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  1. It seems like it could belong on the back. But 15k? 10k sounds more resonable.
  2. Because there are 2 categories in the pointshop, accessory and hats.
  3. None of these are play tested it seems. He just grabs some of the latest maps on the workshop. I've predicted 2 of his suggestions because they were just the maps on the front page.
  4. And ngl I would use the fuck outta this
  5. Pretty good just a little basic like c's hazmat suit playermodel
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 1 holy shit
  7. Bruh 75k for member version? That seems a little outrageous. If this would get added make it a 10k member model.
  8. The halo 3 one is way better than this one and this is halo 5.Also having 2 spartan playermodels would be a little too much imo.
  9. I think around 10k sounds good for it
  10. Nice! 1.Colorable 2.We already have a cup that's WAY better tho
  11. But it is COLORABLE finally *cough cough* shady check if your pms are colorable *cough cough*
  12. Looks nice but the pm is too simplistic to be 25k
  13. If you are not into anime then why are both your forums and steam profile pic both anime 🤔
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