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  1. I need GFL's help with deciding what insult is the worst. A) Your mom Gay B) Your dad lesbian C) Your granny tranny D) Your dog bisexual
  2. Where are you from?

    Manitoba, Canada.
  3. Our Pets

    His name is Benji
  4. Server Suggestion

    Everyone so far is saying we could probably do it if we did it right the first time. I do to, and given the set of circumstances we need something to bring people back to the server. In this case its the gradual construction of a town, and generating the funds to keep it going. This isn't a PVP or a vanilla survival server where the sole objective is to survive. Towny does suppport PVP between Nations, but that can be turned off. I genuinely think that a Towny server could bring people back to it, because a clear objective is there. Look at TTT2 for example, everyone wanted it, but no one is on it because its basically TTT1, and TTT1 already has a population to play with. With a minecraft server it will be it's first, and it can hold a lot of people (around 200).
  5. Server Suggestion

    Ever since I joined GFL, we've had Herobrine in our banner. But yet we have no Minecraft Server. Which I find is a lacking feature of GFL. Minecraft isn't just for kids, its for creative individuals who can make awe inspiring structures. I also thought I'd give promoting a Minecraft Server a chance. I am wanting to specifically suggest a Towny server (This is a server plugin, no download from the player is required) . Towny servers are distinct from a regular survival server due to one major difference. Land is protected by a plot-based town system. Towns play a major role in how the server works. Here's a basic rundown on what Towny Servers are all about: Nations Nations are at the top of the governmental level. They are run by a King who has complete control over all towns within their nation. Primarily, nations are several towns that fall under one flag. With on serving as the capital, where the King resides. Kings will have control over how many towns are in a nation, and who has what major roles in a town. Typically an economy plugin goes alongside a Towny plugin, in this case Towns owe money to the Capital, and thus the King. Towns generate income by taxing residents for their right of being in the town. Ontop of plots of land having to be bought by residents so they can use them, they are also taxed. Towns/The Mayor Towns that are not the capital within a Nation are run by a Mayor. Mayors set land value, and how high taxes are in their town. They can appoint Town Staff who sell plots, accept people into the town (if the town is set to private, towns can be set to open and people can join freely that way) and build the town. Town Staff are still residents and thus still owe tax. Money Currency is provided by a second plugin. Money is usually earned by a player having a job. Such as a Blacksmith. (Separate Plugin) How Jobs Work: Players who join a job usually receive money for crafting specific items. For instance; Blacksmiths receive X amount of money for crafting armor and weapons. Players can then also sell these items to other players. Other Ways of Generating Income: A popular plugin that goes well with Towny Servers is on where it allows players to set up a Market Stall. Markets Stalls do not ave to be actively manned by the player, instead chests are stocked with goods and a sign based trading system is put in place. The owner has complete control over prices, and right clicking a sign that is over a chest (the signs has all the necessary information on it; what it is, how much, and for how many) will buy the item(s), and if you owner permits it, left clicking will sell the item(s). This is just a basic look into what a Towny Server is. I will link to some plugins that would work well. An ideal Towny plugin: http://towny.palmergames.com/release-version-towny-advanced-0-92-0-0-1-11-1-12-2/ Compatible economy plugin: http://towny.palmergames.com/iconomy-5-05/
  6. Getting hecking bamboozoled like
  7. Good bye. See you later

    Rip, have fun and good luck, gonna miss ya
  8. Add distance cap on wanted text

    I agree, its also stupid how the text is visible through walls and props too. Sometimes it appears entirely though a prop, and other times it clips through. Not sure how easy that would be to fix, or if it would even be possible to fix in the first place.
  9. I am Resigning Due to Harassment and Bullying

    The point of shitposting
  10. Proof That Violator is Literally Trash

  11. In a recent post where I had called out @Violator for confusing me with the trial admin known as @TheSadBandit. Violator had said the most hurtful thing to me in my life. He said something that was quite obviously targeted towards me, and my character. I like to think that violator was joking, but I genuinely believe he was making a personal attack against me, and what little dignity I have left after I was promoted to full admin on TTT1 and TTT2. In addition to my resignation, I would like to tag some wonderful individuals that I have spent time with while i was in GFL. @TheClassyBandit You were always there for me, helped me through my darkest times and I love you.
  12. Voting - EOTM January

    Would vote for yes. But vio will win anyway so im giving heck a chance.