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  1. Leaving GFL

    Jesus christ man, frist stars and now you. Keep in touch man. And with all that drama... just remember... Noodle Cat Waves Goodbye
  2. Emoji of the Month: January

  3. [Announcement] Website Moved & IPS 4 Upgraded

    Every clan I become a regular in gets hacked. But never-the-less, good work on getting the website back up so quickly.
  4. Life as an admin with Violator

    I remember being a trial admin on my second day, and I accidentally typed "!ungag" instead of "!gag" and Violator had the brain capacity to ask "Do you even know how to admin?"
  5. QuickBinds

    Literally 5 seconds of Googling can solve your issue. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=300699515
  6. Favorite (or most annoying) Joke of All Time

    This is from the joke section on the SCP Foundation Wiki. I highly suggest reading the whole thing before going to the punch line. http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1960-j
  7. FCC Overturns Net Neutrality vote 3 - 2

    But thats exactly why they repealed it...
  8. Be back whenever

    Mah dude, pls come back. Rox can be a bit of a cunt but hes an east coaster so he has that sailor personality
  9. What android phone should I go with?

    I've been using the Galaxy S5 ever since it came out, its pretty good. And the newer Galaxies look just as good so I'd look into those if i were you.
  10. Admin Applications

    Honestly, gathering a certain trusted group of people is a good idea. But honestly, if admins ever needed input from the community we could just ask them in private. It's best to not identify these people as they can be harassed and/or bribed into saying something. I most certainly have been bribed before, never acted on those bribes.