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  1. New Reportable Offense Request

  2. New Reportable Offense Request

    I know Milkman runs the server now, but Violator always said that assisting the other team in winning is ghosting, since it has the same effect as using out of game communications to learn who the Ts are.
  3. New Reportable Offense Request

    @EmoBrony38 That is considered ghosting as it is helping the opposite team. Same goes for Ts buying T weapons for innos, and the inno(s) not killing the T for buying them the weapon.
  4. Elder Scrolls VI Announced

    Its important to note that TES VI is in pre-production, we are not gonna see this game any time soon.
  5. Admin Aboose

    To be honest going with aqua sounds like the better end of the deal, she is a girl after all. I also keep my friends list very short. Pls no hate. :c
  6. Pictures of people

    I hope this allows you to identify me in real life.
  7. Small tutorial

    Thats my meme TheLesserBandit
  8. Happy Birthday! :) 

  9. ayyyy ohhhh happy birthday mr happy bandit go smash those classy girls like damn son.

  10. TTT Admins

    But you called me your hero :c
  11. Pictures of people

  12. Pyros Aboose Raport

    You expected better from Gmod TTT?