. so you do want me to start spamming huh, welp yay, a person with good internet, most don't have warm up plugin you can go through the maps idm you can modify the source code to only activate on certain maps nooooooooooooooooooooooo really? no wonder this guy is an admin, he's got the smarts yay listening to the community but also ignoring the community because screw doing extra work amirite
  6. fk me, way to appeal to the people who have terrible internet connection and potato pc's i can really feel you reaching out to accommodate for all. Thank you
  7. it took 2 days of spamming to get fury's idea off the ground, do i really need to create two extra post detailing why i think 8 seconds of warm up would safe me being starting zm every single map
  8. classic admin team, refuses to do anything how bout you try something - if community hates it get rid of it, and if they like it keep it
  9. since ive never been banned, i dont know what ban evading is.
  10. i want 8 seconds on warm up, because if we lose the first round or not, i strongly dislike being a zombie first round because i spawn in 2 seconds later - because of my internet. add a zm protection plugin for the first round or 8 seconds of warm up because most teams try to win first round and i would prefer to try with them rather than sit afk in spawn and eat my cake.
  11. That hasn't stopped you coming on, how long was that ban for spamming the !scream command?
  12. @Ninja Chris forever forgotten, never remembered... R.I.P 4th account... only 46 more to go
  13. @Citizen would you mind spelling out why top-d shouldnt have it. Im not saying they should and they could always be zombie but i don't see a valid reason that you gave. NOT ONLY: does this show players where to shoot but it also give an additional incentive for people to be top defender
  14. as a leader, this idea is pretty cool Yeah i agree, because if you start leading you want your team to lose. That's why i lead a lot and never win. It all makes sense now. - To actually consider the idea, i think it might be best to give it to Top-D so that there is always someone with tracers (if this idea does go through) i.e. not every team will have a leader and that leader might a guy called sogsig who is imcompetent at everything but shouting incoherent words at others...