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  1. 46869067_1888055004653685_8945638358764842985_n.mp4
  2. Warnings for Testing, and moving don't have specific time limits between warnings, but it should be enough time for the player to complete the action. So firing off 3 move warnings in three seconds isn't exactly enough time. Same goes for testing.
  3. So I took this picture from your appeal, and highlighted your "logic" and the two RDMs you admit to. 1) Seeing that someone was killed by a gun, then killing the next guy who has said gun is not logic. Its RDM because multiple Shotguns, MP5s, Rifles, Mac10s, Deagles, etc spawn every round. 2) You fucking admit to destroying your own slam and killing two other people with it. In conclusion: You massed RDM'd. Edit: Take this into DMs if you wanna complain further.
  4. I usually get this look on my face when this happens and they don't actually add onto the appeal (posting evidence, etc).
  5. I didn't get a mention. I will now be forced to play my most dangerous meme. Fite me noob. Be there or be square you thot.
  6. Typically I dont drink. But when Im on TTT...
  7. @mario_the_man you have Sugondeese. Whats Sugondeese? Sugondeese nuts.
  8. Now we can have two DLs AFKing on TTT 1, oh wait... he already is
  9. A person calls out a T weapon right after the round began and that person does in fact, have said T weapon. Given the fact that I've only seen it once where a T would deliberately throw away T weapons to Innocents (Which can be ghosting), I would never be willing to believe that someone just so happened to pick up a T weapon immediately after the round began when no Ts have died.